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Project Overview: MARS4 ($MARS4)

Humanity has been fascinated by the mysteries of Mars for thousands of years. Throughout the latest and most recent decades, our understanding of the Red Planet has hugely improved (even by orders of magnitude) thanks to dedicated human efforts, researches, endeavors, and missions led via space landers, rovers (think of USA’s Perseverance), and also the aerial exploration of Mars. But some things haven’t changed — it always seems that the more we get to learn about this heavenly body, the more puzzling yet marvelous it becomes — especially in light of the dream, that has also been aptly perpetuated by modern science fiction, to make Mars a habitable planet once more — as it was deemed to be by the majority of experts in the scientific community.

But there’s another, unexpected way through which this long-lasting dream might get fulfilled — and no, here at Satoshi Club we’re not dealing with ballistics rocket science, and space explorations (not yet at least!). Still, if you’re a dreamer and a Sci-Fi crypto enthusiast you should be all ears by now, maybe wondering what kind of joke I’m trying to pull.

Let me be clear, I’m not talking about “reaching Mars” in the canonical, “physical” sense. Yet, what I’m going to introduce you to could still represent the opportunity of a lifetime. Getting your feet and, literally, stakes in what the MARS4 team is building is something that will be unprecedented. Hyped? I hope what will follow will get you just as excited as I am right now.

I know some of you won’t necessarily be familiar with the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs), but I won’t be touching upon the technical concept, which will get pretty intuitive later on (if you’re curious, by all means, check the guide here). I want though — before heading for the stars — to briefly introduce some context on why the NFT market is something you shouldn’t be ignoring.

According to many crypto-keen analysts, 2021 has been an “NFT year”: the NFT market has reached new, never seen before peaks, with several billion in sales revenues.

Metaverses and NFT-based videogames in the crypto space are building a very compelling narrative, one that’s attractive to a plethora of users that are interested in the so many facts that this new industry is able to offer.

One of the coolest features that the metaverse has been successfully focusing on and garnering so much attention from the public revolves around the sale of virtual lands — in this perspective, pioneering projects like Decentraland, Axie, and many others have been paving the way to second-mover projects in crypto — these projects are treasuring on the flaws, experiences, and mistakes of the first-movers, while also building and improving upon the pros and most battle-tested features, in an effort to bring to life products that are uniquely original.

With this prologue out the way, I’m making a strong claim: MARS4 is definitely one of such projects — a metaverse inspired on a virtual world that’s set on Mars, where users will be able to create, build, produce, experiment, and generate a one-of-a-kind revenue from assets (and inherent project dApps), realizing passive gains through the creation and sale of Mars Land Non-Fungible Tokens. MARS4 NFTs belong to the growing class of Non-Fungible Tokens, that are vying for a space in the target segment of videogames, and that allow for unique opportunities to its owners in terms of fully-recognized proprietary ownership and complete control over them.

That’s a whole to absorb… and what’s cooler about what I’m trying to portray is that users will be able to do all of the above on an almost perfect 3D replica of the Red Planet, built using NASA data & information pulled from Google Earth accurate databases and models.

Isn’t this so darn cool?

The MARS4 project has NFTs representing the surface of Mars. Mars Lands are traditional NTF tokens, which can be traded on any marketplace, just like a normal NFT.

Users can explore the Virtual Mars planet on the eCommerce section of the MARS4 Web App — there they’ll find out that the planet’s land has been divided into a finite number of lands slots, each of which will be bearing the peculiar features and unique details of their correspondent (real) martian land share.

The MARS4 protocol is modulated over several components, bringing to the table classic farming & staking elements, yet dressed with unprecedented gamification characteristics, making the MARS4 ecosystem a captivating investment and financial opportunity in the DeFi universe.

Inside its metaverse, users can literally explore the Red Planet via the MARS4 VR platform. The project’s fundamental infrastructure is composed 3 essential constituents:

The number of unique land plots into which the whole Red Planet has been divided amounts to 99,888 land NFTs, each of them measuring 559 squared miles. As stated earlier each land plot is also unique for its intrinsic characteristics, which mirror the actual Mars landscape.

On their land plots, MARS4 users will be able to resort to terraforming operations, developing and enhancing them with space stations, facilities (even oxygen production facilities!), greenhouses — to grow plants and produce food — and anything else that you can imagine, making the Mars atmosphere, the future flora and, in general, the ecosystem more habitable. Users will also be able to purchase additional in-game assets, such as value-enhancing avatars, certificates, or create logos, brands, and much more.

What that means is that, as the Mars environment develops, settlements and colonies are expected to be born, bloom, blossom, flourish and expand becoming, later on, villages, towns, communities, cities and — why not — eventually even metropolises with self-governed economies, but also intercity, commercial trades with their own set of industrial and financial services, research academies. But you can also picture art, cultural and entertainment facilities (while I suspect the most warmongering users could go as far as visualizing conflicts and political rivalries springing up — land scarcity surely will play a role, also in developing diplomacies and relationships with neighboring cities!).

