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Project Demole ($DSMG)

Blockchain enthusiasts will not stop talking about the increasingly adopted role-playing games in crypto. Role-playing games are the most popular gaming genre, with a market value of more than $22.4 million expected by 2023. NFTs are also seeing rapid growth and acceptance in the blockchain sector, with an estimated market value of more than $2.5 billion. The new trend has gotten a lot of attention over time and more and more gaming projects are rising by the day. Investors are even more eager to push the metaverse forward by investing in these gaming projects.

We have seen many projects come and go, and from all indications, only the best ones are here to stay. One of such major projects is Demole. It has taken over the crypto world by surprise and now stands as a major competitor among other projects.

Demole looks to have joined the blockchain industry at the appropriate time and with a competitive advantage over other ventures. It is the first 3D role-playing game that can be played. The Demole project undoubtedly aims at revolutionizing the blockchain industry, and thanks to its sophisticated mechanics and gameplay structure.

Demole has an incredibly deep plot and 3D animation, as well as a sub income system based on blockchain. It is a ground-breaking play-to-earn investing opportunity. $DMLG is Demole’s official digital asset (game token). $DMLG can be used for the following purposes:

Staking: Players can stake $DMLG for more tokens and other potential rewards.

Boosting: Players require $DMLG to purchase boosters to speed up their journey in the NFT game.

Holding: Players can receive passive profit sharing by simply holding $DMLG.

DAO Voting: Active users can vote for upcoming features and updates by staking $DMLG.

Upgrading and Crafting: Players can upgrade to their creative and unique monsters and craft legendary items by staking $DMLG.

Purchase NFTs: Players may purchase in-game items which are minted as NFTs, engage in in-game monster battles, and complete in-game quests.


D.A.R Labs is the brain behind the Demole De-Fi Monster Legends masterpiece. They are a team of experts in a variety of fields from Game Development, Technology/Engineering, Finance, and BA. D.A.R Labs is in partnership with more than 300+ top-ranking financial corporations, venture capital organizations, and influencers from every corner of the world.

Meet the Demole Team


Demole is the world’s first 3D role-playing game built on NFT technology, and it’s a pay-to-win game. It is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. It sets player characters against one another in a PvP setting and combines a number of famous triple-A game concepts, including campaign storylines, resource crafting, arena combat, steady upgrades, boss battles, a player-operated item marketplace, and more.

Demole pushes the traditionally PC-based NFT gaming sector into the mobile arena, recognizing that the worldwide gaming business has increased owing to the popularity of smartphone gaming.

Demole, which stands for Defi Monster Legends, has the potential to be the first initiative to bridge the $300 billion gap between blockchain and non-blockchain gaming, due to its mobile emphasis and ability to allow users to make money while they play.

Another intriguing component of this game is the world bosses. Every day, around 00:00 and 12:00 UTC, world bosses appear. In exchange for prizes, Demole players from all around the globe join together to battle these global monsters. $DMLG, monster eggs, gold, and experience are among the benefits.

The storyline of the Demole RPG provides depth and variety for real-life players. To promote player involvement, advanced communication tools are incorporated. Players have the opportunity of exploring Demole’s world thanks to the extensive plot. Campaign, World Boss, Olympus tower, and Darkness Maze Combat are all available to players. The Demole NFT game was meticulously designed to keep players wanting more from the Demole environment. Players will constantly have an active plan to move through worlds with 30 tribes of monsters and 5 elements, as well as a comprehensive system of abilities, equipment, and pets, your line-up, and strategy.

The project has raised 625,000 USD from the fundraising (seed) and 1,312,500 USD from the fundraising (private). In total, Demole raised 1,937,500 USD from two rounds of private token sales. 5% of the maximum token supply was sold at 0.025 USD / $DMLG in the seed sale round, and 10.5% of the maximum token supply was sold at 0.025 USD / $DMLG in the presale round. The total supply of $DMLG is 14,900,000 $DMLG and the current circulating supply is 500,000,000 $DMLG.

Demole metaverse has very intriguing features that keep players super-engaged and make the game wholesome fun for users. Staking is a major feature of the NFT game as players can stake $MNLG for more tokens and a variety of other rewards. Demole metaverse leaves room for some overtaking as players can move way past their ‘seniors’ by using the Boosting feature to speed up their journey in the game. Another great feature of the game is Holding. Players can receive passive profit-sharing by simply holding $DMLG. There is also the DAO Voting feature for active users. Active users get the chance to make a decision on what features and updates would be implemented by by voting.


The ticker for the Demole project is $DMLG and it is of the BEP-20 token type. On the 20th of October, during the Binance launchpool start date 25,000,000 $DMLG was allocated.

When $DMLG got listed on Binance, its initial circulation supply was about 38,250,000 and the total token supply was 14,900,000, which sums up to a total maximum supply of 500,000,000.

The 3D role-playing game got about a 5% token supply on seed sale and a 10% token supply on the presale. Marketing is pretty important for the success of any project so 18.0% of the total token supply was designated to marketing. The Demole team, including the advisor, were designated 20.0% of the total token supply. The remnant of the token was distributed as shown in this table. 15% of the total token supply went into the Binance launch pool. And what was allocated the most of all was the ecosystem grants which 30% of the ecosystem grants.


Loads of functionalities exist in the Demole project. Here we have listed a number of them to give you a broad idea of what the Demole project is all about.


