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Since cryptocurrency grew in relevance, the world has seen the birth of several cryptocurrency projects. Each of these projects comes with its unique features and offers something spectacular to the crypto market. One of the most interesting things about the crypto space is tokens which are virtual tradable assets that are built on an existing blockchain. Tokens contribute to the growth and progress of any cryptocurrency project.

Tokens are used for economic and investment purposes. You can earn huge profits by investing in a cryptocurrency token, and you could also lose a great deal of money too. Buying and selling cryptocurrency tokens is simply known as trading. How you know which tokens to invest in depends on how well you know the crypto market, and how skillful you are in recognizing genuine crypto projects. Excellent trading is not just about knowing which token to invest in, it is also about choosing the right exchange to trade on.

Smarty Pay is one of the great exchanges you might want to use for your crypto trading activities. What is even better about this exchange is that they have built a native token that you can stake to earn rewards and other privileges.

Read on to find out more about Smarty Pay.

Hello, Meet Smarty Pay!

Smarty Pay was launched in June 2021 by a group of developers in Indonesia. It was created largely to blur the distinction between a fiat gateway and a crypto gateway. The Smarty Pay team believes that in today’s world, innovation and hope provide new

power, as well as collaboration and harmonization of transactions.

Smarty Pay intends to develop its native token $SPY into a full feature that can be utilized by people from all walks of life. Investors interested in long-term initiatives would be interested in the SPY Token as well as Smarty Pay’s flagship project. This project’s excellent e-commerce infrastructure would amaze investors and crypto enthusiasts. The Smarty Pay team is certain that its project highlights, De-Fi, NFT, P2E gaming, DTP, and other popular features will attract more investors and provide long-term benefits.

Smarty pay is all about making major movements in the cryptocurrency market, and it is backed by a fun and dynamic community. This is seen in the deployment of farming and NFT pools with high APY rates. Smarty Pay’s development team wants to adapt and use technologies or protocols available in blockchain technology, such as Derivatives Trading Protocol Protocol (DTP), in the future to create a more efficient, seamlessly operating system with high security and privacy.

Vision and Values of Smarty Pay ($SPY)

VISION: In the words of the Smarty Pay team, the vision of Smarty Pay is:

Our Biggest Dream Thoughts, concepts, and observations show that there is a gap between Fiat Gateway & Crypto Gateway. Innovation and hope give new power and create collaboration and harmonization of transactions in this world. The concept of anti-mainstream thinking is the basis for this conceptual amalgamation. SPY Token will be at the forefront of incorporating 3rd generation cryptocurrency. this will be a new history.

Smarty Pay aims to provide unrivaled value to the crypto industry. This will be accomplished via the development of the following features:

● Spy Multi-Connector: With Smarty’s NEMOT blockchain technology, SPY Token might become a multi-connector for an extensive variety of transactions such as retail systems, omnichannel, and logistics, forming a linear system that would merge into crypto gateway harmony.

● Spy Multi-Function: Smarty’s e-commerce blockchain company has been operational for the past four years, allowing SPY Token to be a solid and viable hybrid option for much wider applications to Fiat Gateway and Crypto Gateway.

VALUES: Smarty Pay hopes to make its vision come alive by incorporating a set of values into its system. These values include;

Transparency: The $SPY Token is a decentralized and centralized finance token that is endorsed by the Smarty Pay community (SPY Community) to be its main pillar. SPY community is an open community. Smarty Pay hopes to get wider interconnection by leaving its community open. It also hopes to provide a full booster for varying sorts of transparent and accountable transactions.

● Making it Nothing Less Than the Real-deal: Smarty Pay aims to open a new chapter in the history of cryptocurrency. The SPY Platform’s key essential pillars will be real projects, real transactions, royal community, and real values.

● Community-Centered: The SPY Token does indeed have a sizable user base that is eager to transact. Its current few thousand users will grow into millions of helpdesks in which the peculiarity of the SPY Token enables everyone to instantly join the SPY Club.

● Blockchain NEMOT: Smarty’s core system has used the NEMOT blockchain technology from the beginning, a unique mix integrated for all forms of transactions and as the main aggregator for all types of enterprises.



The native token of Smarty Pay is $SPY. It is a DEFI & CEFI token that the community believes will be the core foundation of the SPY Platform. SPY Token is projected to become a multi-connector for a variety of transactions including retail systems, omnichannel, and logistics.

Smarty Token offers the economic incentives that will encourage users to contribute to and participate in the ecosystem on the SPY Platform, hence establishing a mutually beneficial system in which every player is appropriately paid for their contributions. The maximum supply of the $SPY token is 100,000,000 SPY.

Token Allocation

5% of the total supply of $SPY will be distributed in the presale event. 5% of the total supply of $SPY will be allocated to Charity events. 5% will be set apart to ensure the stability of the digital asset. A whopping 30% will be used for the development of the

project and the expansion of its infrastructure. 10% of the $SPY tokens will be set apart for mining and staking operations. 10% of the total supply of $SPY tokens will be allocated to marketing and digital growth activities. The last 35% which is the highest allocated portion of the $SPY tokens will be burnt.

Smarty Pay’s Communities

Smarty Pay’s Website

Get started on your Smarty Pay journey by visiting the Smarty Pay website here.

Smarty Pay’s Telegram

Join a multitude of other Smarty Pay lovers in learning about the projects and staying ahead with the latest updates. Click here to join.

Smarty Pay’s Twitter Where can you get the best straight-to-the-point updates if not Twitter? Join Smarty Pay’s Twitter community here.



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