At this point, I would expect many readers to find similarities between MARS4 and Decentraland… and I would wholeheartedly agree! The ingredients are all there but with MARS4 the flavor is leaning towards an emphatical sci-fi theme; and, mixed into it, there’s a carefully crafted and entrenched liquid economy, thanks to the revenues and income coming from the land that the MARS4 team explicitly built into the planet’s tokenomics.

In a nutshell, Mars landowners will be fully empowered and have complete freedom to conduct any economic activity, even subletting or loaning their land for use to architects, builders, advertisers, event creators, artists, and so on — the only condition being that all the renting and payment transactions within the MARS4 Metaverse will use MARS4 tokens aka “Mars dollars”.

One of the features which distinguishes the MARS4 project revolves around its dual tokenomics, built around its $MARS4 ERC-20 token and its ERC-721 MARS4 Land token.

Let’s first introduce some quick information that summarizes the main points of both tokens:

The MARS4 Non-Fungible Land Token

➡ NFT symbol: MARS4

➡ NFT Type: ERC-721

➡ ERC20: 0xdf9Aa1012Fa49DC1d2a306e3e65EF1797d2b5fBb

As hinted earlier in the article, the project has a fixed supply of 99,888 NFTs which, added together, produce the planet’s surface.

Mars Lands are traditional NTF tokens that can be traded on any marketplace just like any classic NFT. Their main added value is related to the yield that’s inherently built into the Lands NFTs, bringing passive income streams to landowners, thus making these properties very attractive. Terraforming the lands and building on them will further increase their monetary worth, making them the most highly-valued, scarce assets to own inside the Martian metaverse. On top of that, the Mars Land NFTs will also represent the protocol’s governance token — that is, the means through which the Martian community will be able to channel the planet’s decision-making process and, literally, shape its future.

The $MARS4 Fungible Token

➡ Token symbol: MARS4

➡ Max Supply: 4,000,000,000 MARS4

➡ Token Type: ERC20

➡ Token Contract ERC20 : 0x16cda4028e9e872a38acb903176719299beaed87

➡ Currently listed on Bittrex (with USDT, BTC, and ETH pairs) and SushiSwap

The $MARS4 ERC-20 is the token that users will utilize for gaming, trading, transacting, and also NFT minting. $MARS4 max total supply will be 4,000,000 tokens. For every transaction occurring in the Mars metaverse, users will incur a 4% fee which will be split up and evenly distributed back to NFT holders (2%) and liquidity/staking programs (2%), so that each time a user performs a transaction, the Mars4 NFT holders will earn a yield.

The following infographic also details the Vesting Schedule behind the $MARS4 ERC-20 token:

Looking at the above picture, it’s also worth noting how the team has managed to attract the attention (and capitals) from high-quality investors, who are now backing the project and strongly highlighting its long-term potential. Among these are

The MARS4 Core Team is public and composed of early crypto investors, startups entrepreneurs, and skillful professionals coming from renowned companies throughout the world (to name a few PWC, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Swedbank, Iron Wolf Capital).

Some of the current team members also helped build and launch what is considered by many the first marketplace on the primigenial metaverse — that is, Second Life!

What’s more, is that the MARS4 team can also tap into the expertise and crypto-rooted knowledge of top-notch advisors like Kieran Warwick and Danny Wilson, respectively Co-Founder and Head of Strategic Partnership at Illuvium — one of the most awaited, open-world RPG adventure games built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Mars4 project has already finished its Private Sale of Mars Land NFTs and has also already launched its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on SushiSwap’s MISO Launchpad on September 15th.

The project’s next steps will be aimed towards funding and accelerating space startups at the seed stage by creating the MARS4’s Foundation and DAO. This will be implemented and achieved by building a core part of the emerging Metaverse — a Virtual World on Mars that Leverages Gamification and Token Redistribution to create attractive tokenomics for traders and investors.

In Q4 2021 the team’s steps will include the auction for the Olympus Hill Super Rare NFT and the SketchAR partnership for a creative project (Financed by Snap and BoostVC) to drop a 10,000 Martian Avatars collection (imagine CryptoPunks / Pudgy Penguins on Mars!).

2022 will bring to fruition the work with MARS4 partners, in the effort to improve the experience of New features, similar to GoogleStreetView, will enable users to customize & personalize landholdings with in-game assets (landlords will be able to create Events, build NFT Galleries on Mars, launch businesses, use tools to populate land), together with inter-chain support & compatibility.

It’s quite hard to deny that the originality behind Mars4’s concept (I would have gone as far as saying the “genius”, but I had to reckon that I’m quite biased towards anything Sci-Fi).

Again, mutatis mutandis, think of MARS4 as Decentraland on Mars… could it become the next unicorn project? The premises are all there:

Even though — of all the points above and as crypto investors — we might just not be as interested in the latter, the network’s open-source hub, favored by blockchain technology for content creators, businesses, and individuals poses as a wholly new archetype for users looking for a new artistic medium, opportunity, or a source of passive income, while adding the flair that only the Red Planet can bring about, making it so easy to imagine — with a little aid from your mind’s eye — how these kinds of “extraterrestrial affairs” can easily become extraordinary.

MARS4’s Website

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