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MyWish x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 29th of January

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from MyWish. MyWish makes it easy for anyone to create automated funding management smart contracts and our guest were @VLadimirTikhomirov and @kulakovaolya. The AMA took place on 29 January.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with MyWish! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Good evening, dear community!

We conclude our today’s AMA marathon series with a very interesting project.

Today our guest are @VLadimirTikhomirov and @kulakovaolya

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Hello everyone! Thanks Satoshi Club for the invitation

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: I greet you guys!

Olya: Hello to all in this chat!!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello, Vladimir and Olya! happy to see you here today

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Welcome to Satoshi Club, @VLadimirTikhomirov and @kulakovaolya

Mary | Satoshi Club: How are you today?

Olya: We are optimistic! This is our first AMA since 2018, exciting!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Really, wow

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:You started in the right place at the right time

Olya:We hope so

Mary | Satoshi Club: I think we need to start immediately

sure, you have a lot to tell the world about

Olya: Let’s get started!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Let’s start with your intro and of course with MyWish intro!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: To be begin with, please tell us a few words about yourselves and how did you get to be involved in MyWish

Mary | Satoshi Club: Lol

crazy protecor

Vladimir Tikhomirov: My name is Vladimir, Founder MyWish. We have started project in Jul’2017 and it was just one smart contract called Lastwill (creation crypto will on Ethereum), than we realised that one contract is not enough — since we need a UI for managing it and a system which will invoke smart contracts. That’s how MyWish Platform was borned.

Olya: Hey, I’m Olya, I’m responsible for the marketing of the MyWish project. Started with a variety of tasks such as community management since 2018. Over the years of my work on the platform more than 15k new users have joined. Inspirational looking forward by the year 2021 for the MyWish platform and the WISH token, I will do my best to make you aware of us!

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, you made long journey from Will to Wish

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: MyWish is very symbolic!

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Last Will -> My Will -> MyWish

Mary | Satoshi Club: You have a lot of work

Olya: The word will scare the users a little

Mary | Satoshi Club: Oh, i missed one link in chain

To be honest i am really excited about what you’re doing! Everything seems so simple, before token creation was something too tech for me

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Good start and good vibes

Mary | Satoshi Club: Do you have big team now?

Olya: It is our mission to make complex things simple, to bring blockchain to the masses.

Vladimir Tikhomirov: 7 members, developers mostly

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: mass adoption just around the corner

Mary | Satoshi Club: With such situation you will need to hire soon

Vladimir Tikhomirov: introverts

Mary | Satoshi Club:I feel, but you know our wishes

olya: Happy to expand the team, especially marketing

Mary | Satoshi Club:Thank you, guys, for your intro! Can you give to our community some important links? To website etc?

olya: Everything you need to know about MyWish:

Official Website


Smart Contract Platform








Support WISH (

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thanks!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks

Join Satoshi Clubbers

Mary | Satoshi Club: And are you ready for the questions from our community?

We have some

olya: Yes, we are!

Q1 from Telegram user @garrinepotter

How is the process of creating a token going on, for example, on the Ethereum network? Is a new address or a contract address I specify? I am interested in who will have access to the contract, is it possible to block all unnecessary functions at once, to which address to deposit ethereum to pay for gas during the distribution of the token and provide are you an auditor?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Hi Garry, Our service generates unique smart contract for you, with new address. When generation completed we delegate all the rights to user’s address. You can manage the token (like mint more tokens or stop minting) by using MyWish UI or in etherscan. Anytime you can try it in test net for free:

You can see more details in video:

Mary | Satoshi Club: We can train before?

All data will be available only for those who purchased the contract, right?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: source code — yes, only for paid contracts.

Olya: Yes, you can create a test contract, and it’s free!

Mary | Satoshi Club: You should answer later

i already want to try

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: I will definitely test it!

Mary | Satoshi Club: It’s a joke, of course, i feel that we have a lot of interesting things to discuss!

Ready for the next question?

Olya: oh yes!

