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One of the challenges for newbies or regular crypto users is the problem of finding appropriate applications that is best for performing a specific task. This has led to the use of multiple applications and tools to carry out various blockchain activities. This could be frustrating and at the same time it can lead to mistakes, loss of funds and difficulty to keep track of investments and holdings.

There are times when we desire to have or eat different things at the same time, just like Bob. He felt like taking some fresh slices of bread and at the same time, his covetous taste bud was hungry for some chunks of spiced vegetables ladened with grilled meat. While I was still trying to figure out exactly what he wanted, he added sliced cheese to his already confused menu list. What if I tell Bob that he can have all of these in a single bite? Yes! All he need is SANDWICH, a delicious food that typically consist vegetable, sliced cheese or meat, scrumptiously wrapped in between two layers of baked bread.

Similarly, in cryptocurrency, creators and end users are regularly involved in various activities such as token minting and generation, creation and participation in token sale, staking, chart analysis and tracking. Most users make use of separate applications to access majority of the activities that they carry out due to the fragmented nature of the present DeFi system. For example, as an investor, you join presale on one platform, trade on another platform and even stake those tokens on a different application. What if you are offered a platform that allow you to access all your DeFi needs in one place, without having to junket from one protocol to another? Yes! All you need is SANDWICH. But this time around, it is not a sandwich made of bread but a Sandwich built on digital framework of blockchain technology.

Having a protocol that can act as a central hub, with everything an investor or project owner would need, can go a long way to limit the burden of combining multiple platforms at the same time. In this project review, I will be looking at Sandwich Network, a project that is set out to permanently put an end to the need to shop around for tools or applications to carry out daily blockchain tasks. If you ready, we can begin by taking the first bite from this delicious Sandwich.

Sandwich Network prides itself as the most complete and user-friendly all-in-one crypto hub. Think of it as a “Google Hub” for new DeFi projects. It is a user-friendly and permissionless application with multiple tools and suite of dapps (which I will be unveiling shortly) that can be used by anyone to kick-start their crypto life with minimal friction.

The financial benefits of the decentralized financial system have caused more people to get into DeFi trading, staking, launching and locking. Total value locked in decentralized finance portals have continued to skyrocket; an indication of large growth in the number of projects and people investing.

Despite the numerous protocols and opportunities that exist in the crypto space, the current market for investing, launching and tracking crypto currency projects is highly fragmented. As an all-encompassing crypto hub, SandWich Network is well positioned to be a gamechanger through the building of an extensive ecosystem of DeFi apps.

With Sandwich Network, project starters can easily create, build and scale new projects without KYC and applications. The project is on a mission to ensure that you have all the right tools to launch your own cryptocurrency token and project, albeit with little or no experience.

2. The SandWich Ecosystem

Sandwich Network ecosystem features 4 basic products that are meant to deliver simplicity, value and convenience to users. These 4 basic ecosystem products are highlighted below:

SandwichBeta: SandwichBeta is designed to be the most user-friendly and advanced decentralized launchpad on Binance Smart Chain with a future goal to extend operation to other blockchains. This Dapp can be used to create a safe and easy way for project starters to mint tokens, host private rounds, launch a presale and lock tokens. As a creator, SandwichBeta makes it easy for you to get funding for your project. As an investor, you can invest in a wide range of exciting projects listed on Sandwich Network.

SandwichBeta is fully launched with the following features:

SandwichMint: This aspect of SanwichBeta offers creators an easy way to create their own token. By connecting to the Dapp and performing few clicks, you will get your very own token (with total supply) directly distributed to your own wallet. I decided to give it a try and I was amazed to discover that I was able to mint my own token with so much ease. Feel free to explore and discover this yourselves.


Once your tokens are minted, SandwichLaunch allows you to create a presale for your token. As soon as the presale is completed, Sandwich automatically creates a liquidity pool on Pancakeswap (BSC) or Uniswap (ETH).

SandwichLock: In order to create a safe investment atmosphere for your community, you may desire that parts of your token should be locked for a certain period of time.

This is a common practice that helps to build confidence and assure your community that you are not pulling out so quickly. SandwichLock token locker can be used to lock tokens for a certain period of time.

In addition to these, additional functions such as SandwichAirdrop (which can be used airdrop tokens to large users) and SandwichPrivate (a feature for enabling and tracking linear vesting of tokens allocated to private investors) are getting warm up for release.

SandwichSAFU: The cryptospace is an open field that provides a flurry of opportunities to users but at the same time, it has a fair share of inherent risks. Reducing the amount of risks in the cryptospace is unfortunately still much needed. When joining IDO and presale, users are unable to perfectly identify valuable projects with real intention.

Although SandwichSAFU is a decentralized Launchpad, it has incorporated heavy security features to protect presale investors. It features a tiered-system launchpad where $SANDWICH holders get access to private and public rounds of top-tier projects on multiple chains.

