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Survival is not a strange word in the world we live in. Everybody is trying to survive. We must have food, water, air, and shelter to survive. If any one of these basic needs is not met, then humans cannot survive.

Before past explorers set off to find new lands and conquer new worlds, they had to make sure that their basic needs were met. Whether alien or human, we all need, and do, certain things to continue to get through the entirety of our existence.

Survival means different things to different people across different universes and worlds. In the dark, cold and unexplored survival world it takes owning a great pixel avatar created by you to survive enemies and dangers that arise during interstellar travels. In case you’ve never heard of the survival world, it is a place where ordinary people, like you and I, can go and become super powerful creatures. In this mystery survival land, you no longer have to look up to the stars but you travel across them. Eager to find out more about what we are talking about? Read on.

The game: Survival

Officially launched in February 2022, Survival is the first Create-to-Earn Pixel role-playing Game deployed on multichain, where players can assemble their own pixel avatar to start interstellar travel in the unexplored survival world.

It’s also the first NFT game launched by Tristan metaverse, which was inspired by the legendary A Dark Room. A Dark Room is an open-source text-based game launched by a Canadian indie studio. This game is loved and played by many; it has been praised for its amazing game story and strategy. Tristan, appreciating the awesomeness and progress of A Dark Room, created its own masterpiece called Survival.

Tristan is an open-world gaming metaverse. It seeks to deliver a rich and diverse as well as user-friendly game experience for Web3 native users through its social functions. Tristan’s groundbreaking gaming design has blurred the distinctions between standard social network accounts, Web3 accounts, and metaverse game accounts. Forget about the time-consuming Web3 identity verification!

Players can now enter the game with a click of the mouse in the Telegram or Discord community to play an instant online game and earn back Tokens. As a result, the Tristan account system will be beneficial in broadening the reach of metaverse games. In the coming years, Tristan will further offer direct access to the game for participants without digital wallets as well as develop highly centralised wallets in real-time.

The NEAR Foundation funded the Tristan project, which signed a memorandum with METIS, a well Layer 2 project, to enhance its effectiveness and strategic cooperation in multiple chains and communities. Tristan plans to collaborate with more blockchain projects in the future, particularly those involving the interaction of social software and Web3.0 accounts, in order to build a solid infrastructure that integrates Web 3.0.

Tristan, as an open-world metaverse project, is committed to constructing a sequence of utilities to welcome and bring in players and devs to join the co-development of Tristan Metaverse, inspiring them to create their own games and bring in more talented user-generated content.

Game Story

The entire world was in shock after three consecutive solar flares, dubbed “campfires,” appeared without warning. Plants and bird crops crouched, dried out, and also died in the absence of ozone layer protection. In prayers mixed with anguished cries, the hazy human civilization starts to fade to destruction.

In that moment, due to a series of coincidences, the inhabitants who had been fortunate enough to be in the bunker received the ticket to survival. As something of a creator of everything, you are one of them. You spend ten years developing a mech capable of lowering people to the ground.

In uncontrollable support, you become the base’s leader. Humans were able to return to the surface and construct transparent domes that screen ultraviolet rays with a new mineral called “amethyst,” which was created by the sun’s long-term direct sunlight, thanks to your encouragement and governance. People were dousing in sunlight that had long since vanished from memory.

With the huge amethyst, the power of mechas, and the respect of the people, you decided to take on the responsibility of caring for your people. Invasion and war, on the other hand, are everlasting themes in human genes, and numerous invasions on the dome jolt you out of your peaceful reverie. The desire for global revival is like a raging torrent. If war is inevitable, then fight to demonstrate your resolve.

To succeed at this game, you need to have a T-suit. Wondering what a T-suit is?

T-suit is an assembled NFT suit in Tristan Survival. Every player needs at least one T-suit to start the game. Every T-suit consists of 8 different body components.


Governance Token: $TGO

TGO Token is the primary token of the Tristan metaverse. It’s total supply is 200,000,000. It plays the most important role.

TristanClubCoin-TCC Token

TCC token, the in-game currency, can be used in Survival as well as other Tristan-created games. Players can use TCC to transform their domes and cabins, improve their skills, and forge customised T-suits. Similarly, the TCC token will be generated automatically based on the cabin level. There also is a chance you’ll get it if you win a field battle. TCC has a total supply of up to 100,000,000,000.



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