Q2 from Telegram user @sirdefi

If I create a smart contract with you in order to manage my inheritance, how can I be sure that it will be fulfilled after several years? What happens if you disappear, or if the blockchain where it was created ends up crashing or disappearing?

olya: A question from someone who cares about the future is commendable

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, that’s true

olya: We don’t transfer your inheritance to your heirs, our main goal is to generate a smart contract for you so that your assets, if certain terms and conditions are met, will go to a specified wallet. This means that we don’t store your funds and the smart contract itself is on the blockchain network of the chosen to be deployed.

You can find out more about WILL contract here!

Mary | Satoshi Club: How many users already created such type of contracts?

And did you already had cases where the inheritance has been transferred?

olya: About 200 responsible people. The number of these increased sharply in 2020 because of, you know, what.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, i understand

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Yes, but sometimes inheritance contract used as lost key also — so, we do not what exactly happened

Hope everything is okay with all our users

Mary | Satoshi Club: Btw, it’s really great idea, i didn’t think that i can use it in such way!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you for your answers! With each everything becomes more and more interesting!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Ready for the next?

Vladimir Tikhomirov:

Q3 from Telegram user @Arisabela

MyWish has a Wedding contract feature that allows family bugdeting and saving. Asset management is only possible with the consent of both parties. How customizable are this options? is there any way to interrumpt this contract if a party violate it’s terms? What happens with the assets then?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Arisabela, Wedding contract is a fully customizable contract and it works in the following way: Party A can spend XX% of the funds in specified period (without party B approval), Party B can spend YY%. Both parties can change %% if both agreed. The same for cancellation — parties decide how to distribute assets. There are not many working wedding contracts to be honest — we need more places where you can pay by crypto.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: It sounds very interesting!

Mary | Satoshi Club: If there’s disagreement between parties?)

Vladimir Tikhomirov: we are providing discount for Wedding contract for Satoshi Moderators only

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: By the way, about convenient payments, tell us a little about your mobile application.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:Lol! You make me think

Mary | Satoshi Club: Lol, it will be very useful for me if i will ever decide to build a family

Vladimir Tikhomirov: no changes in initial conditions without approval from both parties

olya: well, I have to get married in order to use the Wedding Smart Contract

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes

but it’s important, for sure, to have this contract!

Vladimir Tikhomirov: our app is working fine on mobile, but we recommend to use on desktop — there are more ways to manage the contracts

Mary | Satoshi Club: Great! We will be aware!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Can I also conclude a wedding contract if I have been deeply married for a long time.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Never late, i think

Vladimir Tikhomirov: blockchain does not know so many details about you

so, yes

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, wait for one more Wedding contract user

Q4 from Telegram user @dustyllanos

Creating Smart Contracts in the MyWish Platform is easy but somehow alarming because of Exploits and Manipulation.How will you address this issue in your Platform?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Thanks for the good question. Our contracts were audited many times (since projects need to be sure that token, for example, do not have any vulnerabilities) and we also provide brand security report from our audits partners. Everything is open-sourced and you can check it in etherscan. We also have a bounty bug program — you can get the rewards for issue’s reporting.

Mary | Satoshi Club: How do you ensure that scammers do not create contracts on your platform?

Mary | Satoshi Club: For example, as i understand, you accept ETH as payment, right?

olya: one of the ways yes

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: What other ways are there?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: everyone can create the contract on our platform. Scammer or not can be identified later only — it will depend how user will use the contract

so, exchanges or crowdfunding platform shall block the scam tokens (or warn users)


Mary | Satoshi Club: Got it

can you disable contract if suspicious activity will be found? Or just warn?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: no way, we fully transfer the rights to the owner

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s clear, thank you

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for your answers! It’s clear to me

Do you want to add something? Or can we proceed to the next question?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: please be careful — everytime check the contract address in Etherscan

next please

Q5 from Telegram user @Pratze

As I know Mywish project start with ERC20 token but then you make announcement that holder must swap all of it into BEP20, can you give us the reason why you change from ERC20 to BEP20? So what happen if user late or don’t know to swap the token?

olya: Frequently Asked Question. Unfortunately in 2019, about 10% ERC-20 tokens were stolen (cryptopia) and then there was a dump in the market — migration helped us to avoid rate crash.

Also, Migration from ERC-20 to BEP-20 was part of our listing agreement on Binance DEX in 2019. All users had the ability to convert the tokens for 6+ months and now there is no way to do it since all not requested tokens were burnt.

