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Sator x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 22nd of October

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Sator and our guests were @earnSAO, and @watchHODL — representative of Sator. The AMA took place on the 22nd of October.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been split into 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Website

So, we are now starting with Sator AMA

@earnSAO, @watchHODL, you are both welcome

Glad to be here!

Welcome to Satoshi Club Guys

How are you?

Ready! Satorshi and Satoshi Club unite! Haha


Let’s go! To start up with, can you please tell us a few words about yourself?

That’s a Nice twist..

Also, make a short intro about Sator

Sure thing. I went to my first crypto conference in 2013, then moved into crypto full-time in 2016. I was an international econ undergrad, worked in trading, derivatives, hedge funds plus a bunch of film, tv, and music productions which happens when you’re based in LA; prior to co-founding Sator. All that background helped with our research at Sator. Isla and I met at Consensus 2017 and we founded Sator about a year ago now.

Sator is a decentralized app and social token which incentivizes traditional content to share value with viewers. Sator’s proof-of-engagement features and play-to-earn economy enable this. Sator is built on Solana and Ethereum. This means Sator can scale to accommodate global tv/film/music/content audiences.

2013, you are experienced then

Sator beta testnet is currently live. TGE is in a few days. Mainnet launch of the dApp in less than 2 weeks. From there, new games, features and content continually rolling out.

Haha yea.

Sounds pretty good.

Guys… Be ready

This is Exciting

Yea and a limited amount of Sator tokens are currently available via Genesis Shards.

Chris, are you ready for community questions?

Q1 From telegram User @Billz120

Cool question @Billz120 yes Sator aims to become the first global streaming platform fully blockchain native, fueled by its native token and NFT-led content. Our 2022 roadmap does a good job laying this out.

Then to answer the other parts of your question, as far as types of tv series: Sator will feature scripted tv, films, music and other content on tbe global scale of YouTube though UX more like a streaming network.

And then yes, there will be child/family settings soon so that the onboarding of kids programming partners can be segmented out. Sator users can choose to filter either way.

2022, Q1. Multi-chain expansion

Which chains are you willing to integrate?

We’ve looked at products from Chainlink, Flow, Polkadot and few others. Talking to all them — their engineers talking with Sator engineers. Evaluating which and how may add value for Sator users.

Lovely! Thank you for your answer

Ready for the second question?

Q2 From Telegram User @Ask4Unik

@Ask4Unik hi Eunice, yes in the proof-of-attention economy model I think you are pointing out the far lower cost in terms of energy and computing power right. Sure it’s a nice aspect. We arrived at this model based on asking the questions of how far has blockchain progressed to date and how can the latest edge of innovation apply to solving the biggest challenges and pain points in traditional media in a way that grows crypto overall. Sator was the result. Traditional content always struggles toward audience growth and retention — especially in today’s post-must-see era of TV. Traditional content rights holders compete for subscriptions bc that’s become the primary form of monetization for them. Meanwhile, at the end of the day, is it fair that billions of viewers create value and all that value gets centralized. No. Thus, Sator built a platform to solve contents challenge of growing and retaining viewers/subscribers while diffusing value back to the people who create the value by viewing. The referral program you point out is a further example of precisely that.

As the viewer completes actions fulfilling smart contract conditions, flows of payments or other outcomes (such as NFTs, voting rights, badges, etc.) are unlocked. These flows can be programmed to automatically disperse pro-rata to various stakeholders, including, but not limited to: viewers, groups of viewers, series producers, advertisers, network distributors or other affiliated stakeholders. Payments occur in an essentially similar way to how coin mining works, only with Proof of Attention/Engagement replacing Proof of Work as the relevant metric for this economy/

This is detailed enough..

Ready for the next Question?

Very detailed

No room for doubts.

Q3 From Telegram User @Cheriemike

@Cheriemike yes you can play head-to-head trivia rn in the beta version of the app. Yes, you have to watch the show/film either before or during as you play — if you want to win.

“Realms” are how we refer to the mini-metaverses of each tv show, film or music video in Sator.

Download the Sator app and enter Realms based on content, artist, streamer, etc. Inside of these realms, trivia will be directly tied to the content you are watching/have watched, and by answering everything correctly, you are rewarded SAO.

