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The crypto financial market continues to witness expansion and it has provided an attractive template for profit seekers who are looking for exotic investment alternatives that boast the capacity to inject high potential return. When choosing a crypto project to venture into, investors have to contend with multiple impediments such as the inherent volatility of crypto assets, reliability of available projects and teams, token sale distribution mechanism, among others.

While there are relatively more stable assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can boast enviable market caps and have already proven their profitability in the crypto space, good low marketcap tokens with more volatility have proven to have the tendency to make investors who are lucky enough to invest in its early stages rich overnight when the token gets adopted by the masses.

Despite how attractive it is for users to embrace nascent projects that are just starting life and raising funds by their selling their tokens, there are high risks associated with this practice because investors may experience high losses rather than high returns. We have seen projects that are unable to deliver their planned roadmap, or even worse, scamming the investors by taking all the funds and disappearing, leaving no trace.

On the other hands, projects have had to face unpleasant situations such as FUD negativity, price drops volatility and impatient community who are looking for a quick flip or dumping the token once they see some profits. Many investors as well as projects have lost tremendous amount of investment and in severe cases, had to shut down because of low quality investors and other unpleasant predicaments that befell them as soon as they are faced with harsh realities of the crypto world post-launch.

The desire to come up with a solution that will help improve the flow of investments in early stage projects in terms of quantity, quality, and safety, led a team of talented and experienced crypto investors and developers to create Optimus Ventures as the answer to the challenges bedeviling the present ICO practices.

Optimus is a multi-chain crypto ecosystem that aims to help projects and investors connect, invest, and promote in a more efficient way. It is a crypto platform that has a primary mission to create an optimal environment for crypto users and projects; by providing them with automated tools and helping them connect and invest in a safer way.

The team behind this tremendous project has been running a private crypto investment group for over four years. During those periods, they have been faced with various harsh realities and firsthand complicated relationship between DeFi and its investors.


Having seen the lacunas in the present Venture and crowdfunding set up, the experienced investors and developers behind this project decided to create a better way to connect projects and investors through a well thought-out solution that can help improve the flow of investments in early stage projects in terms of quantity, quality, and safety; the major desires of every projects and investors.

To achieve its goal, Optimus launched a revolutionary, semi-automated, cross chain launchpad, backed by smart contracts. By being semi-automatic, projects that intend to launch on Optimus Ventures are vetted by qualified community members who serve as validators; a procedure which has given the launchpad an extra layer of protection. What this mean is that even though anyone can launch a project on Optimus Ventures because the platform does not drag the process of launching sales, a project will only be allowed to run once it is approved by the community validators who are experienced and professional crypto investors.

Optimus Ventures has introduced several proprietary features such as membership ranking system, dynamic allocation, Community validation, two-way vesting, among others. I will elucidate more on these as we get along in this review.

As I said briefly during the preceding section, qualified community members serve as validators to approve projects at the initial screening process. This ensures that all projects are top level before they are allowed to run token sale. All validators have level 3 membership and post vetted projects professional reviews after their vetting exercises.

Generally, community validators look out for 5 parameters which are Concept, Team, Roadmap, Tokenomics, and Product.

To ensure professionalism and thoroughness in the vetting process, Optimus Ventures validators are randomly selected and they are assigned roles based on areas where they have displayed good expertise. This means that we could have specific validators in charge concept + team evaluation, others that handles roadmap + tokenomics, etc.

After validators have publish their independent reviews which they do without interference from other validators, votes will be casted and the project can then be given the green light to go ahead with sale once the vote for approval has reached a particular threshold.

One thing which I think should be considered an important before accessing early-stage investment opportunities is the behavior and quality of available investors. Every projects goal should be to expose their projects to high quality investors who can adapt and support their goals and aspirations. This is very necessary because poor-acting investors can hurt promising projects. In fact, they do not only thwart the chances of the project’s success but they can as well take away investment opportunities from reliable investors.

It can be somewhat challenging for projects to gauge behaviors of investors that show interest toward their projects so as to filter out low quality investors. Optimus Ventures has come up with some sets of methodologies that allow projects to gauge investor qualities and behaviors. One of them is the Membership Ranking System that categorize users based on their holding commitment.