Mary | Satoshi Club

Criptopia, i remember…

Sorry for your loss, but i see that everything is ok now

And are you ready for the 6th and last question from this part?

olya: Let’s do it

Q6 from Telegram user @budw1ser

Hi team!

Can you please elaborate further on the following comments from the 2021 roadmap:

“We also intend to review tokenomics and set conditions for token stacking for our investors. Expect profitable news”

Are you considering implementing staking rewards for WISH holders? Are you referring to rewards for providing liquidity to the Uniswap pool or will there be a staking option directly on the MyWish platform itself? The reason I ask is because there are significant risks in being a LP (impermanent loss) and these could outweigh any form of rewards.


Vladimir Tikhomirov: Thanks, Alan, for the support and the question. To implement staking mechanics we have to migrate to blockchain with smart contracts. Now we are making the first step — the bridge for WISH token between Binance Chain and Ethereum will be launched . Then, staking and liquidity programs will be introduced (Q1-Q2 2021).

Mary | Satoshi Club:| Do you already have some guides or it will be available later?

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Will publish on Monday in our Telegram:

Mary | Satoshi Club: Ok, we will follow updates!

And don’t forget to share with us

Vladimir Tikhomirov: thanks, appreciate it

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @ KASG95

Why create a contract that is in charge of depositing my capital reserved for my family members in case I fail? Why not just give them the keys to my wallets and transfer them to them without having to pay monthly fees on this contract?

Vladimir Tikhomirov : If you give your keys to escrow to family members all funds can be withdraw any time.

Q2 from Telegram user @K2ice

How much do I need to have to create a test contract on the platform?

Vladimir Tikhomirov : it’s free — you even do not need to have an address to see how it works. In 5 minutes you will get your own smart contract deployed in ethereum test net (or other blockchain)

Q3 from Telegram user @csgonub

Is your system only work for creating ethereum ERC-20 smart contracts? @kulakovaolya @VLadimirTikhomirov


not only

Q4 from Telegram user @konditer_rolex

What is Token Protector? I saw 7 reasons you wrote why Token Protector is the best in the world of storage, but I still did not understand what it is and how to create it. This is a very interesting topic, but can it be used globally or only on your platform?

Vladimir Tikhomirov : helps you to protect your tokens in case if you lose the keys / access to your address. After some period of time tokens will be transfered to your reserved address

Q5. from Telegram user @batubaba

You will announce your new roadmap on 20 January 2021. If you don’t share the details, can you tell us what you will innovate in? Which subjects will you focus on most especially in 2021?

Vladimir Tikhomirov :We strongly believe in smart contracts. And our goal is to make it accessible to all the people around the globe. There are 2 big directions in our roadmap: new blockchains integrations and layer2 solutions integration. Everyone hates gas fees. And some other staff, see below:

Q6. from Telegram user @CryptoZaratustra

One of MyWish’s goals for 2021 is integration with Polkadot. What do you think about integration with Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos?

olya: Solana is one of the candidates for integration into the MyWish platform this year, stay tuned!

Q7 from Telegram user @lexiagarcia

Once I create a smart contract on My Wish is it possible to delete or modify it?

Vladimir Tikhomirov : it depends on the contract, you can change some data, but generally the answer is no

Q8 from Telegram user @Vlasov_kiri

Why are new projects choosing to create a MyWish token? What are the features of the new MyWish cross-chain solutions?

Vladimir Tikhomirov : We are publishing new projects in our twitter regularly. Regarding cross chain — we will launch bridge solution in Q1 for projects which would like to migrate the token from one to another (or several) blockchains.

Q9 from Telegram user @topind7

May I know why you named your project MyWish, does the name have anything to do with the kind of product and services you offer?

Olya :The project started with one smart contact Last Will then it became My Will, and finally transformed into MyWish the best sound for your contracts.

Q10 from Telegram user @stargateeatlantis

Why did you choose for just using ethereum smart contracts and not polkadot or tron? @kulakovaolya @VLadimirTikhomirov

Vladimir Tikhomirov: Many blockchains are already supported: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Waves, Matic, NEO. Polkadot is not ready yet as the platform. Will integrate Polka as soon as it become ready to use solution

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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