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Social interaction and communication have assumed a regular feature in our daily undertakings. Over the years, the steady spread of social media and cloud service providers, have redefined the ways users interact, generate data and access multiple social platforms, with ease. Social media has contributed to community building, knowledge sharing and a more connected human life. It is a tool that has been used to bring awareness to societal issues, drive social changes, promote businesses as well as sustain economic life of individuals, agencies and parastatals.

Despite the obvious communication gains of social media adaptation, the problem of centralization, lack of privacy and data sovereignty are some of the major pain points of users of mainstream data storage and social platforms.

Data generated during users’ socializing process are prone to (and have been victim of) unpleasant data security risks such as illegal data monetization, data breaches and thefts, violation of privacy and intellectual property rights, data tempering, among others.

Blockchain technology has been applied to multiple areas of human engagements and the decentralization principle of this technology can equally be used to subdue some of the predicaments faced by users of the present day traditional social media and cloud services platform. The desire to create a truly trustless social platform, based on the decentralized backbone of blockchain technology and the craving to have a protocol that can offer censorship resistance features, secure file storage and content monetization attributes, led to the creation of myMessage — a light-grade multi-chain Reddit-like protocol and data portal to web 3.0 applications.

In today’s project review, I will be examining this project and its attributes which are designed to create an unambivalent platform, capable of returning users’ proprietary rights and profits back to them. If you are ready to read, I am equally eager to write. So, lets go…

1. myMessage: An Innovative Blockchain Solution

myMessage is a privacy focused protocol that is designed to offer users with decentralized solutions in the area of social media services and data storage. It fondly describes itself as the world’s first-ever light-grade decentralized reddit-like social media and data storage platform built on a multi-chain structure.

Decentralized social network has been touted to be the panacea to the centralization risks associated with the use of traditional social media platforms. This is because decentralized social networks operate on independently run servers, rather than on a centralized server owned by a business. On this basis, they foster transparency because platform’s activities can be viewed in near real time by anyone on a network. This gives users more control and autonomy.

myMessage supports evolving applications and enable users to create decentralized Thread-reply bulletin board, messaging dApp, developer tools and SDKs, and Data Portal to provide encrypted data feedings to Web3 applications.

2. myMessage Cloud Storage and messaging dApp

As I said in the previous paragraphs, myMessage, as a platform is designed to offer infrastructural boost for users to access secured messenging and cloud services. Unlike other cloud storage where users pay neck-breaking yearly or periodical subscription charges, myMessage only costs approximately $0.1 per message.

The platform is compatible with multiples files and data format which include (and is also not limited to):

  • NFT artworks and ASCII Text Art
  • encrypted messages for sensitive information
  • pass messages between parties
  • lover vouch/declaration — like a lover lock
  • valentine message board
  • a verified message from a verified source
  • legal documents such as a will or testament
  • a will inheritance of crypto assets
  • patents, music rhythm, songs, ideas
  • shout out to commend employee/staffs/co-workers
  • appreciation/thank you note
  • Company’s minute meeting etc.

In fact, anything classified as digital can be stored on myMessage dApp. The beauty of it is that these data and files can be uploaded and stored anytime. Retrieving messages or data from the message dApp is customizable and easy. You can do this by searching your data resources using transaction ID, sender address or through various keywords and tags. The various options of myMessage powerful search engine are designed to ease file recovery or download process and users’ information can be retrieved anytime for free. Awesome! Isnt it?

3. Data encryption and security

One of the concerns (as well as shortcoming) of storing sensitive and/or secret messages on external protocol is the inability to initialize a strong protection that can be very protective as well as reliable against data breaches or incidences such as hacking. To protect the integrity of messages and stored data, myMessage has deployed a Quantum-attack resistant security based on Advanced Encryption Standard — 256 security standard (AES — 256).

Advanced Security Standards is a symmetric data encryption block cipher that is implemented in security software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data and classified information. The 256-bit key provides the strongest level of encryption and a hacker would need to try 2256 different combinations to ensure the right one is included, making this a hellacious and unfruitful adventure into nullity for anyone who may attempt a try.

In addition to these, myMessage also allow users to use supplementary strong encryption like Blowfish, or Twofish, which are equally resistant to quantum attacks. The combination of these industrial multi-levels of security makes myMessage very strong and protects it against brute-force or quantum computer attack. With this level of security commitment, users can continue to interact with the platform with little or no worry, knowing that their information is securely safe, as long as they can diligently protect their secret keys.

