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Have you ever hit a terrible roadblock trying to run some financial transactions? Perhaps you have had a terrible nerve-wracking experience while farming on leveraged yield farming facilities. If this is you, then you are not alone. Let’s say that again… Since we are talking about Single Finance, you might be single but you’re not alone when talking about losing huge percentages of your capital when farming. We know a big project that went through just about the same thing and decided to do more than whine about it — they choose to make a difference!

Close your eyes and imagine a platform where you as a farmer are free from all the stress, anxiety, and brainstorming that comes with monitoring the market and performing complex activities. Just picture for teensy seconds that you are free from the burden of doing time-consuming stop-loss activities manually. Wouldn’t it mean so much if there were more accurate indicators to reflect the true profits & losses of your positions as a leveraged yield farmer?

We bet if that did happen, it’d be Christmas every day for leveraged yield farmers like you perhaps. The good news is that you and we are among the lucky ones to witness the birth of a single financial tool dedicated to helping farmers. Want to find out more about it? Pack your bags, you don’t mind if you tag along.

Meet Single Finance

Meet the superhero we’ve been talking to you about Single Finance! Single Finance is a

Single Finance is an exceptionally friendly user platform for all of your DeFi assets, reducing correlations to the general market. Everything on Single Finance is calculated using the capital you have injected in US dollars (USD). Every detail is envisaged. And it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Single Finance is the first DeFi protocol offering USD-based capital-protecting strategies for leveraged yield farmers. Looking for that platform that would help you keep your leveraged yield farming positions secure and stable, then you’ve been searching for Single Finance. Single Finance helps protect your principal with amazing strategies. To ensure your profits are well known by both parties, your performance is tracked based on your principal marked to USD.

Single Finance is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the market, it is the first cryptocurrency project to offer a historical performance tracking database to help users choose their preferred liquidity pairs using quantitative criteria. You don’t necessarily have to worry about charges when using Single Finance, you only get to pay performance fees when you’re making some dough based on your principal in USD

Another amazing fact we can not fail to state about the Single Finance platform is that it acts as a DeFi 2.0 protocol by turning the eyes of everybody to automated strategies. How it does this is simple: It amplifies the liquidity offered to the whole ecosystem. You can be more than certain that just by holding SINGLE tokens, you are making the future of not only Single Finance but DeFi as a whole, brighter.

Single Finance Platform is built on Cronos and other EVM-compatible blockchains. It not only creates positions for users but also analyzes the always-changing market conditions and uses bots in its ecosystem to execute pre-programmed tactics. Single Finance’s implementation is open source.

Want to know what’s more fun? All participants on the platform are encouraged to contribute, to hold the SINGLE token, to participate in governance, and to enhance the Single Finance Platform. So you see, Single Finance considers its users a part of the team and works extra hard to keep them satisfied.

Introducing the Liquidity Pool Time Machine

Congratulations! Today you found the first liquidity pool database — Single Finance’s Liquidity Pool Time Machine.

It captures all past data from all EVM-compatible chains’ entire index nodes. It provides a yearly P&L breakdown that includes trading fee rewards, DEX reward tokens, and value change owing to the impact of token price.

Remarkably, it is also the first database in the DeFi market to track such performance data, and the Single Finance team will continue to publish different LP earning indicators to assist its users to choose the best pairs.

But keep in mind that this is a tool to help you with your own study. There is no investment advice available here. And, as the adage goes, “past results are no predictor of future success.” Single Finance created this database in the hopes of assisting you in making profitable wagers. Here is a summary of what the Liquidity Pool Time Machine is all about:

  • Historical performance tracker

You can determine the length of history to display and backward-simulate the P&L using capital in US dollars.

  • A full breakdown of annualized P&L

Show you the complete annualized P&L analysis, including LP awards, DEX reward tokens, and change in value due to price impact.

  • LP earning metrics

APY. Fees. Rewards. All of these are crucial. But what about risks and price fluctuations? Single Finance has improved metrics to assist you in selecting the finest matches.

  • DeFi strategy analytics

Staking. Yield farming. Leveraged. Deleveraged. Examine the risks and rewards for yourself and devise your own successful plan.

Fees You’ll Owe Single Finance for Its Services

Liquidation Bounty

Single Finance charges 5% fees when the liquidation bot is triggered to protect the lender.

Stop-loss Fees

When the stop-loss bot is triggered 1% fees are charged.

Single-click Strategy Performance Fees

19% of strategy return is collected as a performance fee.

Lending Interest

Single Finance charges 19% of the borrowing interest profit of lenders as a performance fee.


$SINGLE is the limited supply governance token for the Single Finance Protocol. $SINGLE’s total supply is 1,000,000,000.

40% of the token was set aside for mining. 22.3% was allocated to partnership and ecosystem, 22% was distributed to the team, 2% to the liquidity pool, 10.7% went into the private and seed sales, 1% was allocated to IDO and the advisors received 2% of the tokens.

Holders of $SINGLE token are entitled to awesome benefits like being able to participate in governance and build $SINGLE together with the Single Finance team. Holders also get to decide to calculate significant parameters for the interest rate model, fee rates, protocol fees, and reserves accumulated to the Single Finance Protocol. $SINGLE token holders can participate in protocol governance by staking SINGLE for xSINGLE in the future.

$SINGLE tokens are deflationary in the long run. Emissions will continue for about 36 months, with halvenings happening every 6 months. Just so you don’t get confused about this, a halvening refers to halving the budget for maximum tokens utilized for emissions over six months in comparison to the prior time. During that time, the entire money will not necessarily be expended.


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