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Project Overview: iMM — Insurance of Market Maker ($IMM)

We all know that trading and investing in the crypto space is not exempt from risks (actually, quite the contrary, given the huge volatility spikes!) and a wrong take on a trading decision can result in terrible financial losses. This is especially true in the actual unclear and apparently bearish-inside-bullish trend we’re witnessing lately.

Hence the need for user-friendly reliable tools to aid traders and investors in their assets allocation decision-making process. Most tools available in the space are apparently self-centered and this has allowed new players in the space to diversify themselves from the actual competition and position themselves in the market by bringing user-centered services to help investors discover, explore, and study projects before making any investment/trading decision.

One of such projects is iMM — namely Insurance of Market Maker — which showcases a full suite of instruments for investors/traders… and not only that! The value proposition brought forward by iMM is a fully-fledged and comprehensive one, which takes into account, not just the end-users (investors), but also upstream project owners, aiming to provide top-notch, exclusive (yet-to-be-fully-announced) consulting services.

With several important incubators allegiances (PolkaFoundry, Icetea Labs) and partnerships already under its belt (DaoVentures, Titan Ventures, PetRock Capital, PNYX BSCLaunch, and TrustFi… to name a few), iMM promises to be quite the project to be keeping a close eye on.

In this article, we will try to get to know Insurance of Market Maker better, by asking the fundamental question: “What is iMM?”

1. What is iMM — Insurance of Market Maker?

As stated on the whitepaper:

“ […] Insurance of Market Maker (IMM) is a DApp that uses Big Data, Data Analysts, and Artificial Intelligence technologies and that is built on two platforms: Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

iMM aims to protect the benefits of investors (B to C) when they participate in Initial DEX Offering (IDO) projects and Advise developers (B to B) on technology projects to raise capital in the form of Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

There are some big words being used to describe what iMM is and what it does — so let’s break this definition further to make it more clear:

  • In computer science and statistics, “Big data” is a term used to describe huge amounts of structured and unstructured data which can be employed by organizations/stakeholders, every day. A rule of thumb that’s important to note (and that’s key for iMM’s value proposition) is that it’s not the quantity but the quality of data. That is, what matters is what a project does with these data to make it useful.
  • “Data Analysis” consists of a process of inspection, “clean-up”, conversion and modeling of data to highlight information that is fundamental to support stakeholders (e.g. in our case investors/traders) when facing short and long-term decision-making scenarios.
  • Finally, we probably all intuitively know that “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) allows us to employ machines or applications capable to enroll human-like skills — such as reasoning, learning, and planning — to put “Big Data” and “Data Analysis” to maximum fruition.

In layman’s terms, data is gathered on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols then processed utilizing advanced analysis processes and AI is leveraged to bring traders extremely valuable information and insights to traders and investors, thus helping them

  1. screening out the quality projects from low-quality ones and scams
  2. solving the inherent, lurking information problem where investors either do not have the opportunity to access all the information related to a project or have difficulty in synthesizing and evaluating the quality of the information sources.
  3. analyzing and supporting their decision-making approach, for which, too many times, ordinary investors can’t fruitfully analyze and make educated decisions based on often erratic information-finding.

2. iMM Features

First and foremost, the iMM platform is structured and designed to be extremely user-friendly, allowing traders/investors (which represent the “C” in iMM’s B2C value offering) to easily access its services. Users can connect to the iMM dApp using their Metamask (soon TrustWallet will be available as well), either via Ethereum Mainnet or BSC.

The iMM dApp will offer a plethora of specific features:

  • Holder Analysis — investors will be able to track project development, major holders/investors transactions
  • Project Roadmap Progression — users will be notified regularly, any time a project’s product development witnesses variations or updates regarding its progress.
  • Transaction Analysis — this will provide a detailed analysis and a notification system concerning abnormal transactional activity and outliers.
  • Full Charts — equipped with complete information and technical analysis tools
  • Project & Token Analysis — an information suite at a user’s disposal that will include fundamental, project valuation analysis.

