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Smarty Pay (SPY) X Satoshi Club Ama Recap from the 30th of May

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Smarty Pay (SPY) and our guest was. The AMA took place on the 30th of May.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Hello Dear Satoshi Clubbers Welcome to our AMA with Smart Pay

Our guests today are @Founder_SPY, @token_SPY..

Hello everyone! Let’s open a new week with new AMA with our guests from Smarty Pay!

Hello Welcome to Satoshi club


Thank you for having Smarty Pay for AMA in Satoshi Club.

Hello welcome, how are you doing today?

Welcome to Satoshi Club! How are you doing today?

Lovely. Bogor is raining all day, the weather is nice here.

Awesome 😊, let’s start our AMA

So can you please introduce yourself to us, your role in smart pay, how you got into crypto, and how smart pay started?

Hi everyone, my name is Memin from Smarty Pay. My role is to prepare all material for marketing. And I’m here with Mr Yanton @Founder_SPY. Please introduce yourself.

Great to have you here Memin

helloo guys

Hello welcome to Satoshi Club

introduce me


i am CEO and Founder of SPY

How did Smart Pay start, and what year?

Okay, I will answer first and Mr Yanton can add later

Smarty Pay ($SPY) is a token launch by Smarty Indonesia, an E-commerce company Headquartered in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Smarty project established around 2017 (5 years ago) as an E-commerce company, and succeeded in combining offline and online transactions which more profitable for both sellers and buyers.

So, after the project is strong, then Smarty launch Smarty Pay Token in 2021.

Smarty with its technology ecosystem are accessible for global society, to be able to transact all kinds of necessities of life and get profit sharing points that can be converted into SPY tokens.


Wow, there’s a long road already passed for you, guys!

How many people do you currently have on your core team?

Currently Smarty Pay has 7 team, consist of blockchain programmer, finance officer, graphic design, full stack developer, marketing, etc.

Are all your team members anonymous?

But for the Smarty underline project, there more than 20 people in the management

Some of them are doxxed, such as Mr Yanton as the founder and community manager.


Thank you

So can you just give us a brief insight into what smart pay is really all about?

Since Smarty Pay was launched by Smarty project that has main business on e-commerce, so Smarty Pay (SPY) firstly meant to be a utility token for Smarty members/customers, where every transactions they made can be converted to SPY.

SPY now in the progress to develop a wallet converter, so that SPY holder can using the wallet to do transaction with Smarty Apps, and earn point rewards that can be converted to SPY

Thank you for the introduction

And what distinguish SPY from its competitors are: 1) Smarty established its underline project, then launched SPY token. 2) Smarty Pay DeFi offering interesting earn with high APY rate for its holder, by farming & NFT staking. 3) SPY are planning to develop further connection with its underline project and other features.

Thank you.. Let’s move on to the next part, we have some questions selected from our community members are you ready for them?


Q1 From Telegram User @iceVermithraxx

The main system from Smarty, from the beginning has been using NEMOT blockchain system: NEMOT blockchain system seems to be new to many users like myself, can you elaborate more on NEMOT Blockchain system? What are some of the distinct features of the NEMOT Blockchain System and what are some of the advantages and benefits which the NEMOT blockchain system will Bring to the Smarty Pay ecosystem?

As I mention before, that Smarty Indonesia core business is on e-commerce, and Smarty developed Smarty Platform to serve, record, and distribute the point rewards in real time using NEMOT or Network Matrix Automatic Placement).

How does the NEMOT work?

NEMOT works by recording all financial transactions, goods and services, and all management activities

Thank you for your answers

Ready for the next question now?


Q2 From Telegram User @GracieEne

Smarty Pay plans on becoming a one stop place for both investors and customers and that the POS (point of sales) transaction system from Smarty Indonesia will be the main engine of the block hash of every transaction that is converted to SPY. How will you ensure that Smarty Pay is a one stop place for both investors and customers? What strategies would you employ to retain your users? SPY token holders have the opportunity to do staking, farming, exchange etc to maximize their respective capitalization. Can you tell us more about your staking mechanism? How will users go about staking SPY token? And how would you minimize risks associated with staking?

Interesting question.

Smarty will ensure to becoming a one stop place for both investors and customers, by connecting SPY with the Smarty Point of Sales that can connect sellers and buyers. From every transactions will creating a blockhash and will be process in the NEMOT ledger in real time.

For now SPY holders are investing their assets in Smarty DeFi platform. Smarty providing farming features, NFT power level staking, Auto compound feature, and DAO

If you want to know how Smarty NFT staking works, you can find more information at or you can go directly to Smarty DeFi at

What are some of your farming features?