Players can stake $DMLG for more tokens and other potential rewards. By staking their $DMLG, players can summon monsters; to summon rare and more powerful monsters, players have to stake a higher amount of $DMLG. Players stake 1000 $DMLG to summon 5 monsters with a 6% chance of summoning a rare and more powerful monster; players stake 2000 $DMLG to summon 5 monsters with a 25% chance of summoning a rare and more powerful monster. Players can also stake $DMLG to boost their speed in conquering Demole worlds and upgrade and craft special tools.


Players can stake $DMLG in Planet DAOs to show their support for a planet receiving higher $DMLG emissions on a daily basis. Staking also grants participants voting privileges on the Planet DAO, which are proportional to the amount of $DMLG staked. Players can contest for roles in the Demole metaverse. The DAOs will be subject to leadership by the elected authorities following the DAO elections, who would then share multi-sig authority over the other DAO accounts.


In its Discord server, the Demole community is now active in 13 language channels. The Demole community team concentrates their approach for community growth on the following areas: China, Spain, Thailand, Korea, France, Germany, Filipinos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Turkey are all English-speaking nations. The game’s localization and onboarding of locally relevant IP is a priority. Demole’s current community building plans include:

◆ License agreements to bring well-known IP into the game as NFTs with functionality and narratives.

◆ Assisting the active Demole Telegram and Discord channels, which allow new players to understand more about the game and veteran players to connect.

◆ Increasing everyday user engagement via financing airdrops and promotions.

◆ Providing technical and non-technical functionality for the Demole community to continue to expand the metaverse.

◆ Organize frequent AMAs to connect with the larger crypto community.


The Demole Website

You can find out all you need to know about Demole on the Demole website.

Demole’s Telegram (English)

The Demole telegram community has over 92k members who are all excited about the project, and who won’t stop sharing useful updates about the project. New telegram members do not have to worry about missing a lot as the team has set a beautiful structure in place to address any queries they make have and clear their confusion.

Demole’s Twitter (English)

Demole’s telegram is a community is a group of 48.1K Demole enthusiasts you can interact and get social with.

Demole’s Discord

With over 16.7k followers on Demole’s Discord, you can join the conversation and stay in the know about Demole.

Demole’s Instagram

Join the Demole Instagram community to bond a community of other NFT and RPG enthusiasts.

Demole’s Email

To contact the Demole team for partnership or investment opportunities, hit them on their official email — business@demole.i.


To read more about Demole, download the Demole whitepaper here.


No project thrives without supporters you Demole has gotten a lot of attention from the gaming community, crypto investors, and especially crypto and Defi funds and companies all over the world since the beginning of the project because of its huge future potential.

Here is a list of Demole’s top partners:

DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a forerunner in the field of distributed ecosystems. They offer a well-organized hierarchy for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, allowing members of any community to pool their resources to achieve a shared objective: increasing token value by rewarding project-enhancing actions with rewards based on how many additional benefits each individual provides.

X21 Digital

X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm that collaborates with clients to help them accelerate their growth in the industry by removing roadblocks to their success. They primarily focus on providing the best strategic advice, which will help these organizations mature quickly while also expanding their exposure in this growing economy.

AC Capital

AC Capital is a blockchain and financial investment firm devoted solely to uncovering tech startups and pushing them out of the shadows through their investments. Entrepreneurs who want to get started with this exhilarating new technology can use the company’s marketing solutions.

Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital, a pioneer in the digital assets space, has been investing since 2017. They seek out early-stage projects that are working on scalable solutions for decentralized finance ecosystems and look forward to assisting them in their development.

Raptor Group

The Raptor Group, founded in 2000, is a family office and investment firm backed by Jim Pallotta’s family office. They find and invest in companies at all stages of development, including early-stage companies, public or private equity, and industries such as sports entertainment, media, and healthcare. Labs Labs, a Gate Technology subsidiary focused to exploring alternative crypto projects in the games industry, has entered into a partnership with Demole, one of NFT’s pioneers, which will bring this revolutionary market into people’s homes through online gaming and much more interactive experiences like virtual reality, allowing gamers to simply buy game assets without ever leaving their homes.

Basics Capital

Basics Capital is a multifaceted company with an investment and incubation strategy including the importance of teamwork in this space. They’ve put money into more than just cryptocurrency projects, with DAO Maker, PolkaFoundry, and GameFi among their most well-known successes.

Momentum 6

Momentum 6 provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive approach to creating innovative products and immersive experiences, particularly with blockchain-based technologies. They offer assistance from concept to product release, as well as developing customized marketing tactics in today’s competitive market.

LupaX Capital

Lupa X Capital is a blockchain-focused investment and advising organization. They emphasize fairly new projects with an emphasis on Defi, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), service offerings, and smart contracts for programmers in Western Europe and Eastern Asia who would like to put their product onto one of our prominent worldwide listings — with a guaranteed outcome.

Metrix Capital

Metrix Capital is a cryptocurrency driver that invests in initiatives based on its experience, knowledge, and community connections. They discover the most fundamentally sound prospects using internally built research and data engines while also forging new alliances amongst diverse participants in an ever-expanding field.

Interchain Ventures

Interchain Ventures is a new, ground-breaking investment firm of seasoned industry executives. They’re searching for partners who want to do more than simply make money, and who will work hard with them on projects they can achieve together, whether it’s investing or eventually operating their own business.

Demole’s list of partners continues to increase as they prepare for their Q4 2021 launch campaign, with the potential to become a craze in the NFT gaming market.



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