And reminder rn it is test tokens you win. In less than 2 weeks, very beginning of Nov, mainnet of the app launches and from then on you win actual Sator tokens (SAO).


Oh and @Cheriemike yes to win your way into unlocking a realm, you have to answer a verification question usually from the first 60 seconds of whatever your watching. (Or you can buy your way into unlocking a realm using SAO)

Will it be same amount of SAO for each Realm?

It is not. Diff realms reward diff amounts of SAO.


SAO also can be tipped to people who are great at writing reviews. You can tip SAO to reviews you really like. Nice side hustle for aspiring tv/movie/music critics!

Yeah, a nice side Hustle..

Thank you for your answers

Ready for next question?

Q4 From Telegram User @RuthPius

Thanks @RuthPius
Rewards on Sator are all in the form of SAO. Amount of SAO is set by the content partner. The content/tv/film/music partner decides the SAO amount they stake to support their content and select the engagement activities such as trivia or other games (many incredibly fun games are in development rn with Sator engineering team). So those become the ‘predetermined conditions’ to be fulfilled to unlock the rewards smart contract. Yes, only viewers engaging in the content are able to win the rewards bc that is how the rewards are designed.

Conditions are entirely dependent on the content at hand and our content partner — a cool example — we partnered with a music festival Welcome To Rockville. Conditions of proving engagement at a music festival are quite different from one of our television partners/artist/streaming partners. At a music festival, people in attendance will follow treasure hunts directly at the venue and scan the QR code’s from the sator app to unlock collectibles, VIP tickets, and/or SAO tokens. The metrics at which our users receive rewards are entirely customizable based on the level at which we / our partners tokenize engagement and what that means in each realm

Thank you both for the great answers

Can you share with us your Tokenomics?

Total token supply is 500,000,000 SAO. >40% first directly goes into rewards pools to users on the platform. Those pools are replenished long term both by in-platform fractional transaction fees and more by content partners restaking new rewards into new contracts.

And how much for the team?

Inside Sator, the native Sator wallet enables staking to increase rewards payouts. Staking is good for the token economy so there are good staking incentives both in-app for viewers plus to the content rights holders activating onto the platform to stake more to gain more audience engagement.

Team 12.8% and takes 3 years to unlock with a 10mo cliff so you know the team is dedicated. Advisors (2.8%) include both crypto community leaders and top film/tv industry.

Ready for Next question?

Aw yea.

Thank you

Q5 From Telegram User @Jamesxmen

@Jamesxmen yes you can earn tokens by watching the tv/film/music/content on your tv or other devices while you play Sator on your phone. Sator trivia and games are designed so that you can win them if you actually watched or are watching the content.

Check out the Highest rewarding section on the home page. Also, watch squid games! That’s been quite a popular realm. If you’re just getting started, feel free to earn SAO tokens in the Sator learning realm (also found on the home page)

Currently, you cannot buy SAO inside Sator. Inside Sator platform, you can earn SAO.

To buy more SAO, you could go to the DEXs and CEXs where SAO lists next week onward.

Do share your listing news with us

Yes good point! Prob everyone in this TG right now can win the Sator learning realms which are based on Sator website etc.

Do you have a link for easier access?

Btw, SatoshiClubbers, don’t forget to join @SatorSAO

Uniswap date will be announced today. IDO will be announced today. CEXs will be announced in a week.

Join the Sator beta



Thank you for sharing..

Ready for the last question from this part?

Then once you are in click on Sator realm.

Many announcements soon.


Q6 From Telegam User @Emidm28

Yeah the AmbasSator program is awesome. 1 AmbasSator from each region will receive extra tokens incentives tied to their own unique referral code. And official AmbasSators get a special badge inside their Sator profile. @Emidm28 terrific question! Bc in fact our marketing team is super focused on this program rn so its a great time to apply:


Love the term you use haha

Guys! Go and apply. Take your place

I’m sure interested members here will apply

That wraps up the first part of our AMA

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user@ashwini_Crypto

Yes, we are super excited about being multi-chain. We are native Solana, and use a wormhole to bridge to ETH. We will use Polygon to scale our ETH-based NFTs and are also exploring ways to get our realm chats on-chain through a substrate-based model. Oh! And we are also using Chainlink keepers and verified randomness throughout our dApp.