Within Optimus Ventures, investors are categorized under 4 distinctive groups:

This membership ranking system is not just for the benefits of projects but also for genuine investors building projects.

To complement the Membership Ranking System is another proprietary feature of Optimus Ventures known as Dynamic allocation. The dynamic allocation methods tackles the problem of inability to measure investors behaviours, and ensuring higher allocation to serve as reward to investors that display track record of positive behavior

The Dynamic allocation system comprises of 3 components which are:

Whenever a new project launches on Optimus Ventures, investors are evaluated on these 3 components. The final determination of what an individual will get is determined by an algorithm formula that pools all the 3 components together. The resultant effect is that users who have good standings get more allocation and as time goes by, dumpers will get less allocation in new project. If you ask me, I will say this is awesome.

One of the biggest advantages of Optimus Ventures is that it operates a vesting system that goes both ways. What this mean is that not only investors’ tokens are vested but also the project’s funds. Whenever the project reaches a vesting milestone, the investors will vote for the release of tokens and funds.

Projects are examined by investors to determine how they have delivered their roadmap expectations based on preset targets before authorizing the protocol to release additional funds or token to them based on the progress made. How is this executed? Exactly a week to when a new tranche of funds are to be released to the project team, all the investors will get an email prompting them to go and decide if this fund should be approved. In order for the token to be released at the said date, half of all the initial investors will have to vote and half of all the votes cast should be in favor of the fund release.

If after voting, the pattern shows that the project is not sticking to the roadmap or the project is adjudged to be performing far below expectation, investors will get a refund from the remaining funds and the project will also get the remaining tokens back. This way, if the project is not performing or turns out to be a scam, the investors will have the ability to redeem some or even most of their funds back.

It is true that what any project needs in order to succeed is an organic growth in the number of token holders and the token price. In most cases, project run expensive marketing and promotions that usually end up attracting many bots and fake or low quality accounts which would not really impact the project growth. Once the airdrop is sent, the token price would drop as a result of a massive dump.

Optimus Ventures has created a Dynamic Referral System that can produce quality and organic token growth. To join the referral system, a user will need to register his wallet using a referral link and pay a registration cost of 0.1 BNB. The cost is made affordable for anyone and it is necessary to avoid manipulation or devaluation of token. Thereafter, the user will become verified once he is able to get 3 members to register using his unique link. Once a member becomes verified, the triple reward benefits will be triggered as follows:

  • 5% of the $OPTCM held in the wallet for the random verified member.

To ensure that these tokens are not dumped and that the system is not abused, these rewards will only be claimable after a lock up period of 3 months. The fees paid to register new wallet in this referral system will be used to buy more $OPTCM from the market. From the bought $OPTCM, 5% of it will be burned while 95% will be added back to the referral contract to make sure it doesn’t run dry and ensure juicy reward availability for everyone.

Another point I want to emphasis here is that that the Dynamic Referral System will not just be limited to Optimus Ventures. Any EVM compatible project that intends to organically grow valuable token holders can integrate it into their project and deploy it as they wish. It is a win-win for everyone including the project that uses it to boost their token and community growth, the investors who earns tokens by referring friends and Optimus ecosystem who gets more users which boost the OPTCM. Fair for everyone, isn’t it?

$OPTCM is the main token of the Optimus Ventures platform that enable users or project to launch sales, join sales and access the many benefits of Optimus Ventures ecosystem. It is launched on the Binance Smart Chain and has a total supply of 600, 000, 000. Its distribution is shown in the infograhics below:

Providing a solution is quite easy when you have firsthand experience on the challenge yourself. Optimus Ventures team has been in the venture business space for a while and the experience they have gathered over the years have been crucial in launching this project as demonstrated in its proprietary features such as membership ranking, dynamic allocation, two way vesting dynamic referral system among several other innovations.

The platform is ideal for investors who are seeking viable and thoroughly vetted top quality projects to invest in. It is equally a preferred destination for projects that are seeking high quality community of ready investors and a launchpad platform with easy automated launcher that can assist them to carry out their sales with less hassles.

Optimus Ventures has what it takes to continually grow organically and capture an increasing audience of high quality investors and projects; an action that will in no doubt better the lot of its native token $OPTCM, and this has positioned it as a viable option of investment choice for profit seeking investors.

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