SandwichSAFU is targeted for hosting private and public rounds for higher-level projects with automatic KYC procedures. In addition, creators will have access to incubation support through SandwichLabs. SandwichTools: SandwichTools provide the most extensive toolbox for DEX trading and it combines multiple features of protocols such as Poocoin, DEXTools, Bogged, in one application

For traders and market strategists who like to play with charting or other analytical tools, you will find SandwichTools and its all-inclusive tools, a reliable alternative. This Dapp presents users with multiple resources that can be used to analyse, anticipate market movements and derive relevant inferences from data trend.

Users can connect their personal wallets and use SandwichTools to track real-time value of their investments in a comprehensive overview. Additionally, users will be able to access trending and top projects at a glance. For creators, they can use this tool to check liquidity pool size, trades and can use the automated advertising system to promote their projects larger audience.

SandwichTools is expected to be released by Q2/2022 and it will be available on desktop, tablet, mobile and later IOS/Android.

SandwichSwap: Is it possible to offer a complete DeFi hub without a swap? Of course, the answer is no. Trading is one of the main activities performed by everyday DeFi user and these trades often take place on decentralized exchanges.

SandwichSwap presents users with a native multi-chain DEX trading platrom. It is a go-to DEX aggregator that connects and interlinks every other daaps within the ecosystem. SandwichSwap will enable users to trade DEX tokens, participate in lottery and engage in other DEX activities through one easy to use interface.


$SANDWICH is the native asset of Sandwich Network which will power the Sandwich Ecosystem. $SANDWICH is a BEP-20 token and has a total supply of 1 Billion token. The highest allocation of the token distribution (38.5%) is meant to reward users as ecosystem incentives. The detailed distribution of the token is shown in the screen snip below:

The token will serve various utility across all dapps within the ecosystem. Some of the exclusive utilities and benefits of $SANDWICH are:

  • Having higher pool weight and allocation by holding more tokens, thereby granting access to fixed allocation in SandwichSAFU
  • Permanent access and unlocking of premium features in SandwichTools
  • Liquidity mining
  • Governance rights and privileges

4. Revenue Stream and Business Economy

$SANDWICH network plans to operate as a self-sustaining ecosystem. As the protocol continue to expand and as more Dapps get released into the mainstream for users to interact with, new multiple streams of income will become generated. The revenue and income generation model of Sandwich Network is fueled through taxes and fees. Flat standard rates of 0.1 BNB is charged to use token mint, launch and locking

Sandwich Network also charges a percentage-based performance fees on SandwichLaunch depending of the outcome of such presale. About 2% raised and deposited token is taken as performance fees. Other services such as advertising, swap, and similar activities attract a fixed percentage as fees.

It will surprise you to know that all generated revenues belongs to all users and holders of $SANDWICH. Collected revenues are distributed to a smart contract where users will be able to claim their own quota. I know you are already edgy to know how you can passively earn from this. Hop into the next section to get the full gist.

5.DAO and SandwichRewards

Sandwich Network intention is to ultimately and completely transform into a DAO through the activation of a decentralized governing structure. In this DAO, the native token $SANDWICH is going to be the leading and most important asset.

$SANDWICH holders will be able to participate in key governance votes, such as the development of roadmap and new functionalities added to existing applications in the ecosystem.

Sandwich Network has put in a place dependable revenue stream from flat fees based on percentage. The DAO will benefit from a 100% reward distribution model of all generated revenue. This means that revenue made across all Dapps in the ecosystem will be divided among all token holders. SandwichReward is expected to be launched with Sandwich SAFU towards the end of April, 2022.

Any users that satisfy any of these conditions is eligible for revenue redistribution:

  • Staking on SandwichStake
  • Have vested Seed/Private/Publicsale tokens

The calculation of amount of rewards that will be available for users to claim has already started since 9th February, 2022. You have missed some already if you are not yet a holder. However, you are not too late. All you have to do if fulfill any of the three conditions listed above.

It is apt to point out that the longer you hold your $SANDWICH, the higher the percentage of revenue you will be able to claim. Specifically, if you hold for:

  • 1 Month: 50% of max revenue will be available for claim
  • 3 Months: 75% of max revenue will be available for claim
  • 6 Months: 100% of max revenue will be available for claim

7. Conclusion

Sandwich network is a unique protocol that has a complete ecosystem for creators and users to start their crypto journey with ease. It is user friendly and has juicy tools that you can use to mint, launch and lock token with explicit simplicity. Apart from being an all-in-one and one-stop-shop decentralized base for DeFi needs, Sandwich network has a luscious reward system that enable you to claim a share of platform revenue, as long as you are a $SANDWICH holder.

For users who desire simplicity, quality and convenient access to all DeFi functionalities, you will find Sandwich Network decentralized hub and its array of flavorsome products yummy and scrumptiously tasty enough to perfectly satisfy your DeFi desires.

8. Social Channels

Sandwich Network’s Website:

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