Q2 from Telegram user @mercy_global

We expect to see massive consolidation over the coming years. Sator is NICHE in both the founder’s long-term vision and our immediate product. We are using blockchain to level the playing field and decentralize value in the media and entertainment ecosystem. I don’t see other projects tackling such a unique proposition — seems like everyone is building a DeFi platform or an NFT minting studio. We have an NFT marketplace in our dAPp, which plays a role in our realms, but that’s not all. we have a unique set of features.

Q3 from Telegram user @Kathdm

Hi Katherine — you are not required to stake to get into Sator. Inside your Sator wallet, you will have the option to stake. There are staking minimums as well as minimum staking times before you qualify for the next higher level of staking rewards. Staking increases the rewards you receive for engaging with content.

Q4 from Telegram user @Crypto_84

Our platform uses an automatic staking model. Our contracts are written in Rust and happen over Solana. In the current state, staking has different levels, ‘tiers’. The more you stake, the high multipliers of rewards you earn throughout the entire platform! We made sure staking is as easy as it is in the Phantom wallet, and can be accomplished in Sator app with just a few clicks.

Q5 from Telegram user @potentialsake

Sator is the perfect project to bridge this gap since we are targeting Entertainment consumers and content creators. Our UI/UX has been specifically designed for everyone, regardless of past experience or technical knowledge. We believe projects like ours is what will get more and more of the general public into crypto — we make it easy and super fun.

Q6 from Telegram user @KevSalom

Hi Kevin, there is no minimum time. Games on Sator are designed so you cannot win them without watching. There are options to share your referral code onto your social or to share that you’ve “earned SAO for watching…” onto your social to earn additional rewards.

Future games on Sator even allow you to collect NFTs of characters from diff shows and use them to compete in team games on Sator.

Q7 from Telegram user @Ratash97

SAO is the native utility token that is used for:
*unlocking gamified content realms in Sator application
*Automatic in-dApp staking of SAO tokens gives higher rewards multipliers throughout the platform
Used for governance votes to determine community sentiment of content.
*Purchasing exclusive NFTs on Sator’s in app marketplace
*Vote for plot decisions e.g. Romance-a-character NFTs with the embedded right to influence a characters fate
*Streaming rewards: QR code scanning for proof of viewership.
*Interactive rewards from in-dApp challenges in alignment with the Sator proof-of-engagement mechanism.
*Redeem SAO for exclusive content: Behind the scenes, casting, scripts, interviews
*Pay SAO for digital + physical show merchandise and exclusive experiences with our content partners
*Pay in SAO to participate in exclusive VR/AR experiences

Q8 from Telegram user @atmaca111

Yes. Having more SAO accesses more rewards on Sator. More SAO means you can stake SAO to increase rewards, use SAO to unlock realms, spend SAO to collect NFTs with utilities such as playing certain games that reward additional SAO.

Q9 from Telegram user @adamsari30

SAO tools include:
Solana-rust-contracts which includes standard data structures and testing tools for Rust and automatic staking in Sator dApp
*Sator in dApp Wallet lets audiences and rights holders alike create streamlined user experiences.
*Wormhole for cross-chain interoperability between SOL and ETH
*Chainlink Keepers and Verified Randomness
*In-App SAO NFT Marketplace
*On-chain rewards system, based on Solana

Q10 from Telegram user @leixagarcia

Excellent point. And when you look at how Netflix began, it’s exactly how Sator is beginning now. As an innovator entering the content industry with a turnkey improvement to the traditional model. Netflix grew from an add-on service into DVD delivery into streaming just as Sator has entered as an NFT turnkey solution and audience growth solution…from here, Sator can reach critical mass to continue decentralizing value from those monopolies to their viewers. When Sator pivots to stream content, the inherent rewards payouts to viewers, underlying blockchain tech and NFT-driven experiences will push the content industry into a more decentralized model the same way Netflix pushed content into streaming and then unbundling.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part, we tested your knowledge in terms of Sator. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for the quiz was 300$.
English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Sator Telegram community:



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