SPY DEFI full packages with Web 3.0 DAO Governance Protocol System

– Farming SPY with pairing BUSD , BNB and USDC

– Auto COmpound with auto pairing BUSD , BNB , and USDC

– NFT Power Stake with 6 Levels Booster

Thank you for your answers

Smarty DeFi providing 3 pairs for farming, which are SPY/BUSD, SPY/BNB, and SPY/USDC

Thank you.. Ready now for the next question?

and our Defi running on DAO Protocol system

[ Photo ]

Smarty DeFi Platform

We will have a question about DAO

waiting for that


So, let’s see the question nr 3 now

Q3 From Telegram User @Billz120

Hello Smarty Pay Team — i read that you build a future, not just a Token , and I’m curious to know what Smarty Pay projects for the future ? What benefits does Smarty Pay has in store for it’s Token holders, community and metaverse ? I read that there is “Reward Event “, “High APY Farming”, “NFT Power Stake”, etc. Please tell us, what kind of Events are they, how may I be able to participate in the events and what rewards will successful participants in the Events be rewarded with ? Lastly, could you please elaborate on your “NFT Power Stake “, how does it work and how will participants profit from it ? Please explain to us. Thanks

very strong question ….

In accordance with our vision and mission from the start

based on the results of the study, the observation that we found a gap between the Fiat Gateway and the Crypto Gateway

we saw that there was a solution that we managed to create through our Nemot Blockchain

As a form of harmonization of Fiat Gateway and Crypto Gateway

through the ecosystem we are building right now and we have partially completed that we are building a future ecosystem in Crypto financial inclusion;

Not just talking about Defi, Gaming, Funding, lending, DTP, Metaverse, and Ecommerce

However, we are working on what is called a new ecosystem in the Crypto world itself through the SPY Blockchain Mainnet

and about Smarty NFT.

NFT Power Stake is a unique feature in Defi SPY where the way it works is that every NFT transaction you make will be added a Staking booster from the gatcha results you do and that can increase the percentage of profits in the staking pools

[ Photo ]

this is what Smarty NFT pools looks like

The interface looks great and user friendly

there are 6 different NFT characters based on Smarty Project daily routine, from cleaner to Cashier, Accounting, Manager, and CEO

Agree! It is quite easy to understand it.

We are flattered


Thank you guys for your detailed answers so far

this is my first time AMA on Satoshi …

very nice …

with a very very difficulty question …

i need a panadol …

but this is very interisting

because u guys make me to open so many secret and upcoming features and info from SPY


[ Photo ]

this is one of the example of Smarty NFT card that has been cast completed

We are right in the middle of 1 st part! So, still some work to be done by you, our speakers

Thank you for your feedback, we are also impressed and happy that you came here as well

Ready for the next question?

Thank you! Let’s proceed to the next question now


Q4 From Telegram User @Cheriemike

I will like you to talk about Smarty Pay (SPY) Launchpad.So my questions are,When should we be expecting it launch because there is no information on that.What significant advantage will SPY Launchpad have over most launchpads?What layer of security will you offer to investors to ensure that the projects that will launch in your Launchpad are safe and will not turn out to be scam or later rug pull?And will you include KYC process as part of users’ verification performed by a third party?Please kindly highlight the features of SPY Launchpad.Thanks

ur welcome mate

i am very happy in this AMA

because that was a very challanging AMA

[ Video ]

Thank you for the question on launchpad. Smarty aware that there are lots of offers from various types of launchpads on the market, besides lot of features and breakthroughs that have appeared in the last 1 year

some security standards are always being improved to increase security for all investors

this is a little Spoiler i have made this morning to u guys

For SPY launchpad we are watching for developments and breakthroughs from the current launchpad.

We have improved the observation and integration of several security systems in SPY Launchpad.

We will include KYC on SPY launchpad with GPS Lock for every Dev who wants to presale on SPY Launchpad

Every Dev is required to do 1 promotional video and KYC to all investors to introduce their project

That way it will minimize the bad actions of scammers.

very fresh and our SPY Launchpad on progressing

with the most highly security and Uniscrypt Standarized

Thank you for sharing this with us

special spill for Satoshi Club members

Interesting.. we do love it .Thank you

Thank you for your answers

Are you ready now to proceed to the next question?

Yes, plz

Q5 From Telegram User @Ask4unik

Some of your features that caught my attention is the “Smarty Social Media and Adsense”,”Smart Life”.Can you please tell us more about this features?What does it comprises of?You didn’t say if they are already launched,so can you tell us the stage you are in in releasing both features or are they released already?Kindly explain Thanks

We have a good observer here. I’m pretty sure that you are following updates from SPY tele group and social media. Thank you.