More features have been already announced for the future, including

  • Auto DEX Trading
  • Profitable Wallet Tracking

the latter of which will allow users to observe the market, detect the behavior of top holders and groups of wallets, and eventually analyze the behavior of specific wallets to take proper actions (e.g. copy-trading).

At the current state of the art, the iMM team recently launched one of its principal services on its platform — the Token Monitor System. This early-stage functionality is live, free, and available for users to test some of the iMM’s core features: users can get a first-hand look at how they will be able to analyze transaction information on the crypto market on a selected list of trending tokens on BSC. This also represents a viable way to start getting comfortable with one of the most basic, yet useful functionalities that will be later on perfected and polished on the iMM platform.

3. $IMM Token Economics

Listed on CoinMarketCap on June 22nd and, shortly after, on Coingecko on June 27th, the Insurance of Market Maker platform has its very own noninflationary, native token called $IMM, which investors will be required to own to be able to subscribe and enjoy the corresponding dApp services (as explained earlier, the Token Monitor System is now available to everyone to test in free trial mode).

$IMM was launched following a global airdrop sponsored via CoinMarketCap and a double IDO on BSCLaunch and RedKite on June 19th, 2021, and is now available for trading on PancakeSwap.

The total supply is 50,000,000 $IMM, of which ~950,000 IMMs representing the current initial circulating supply, which will reach the 10,400,000 mark in 6 months from now (December 2021) — about 20% of the whole supply.

The $IMM token distribution will observe the allocation and vesting schedule outlined below:

The $IMM token utility is closely tied to the iMM platform revenue model outlined in the next paragraph.

4.Revenue Model

The Insurance of Market Maker revenue model will be based on the aforementioned $IMM token use case, which again is strictly linked to the successful adoption of the platform and its corresponding services provided.

As briefly and previously hinted, users will pay for the platform services by using $IMM token — these proceedings, in turn, will be shared between

  • staking and farming pools (with staking and farming features yet to be launched)
  • and project operational and development treasury

According to iMM’s forecasts and business plan, the team aims to reach the non-trivial figure of 2,000,000 investors using the paid subscription iMM products and they aim to reach that goal in just 4 months upon paid subscription launch, by offering a basic 10$/month subscription plan.

The subscription plans and tiers have not yet been fully disclosed, but according to the whitepaper, there will be iMM premium products available at a $1000/month subscription fee and reserved for a limited number of spots.

5. Roadmap

While $IMM’s staking and farming are yet to be announced, the next anticipated milestone will be all about the September/December launch of the Mobile App coupled with the web/mobile version of the Roadmap Tracker, the Project Analyst, and the Beta Version of the Automated Bot System features.

Coming Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 on the roadmap, users will witness more advanced and polished versions of the Token Monitor System and the Mobile App version 2, as well as more structured risk management and compliance framework design for the platform.

6. Conclusion

The Insurance of Market Maker platform is a project that could potentially soothe and ease a lot of the hassle investors have to go through when trying to access DeFi on-chain data and tools spread all over the crypto universe by gathering all the relevant services on one, unique platform. If the premises will be fulfilled (and it’s important to note that we’re in the very early stages), with the means of a single click, any trader or investor — be it experienced or inexperienced — will enjoy the benefits of using iMM’s services on a day-to-day basis, in their common trading and investing activities on Ethereum and BSC.

The multiple aims of this platform

  • to provide practical indicators for traders
  • divulge and make practical expert functionalities palatable to new users
  • synthesize information from multiple sources
  • connect consumers to the best tokens on the market to invest in

are ones worthy to keep track of.

The focal part of iMM’s roadmap will be all about its platform developers bridging the features announced and promised for the last quarter of 2021.

By that deadline, iMM will be potentially integrated with the major services it aims to provide, and hopefully crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors will be able to try out the iMM DApp to ensure they get the best from the crypto multiverse.

7. Community and Social Channels (as of August 5th, 2021)

iMM’s Website

For everything you need to know about iMM, visit the official Insurance of Market Maker Website.

iMM’s Telegram

Join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the know about iMM.

iMM’s Medium

To keep up with the latest updates from iMM, follow them on Medium.

iMM’s TwitterGet in touch and social with other members of iMM’s community. Join the community on Twitter.



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