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SolChicks ($CHICKS)

Hello dear Satoshi Clubbers!

In today’s featured article we will be looking at SolChicks — a blockchain & NFT-based Diablo-style multiplayer game designed on the Solana ecosystem. Despite being one of the first Metaverses built on Solana, this project has already been capable of overcoming many expectations, and setting several crypto records itself, as well as solid partnerships, foreshadowing a prosperous future, filled with many potential opportunities to become a high-ranked game.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and discover what SolChick has in store for us!

  1. What is SolChicks?

SolChicks is a Multiplayer Role-Playing game based on the Solana blockchain. It presents itself with a unique Play2Earn (P2E) model, where players get rewarded proportionally, based on the time devoted to playing the game. In this perspective, players can choose whether to focus on completing missions, fight other players to get higher up on the leaderboard’s ranking, collect and trade the various NFTs obtained by playing the game or even wandering around the vast game world, hunting for the most powerful objects to equip or resell on the marketplace.

Ultimately players have many choices at their disposal for a user experience that can be customizable and molded according to each player’s expectations, thus concretely making SolChicks a game capable of satisfying even the most refined among gaming palates!

  1. SolChicks’s Concepts and Vision

The game’s storyline takes place on Chicco, a planet that’s home to our heroic SolChicks — a race of intrepid chicks that, despite their cute, cuddly looks might seem innocuous… Yet, among their ranks, some Spartan-like, fiery, warriors live, revered by their peers and aspiring to ascend to glory as some of the most powerful heroes of their time! Ancient lore and myths surround these feathered folks, and legends range from the long-praised, endless battles against some among the most fearsome, ferocious beasts one could think of to the exploration of the most dangerous, far-away corners of the world!

As in every tale worthy of being told, things have always been peaceful on planet Chicco… until suddenly harmony and peace got shaken by the unexpected appearance of an intergalactic threat. Despite all the efforts and strenuous put forward by the most skilled and experienced fighters, the Solchicks succumbed to the cruel and bloodthirsty race known as SoulFoxes.

Survivors had only one chance: collect the remaining supplies and equipment that was spared from the raging war and evacuate the planet, traveling through the stars, looking for a new place to call “home”. After what seemed like a never-ending period of wandering, survivors landed on planet Solana — or better, a blockchain platform — that welcomed them, giving them refuge, forage & recovery, and — above all — a place where to settle down and start life anew. Still, something was lingering in the minds of the few escaped SolChicks… How to reconcile themselves to their defeat — how was that possible that a civilization that had been peaceful through the millennia had been attacked without any signs of warning or omen? What was the origin of the SoulFoxes? And how they did manage to find them?

  1. SolChicks Gaming Features

And that’s just the beginning of our quests in The SolChicks metaverse! The SolChicks universe offers players the chance to

  • play, explore, fight
  • create new items, weapons, and equipment
  • use lands to build shops and structures that offer various services to other players (e.g. a blacksmith or a forge)
  • give life to arenas and tournaments

following a game design where nothing seems to have been left to chance!

To start this amazing adventure, players will need an NFT, namely a SolChick. On the other hand, users that don’t own one (or more) cute (yet war-mongering inclined!) SolChick(s) will still be able to join into the fray — the project’s game developers are working on devising a solution that will allow users to actively participate in the game, by paying a sum in $SOL tokens (Solana blockchain’s main currency ) — which will much inferior to the needed to get a SolChick’s NFTs at market prices — to create a Non-NFT SolChick to start your very own saga in what’s called “Silent State” mode.

In this gaming mode, the main difference relies on the fact that SolChicks created this way won’t have any attributes on them, will neither be tradeable nor breedable (that is, users won’t be able to give life to a new, feathered progeny) — yet players will still be able to join in quests, fight, explore the world and reap gaming rewards!

  1. Spotlight: The SolChicks

Each SolChick is, by nature, unique and each is born and equipped with attributes and skills that are one-of-a-kind, that will evolve in time …and that will become active as soon as the SolChick will be able to start roaming the world with its very own legs! During the growth stage, each SolChick earns experience that can be spent to refine its fighting techniques and perks, many of which will also, directly and indirectly, bring it to contribute and support the whole planet’s community and ecosystem.

The total supply of the Gen-0 (that is, the originally minted) SolChicks is 10,000 units. And, as hinted above, each SolChick possesses attributes and traits that render the playing character unique. Up until now (February 1rst), three public NFT sales have been made. During the minting (creation) phase of these NFTs, each player had the chance to grab one — among five — SolChicken types:

As you can see from the graphic above

  • There’s a great chance to incur getting a Common/Uncommon Chick (respectively, 60% — 40%)
  • A 1 out 6 chance to get a Rare Chick
  • A 2% chance to get a Mythical Chick
  • And a slim 0.1% chance (1 out of 1000) to get the Mightiest one — that is, a Legendary Chick, also known as Solunicorn

These puffy, yet valiant creatures will get through various growth stages.