4. Multi-chain Data Architecture

myMessage runs a data storage that is based on a multi-chain structure. myMessage decided to deploy first on Zilliqa due to the chain compatibility with its purpose in the area of decentralization, extremely low fees and readily available technical supports.

However, in order to realize continuous and sustainable growth, and for better scalability and interoperability functionalities, myMessage is well prepared to explore a multi-chain based strategy.

Apart from Zilliqa, myMessage will be integrating other chains including Avalanche, Polygon, BSC and other any chains that can provide adequate technical and ecological support. This will allow the platform to continuously grow and capture diverse categories of users, giving them plethora of preferences to choose from, based on their desires.

5. Your message, Your Money

myMessage has designed a system of data monetization mechanism and will be introducing an interesting concept of social farming. Your messages are valuable and myMessage has provided the opportunity for you to earn from it.

myMessage reddit-like thread-reply bulletin board is expected to serve as a bridge where users will be able to communicate, encrypt threads and data in a decentralized way. This will ensure that users can get access to data resources which are immutable, verifiable and secure. More importantly, users will be able to enjoy the rights to their data, profits and enjoy farming rewards simply by socializing. Doesn’t this looks like a juicy offer for you? It definitely looks like one to me.

After a user might have connected to the thread-reply bulletin board, he can acquire and pay MESA tokens to start a private thread. Others can join the conversation by posting replies, comments or likes. Users can tip each other when they see good replies, thereby enabling them to earn just by socializing. In addition to this, users can earn additional incentive by participating in social or message mining. Further details on how users can maximize this for their benefits are expected to be released by the team as soon as the mainnet is ready to go live.

6. myMessage Tool Kit for developers

Apart from regular messaging and data storage, myMessage provides SDKs for developers to access the data marketplace from their applications. As a developer, you can integrate myMessage into your existing user flows, or build your own data management interface on top of myMessage SDK.

Some of the software development kits that are available to developers include a Python-based technical support and framework for machine learning applications, special developer portal, a REST API and a TypeScript Client that wraps REST API and makes it easy for TypeScript and JavaScript applications integration.

With all these developer resources, myMessage is opened to domain experts and has provided a framework that can assist them to create valuable algorithm and dataset insights, which when utilized by data users, can enable developers to get rewarded.

7. Tokenomics

$MESA is the utility token that is empowered to drive functionalities within myMessage platform. Its supply is capped at 5 Trillion and its fully diluted market cap is expected at $9 million.

MESA is a utility token and it is essential for accessing the following utilities on the platform.

Governance: You will need it to participate in making proposals and votes

– Staking and tipping: As a holder, you can earn rewards by Staking. Users posting good replies and contents can be tipped by thread owners.

– Payment: MESA is needed for payment of services on the platform such as payment of commission fee, payment to start a private threads and data storage.

– Revenue Buyback: platform revenue will be partially be used for buy-backs

– User Incentivizing and Social Farming: MESA tokens can be farmed simply by socializing in “myThread” via Social Farming.

myMessage will use the fees generated through the use of the platform to ensure that MESA continues to remain deflationary. This will be done by using the fees commission to conduct regular buy back of MESA and burning them in order to pull them out of circulation.

With more MESA permanently sent into the dead hole, and with increasing use cases being generated for the expanding user base, it is believed that myMessage has the ability to generate more values, for its ecosystem users and provide a sustainable and long-lasting growth, that will be able to stand the test of time.

8. Roadmap

myMessage platform has plans for continuous expansion beyond just being a light-grade messenger and data storage reservoir. It plans to be an all-encompassing data hub for web 3 applications. The project is currently at the testnet stage on Zilliqa and by Q2/2022, it expects to integrate with BSC and Avalanche. The full launch of the in-house Reddit-like thread protocol is also expected to go live during this period.

9. Conclusion

myMessage is a decentralized social media platform that has taken a foresighted attempt to secure data sovereignty using a quantum-attack resistant security outlay. Apart from the fact that this project is backed by top rated venture capital, it has also received foundation grants from top blockchains such as Zilliqa and Polygon; an astute reflection of the believe in the project’s goal.

Finally, for users like me who are wary of data breaches from centralized entities or lack of option to gain control and monetize social communications, myMesaage has presented itself as a viable decentralized alternative that can be used to communicate securely, reclaim data ownership rights, build datasets management interfaces, while at the same time ensure that users are getting incentivized for socializing.

Without further hesitation, I implore you to hop into myMessage social communities, explore their resources, and begin to deploy “Your Message into Your Money”.

10. Social Channels

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