Some of the features are still on progress, for example Smarty Life is more into expedition to connect Smarty sellers with buyers. Furthermore, Mr Yanton @Founder_SPY are planning to expand its features to small scale but faster delivery squad using motorcycle.

Hold on, the features arent release yet. Follow Smarty social media for updates.

Can you share the social handles?

Great to see you are planning forward. By the way, please share your roadmap with us

[ Photo ]

2022 Roadmap

2023 Roadmap

Thank you for sharing

FYI … This is the new roadmap

the previous roadmap has been 80% done by us

and this new Roadmap has been finished by us 70% too

and preparing the 3rd new roadmap again


✨Up Coming Project :




💐SPY Launchpad

💐Bridging SPY-ETH


💐SPY Blockchain Mainnet

💐SPY Metaverse

For 2021, we achieved more than 85% of the roadmap. Despite of Covid-19 pandemic, we are optimist that we can work to realize all the project plan.

Thank you guys

Let’s proceed to the next question now

Q6 From Telegram User @Meta_MateX

You say that Smarty Pay is supported by a fun and vibrant community. You welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build Smarty Pay into the best community in crypto with Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), for the future of its token. Could you talk about your DAO — it’s main features and functionalities? Please reveal the requirements to obtain the right to vote? Is your DAO fully functional at the moment or you expect to launch it on the go? Thanks!

The DAO function is a very interesting technological issue today in the Crypto world and to keep up with technological developments and prove that the SPY Dev team is a qualified team with international standards For DeFi SPY, we have equipped it with a DAO Web 3.0 system called the Governance Protocol

The function of the Governance Protocol in our defi system involves all SPY holders to vote for several things, such as voting to decide the amount of APY in Pools Farming and The Auto Compound.

There is also a regular voting that we conduct every week to vote for refilling NFT Power Stake Pools.

To participate in voting on the SPY Governance Protocol is very easy, it is only necessary to hold a certain amount of SPY in their wallet

So is there a minimum requirements for participants in the DAO?

minimun 100 SPY on ur wallet mate


wait mate

Yes, there are a minimum requirement for holder to participate in the DAO, which is 100 SPY available for each holder.

i give u guys some information about DAO in SPY Defi

[ Photo ]

this is what SPY DAO page looks like

we have use the newest and highest Technology on Crypto SPACE

so at the DAO system

The system will automatically calculate the Voting Power

so if u hold more SPY so ur voting power will get more strong

Automatically mate

and in the world i think we are the one of 3 or 4 Defi 3.0 using this Technology

and this is really amazing because Amber Group sometimes have a conversation with me about SPY Defi

[ Photo ]

ongoing process to decide NFT Pool Refill for 210.000 SPY


Are you protected from wales in DAO?

[ Photo ]

absolutely yes

because DAO means democration

so anyone can give them vote

to make the roadmap more better

thats we called Safety , Secure , COmfortable and Profitable

Great to see everything is well analyzed before introducing!

yeah …

SPY is well prepared project from 5 years ago

I think we are gooв to wrap up the 1st part here!

Thank you Guys for this first part of our AMA

thanks mate

lets go to raid

We will now proceed to the second part, Live questions

Get ready for some action now with the second part!

Our members will ask you their questions directly

Are you ready..

We will open chat for 120 secs. Once we close it back please choose 10 questions to answer

Please do not answer any questions during the storm

Let’s open the gates now!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

Where are your headquarters?

Hi Noufal Basheer, Smarty Pay is Headquartered in Bogor City, West Java. Indonesia. Smarty project is a legal company with e-commerce as its core business. You can check our address. Thank you.

Q2 from Telegram user @Albitapache

Hello Smarty Pay team, sorry for the question I am asking you, but I am worried about losing more money when investing in a new project. since I come from losing a lot of money with the old LUNA. So, how can I trust your proposal that you offer us, which is very attractive to make a good investment? Why should I support and trust you since many projects are doing what they want with the community, taking their money? As a project and being human that you are, how important is the community to you?

very nice question
SPY is backed with an ecommerce company called Smarty Indonesia
Has running 5–6 years ago …
And what we are doing now is building the ecosystem …
From the first time our community and price was very organic ..
And please feel free to check our smart contract SPY
Doenst contains any harmful function …
And FYI ..
The team and Dev from the first time doenst have SPY token from tokenomy..
They must bought that as usually a common user’s ..
This is we called equality

Q3 from Telegram user

Smarty Pay (SPY) has plan in designing and developing Play to Earn games, can you share an update on the latest development of the SPY games? When will the game be available?