  • From the very first levels up until level 15, creating a strong bond with our own NFT will be of pivotal significance. For that reason, it will be extremely important to pay attention to the Chick, by feeding it and playing with it. This stage should pass relatively fast and, according to the team, can be completed in a week’s time of somewhat effortless dedication, thus easily cruising through the next phase.
  • From level 15 to level 30, the Chick will take its first steps in the adult stage, which will bring it to face its first PvE and PvP battles, while also developing hidden fighting traits and talents.
  • Beyond level 30, the chick will officially become a fully-fledged grown SolChick and will be able to join tournaments, equip itself with useful items and compete to climb up the leaderboard’s ranks
  • Upon reaching level 45 things will become even more interesting: at this point, the SolChick will have mastered abilities and skills, and users will be able to pick their Chick’s class. A level 45 SolChick’s will also be able to breed (by mating with another SolChick specimen!). An egg will be laid, which will crack open in 7 days time, revealing a new baby SolChick that’ll share its parents’ genetic traits
  • At level 60, the SolChick warrior will earn the title of “Imperial SolChick”: in this “supreme condition”, the SolChick will be able to join special competitions/game modes, like the “Raid” — that’s where you will be able to test your SolChick’s true mettle!

efore the next official public sale will be announced (no confirmed date yet), anybody who would like to get his/her very own SolChick will be able to buy one from Solanart — Solana’s Art Marketplace. On the marketplace, users get the chance to pick their battle-ready Chick, instead of relying on good chances. The flip side of the coin though is obvious that on the marketplace the price of the NFT is set by the seller. On the other hand, there’s always the possibility to place an offer and see if someone, among SolChick owners, resolves to accept your offer and sell his/her Chick to you.

  1. SolChicks Token Economics ($CHICKS)

The flagship token of SolChicks metaverse is $CHICKS. Here’s some basic information about the $CHICKS native token:

  • Token Name: Chicks
  • Code: $CHICKS
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Token Address Contract: cxxShYRVcepDudXhe7U62QHvw8uBJoKFifmzggGKVC2
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 $CHICKS tokens

An aspect that’s worth highlighting (and a great selling point as well for the project) is that just a bit less than 40% of the total 10,000,000,000 $CHICKS supply will be allocated for community rewards. In other words, ⅖ of the total supply will be redistributed to the community and to active in-game players through drops or through the token’s staking, with the goal to favor a flourishing, long-term game economy.

The rewards system is manifold and well-diversified allowing for many ways to reap in-game rewards, for example by

  • Joining/winning weekly game competitions
  • Climbing the ranking ladder
  • Breeding SolChicks and selling them on the marketplace
  • Trading gaming items (obtained through playing), such as equipment and potions, which can also be traded for CHICKs.

The Vesting and Allocation schedule is clearly outlined by the infographic below:

  1. SolChicks Development Team and Partners

SolChicks’s core team is public (definitely not a thing to take for granted in the crypto space!), with more than 100+ members — testifying to the project’s astonishing growth.

The team has been working non-stop to integrate new features capable of enriching the gaming experience, with the final goal to make sure that the player will always be put through an enjoyable and gainful user experience, one that’s modeled to produce rewards proportional to the energies and time dedicated to playing the game. The icing on the cake is represented by the long list (truly, a lot of!) amazing partnerships that the SolChicks team has been featuring in the past weeks/months: the list would *TRULY* be too long to name them all (but which you can verify and check out here!) and feature countless reputable and renowned names in the space!

  1. SolChicks’s Roadmap

What’s coming next in SolChicks’s future? Here’s a quick overview of the roadmap that has been laid out by the team:

Q1 2022

  • Release of SolChicks Alpha
  • This is the expected launch date of the SolChicks gaming platform: users will be able to evolve their own SolChicks, engage in P2P battles and begin bonding with their SolChicks.
  • Battle of the SolFox Challenge launch!
  • Players will be able to Challenge the SolFox with only a few chosen ones that will be enabled to undertake this periodic, yet exclusive challenge (with unique rewards waiting for the fewer ones that succeed in this heroic endeavor)

Q2 in 2022

  • Release of SolChicks Community and Second Update
  • Launch of the second update of the SolChicks game, which will include new worlds to explore, the SolChicks marketplace, farming, and occupations.

Q3 in 2022

  • Release of Third Update
  • Additional features to be released, including flocks, buildings, and weapons
  1. Conclusion

SolChicks will be a user-friendly, easy-to-learn game, yet still complex for those players that will attempt to master it to perfection. For anyone that would like to test the gameplay and form a hands-on opinion about the game’s mechanics and features, you can simply connect to SolChicks’ website, complete a few steps, and download the demo to get access to a spectacular preview of some of the game’s upcoming goodies! So, what are you waiting for? Brace for battle and get ready to rumble with your fluffy, lovely, heroic SolChicks!

  1. Community and Social Channels (as of February 2nd, 2022)

SolChicks’s Website

For everything you need to know about SolChicks, visit the official SolChicks Website.

SolChicks’s Telegram

Join the conversation on Telegram to stay in the know about SolChicks.

SolChicks’s Medium

To keep up with the latest updates from SolChicks, follow them on their official Medium page.

SolChicks’s Twitter

Get in touch and social with other members of SolChicks’s community. Join the community on Twitter.



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