Valar Morghulis, khaleesi. Interesting question.

Frankly speaking, you are teasing me to spill the newest SPY project which is a new token that will be launch in July 2022. The token name is Tokie which is a GameFi Token. So it is not play to earn gaming, but a GameFi. You dont have to be a good player to play the game, and the most important is you have the same opportunity with other players to earn and grow your assets. Please stay tune at SPY tele group for more updates on Tokie and its GameFi project.

Q4 from Telegram user @burshanggal

Could you provide additional information about the Governance and Decision-Making Procedures? Could there be a way enabling participants which own $SPY token or meet additional requirements to participate with Smarty Pay Platform selection and democratic institutions?

hi Bursha, as we mention earlier that SPY DAO has minimum requirement which is 100 SPY per holders. That’s the min requirement to participate for voting in SPY DAO. For more info, you can take a look at:

Q5 from Telegram user

in the future spy will be bridging to eth, become spy eth, how to supply? and what about the future performance of spy eth?

Hi Dicky, challenging question. Yes we are planning in the future to bridging SPY to ETH, and its a long process. Please stay tune with us to get latest updates on how SPY Dev working to realize its roadmap. Thank you, Mate.

Q6 from Telegram user @MattZss9

Im interested with your tokenomic allocation , and i see that the SPY team doesn’t have any share of the Tokenomic , May i know the reasons about that ?

How does your team get benefits through launching this project?

This is a very difficult question for us
but honestly speaking our hearts

this is what we call equality in our ecosystem
from scratch we build SPY
already have a commitment that SPY is not ours
SPY belongs to the world community
every utility and its use will be very useful for society

and to avoid the so-called personal interest we decided that for Dev and all core team from SPY not get any 1% of SPY tokennomy

We have to buy it ourselves like the holders in general

Behind SPY for underline projects is the e-commerce company Smarty Indonesia

Q7 from Telegram user

I understand that there’s a SPY NFT COMPETITION, from 27 May to 27 June 2022. Can you give us more details on this competition? Where can we buy the SPY tokens to join this competition? What does a user do to be a winner? Is it too late to join this competition?

Hello mate, thank you for staying updates on SPY.

Here is my answer to your question on NFT Competition. Fell free to ask in SPY tele groups for more information.


Period 27 May to 27 June 2022

Total prize $3300 in NFT SPY for 100 People
2 Winners 1 @ $200
8 Winners 2 @ $100
10 Winners 3 @ $50
Next 80 Winners @$20

1️⃣Minimum purchase of SPY Token is $200 &
GOTCHA it to become NFT SPY & STAKE to SPY NFT Pool V4

2️⃣Must use a new wallet

3️⃣Results from STAKE can be HARVESTED & can be re — GOTCHA becomes a new NFT then STAKE back to the same wallet

4️⃣Not allowed to sell any SPY Tokens until June 28, 2022

5️⃣For registration, attach proof of purchase in the form of TX ID & NFT screenshot, as well as wallet address to admin @TommyyGO

6️⃣The prize is NFT SPY with the same amount as the SPY at the time of prize distribution

Q8 from Telegram user

What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I will appreciat & invest with it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

Smarty Pay ambitious goal for 2023 are to launch SPY blockchain mainnet.

Q9 from Telegram user

when will the holder be able to do the staking of the NFT?

How much APY will be provided for staking and if there will be difference of each NFT type.

in official website, do you considered developed any products else in the future?

u can use our Defi now
From the middle of December 2021 our Defi is on until now
and our Defi is the first Defi 3.0 with governance Protocol in Indonesia
And we are the best defi in among the best defi in the world

And this end of the year we are moving this Defi to 4.0
just wait and enjoy the passive income on SPY
and let the technology come to u

Q10 from Telegram user

I read that Smarty started as an e-commerce platform in Indonesia last 2017. It was at least five years now since its founding. Can you please tell us the important phases you have developed throughout that 5 years journey of Smarty? Now that you are in crypto, what plans do you have for interested users? Can we join and hold $SPY?

Hi monsignor, we are welcome to all level of investor. You can buy SPY from Exchange & DTP DIGIASSET-HOTBIT-COINTIGER-COINSBIT-LATOKEN-BKEX-Bitforex-Bitkeep-XT.COM-Digifinex-MEXC (June 5th)

And you can farming or staking at to grow your assets.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:
Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

Telegram –
Twitter –
WebSite —



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