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Blockchain game developers have continued to improve on the fault and flaws of traditional games. They have introduced functionalities that tend to create a revolutionary approach to gaming, which has allowed players the latitude to earn, while having leisure at the same time.

Statistics have revealed that the global gaming space which was worth USD173.70 billion in 2020, is expected to reach a value of USD546 billion by 2026. Massive!

As the gaming industry continues to boom, the amount paid by users to purchase in-game assets that are used to prosecute activities in games have continued to increase arrogantly. For example, in 2021 alone, records have shown that players spent a whopping USD61,000,000,000 on in-game items, but unfortunately received nothing back. Most of the money expended went into the pockets of giant companies. Mhm!

It is clear that there is a silent but seemingly obvious lacuna in the gaming industry, which has unevenly allowed game companies to benefit from the one-sided model that enriches them, while discouraging true ownership, which would otherwise have been favorable to users.

In recent time, we have witnessed crypto projects, most especially in the areas of gaming and metaverse that have witnessed tremendous breakthrough after making their debut. From Axie doing 260x to Sand doing 163x; from Mana doing 63x to Gala doing 480x; Metaverse game tokens have continued to impress and record high growth among cryptocurrencies.

A set of experienced game developers have now decided to team up with an already existing crypto project (NFT Global), to build SURVIVE — a game with true ownership and play-to-earn possibilities, all entirely for free. This game is gearing up to take over as the next metaverse revolution that will grant players ownership and control of their in-game assets while providing them with multiple opportunities to monetize these assets.

In this project research, I will be embarking on an illuminative discovery of the SURVIVE metaverse, in order to assist interested players like me have better grasp of the rudiments necessary for survival in a Meta City.

1. Let’s Meet SURVIVE

SURVIVE is an NFT play-to-earn open-world game in the METAVERSE, where you can own your NFT Characters, Weapons, Supercars, Villas, and Land. It have a semblance of GTA 5, with a 3D open world where you can play for free and earn money.

The game uses Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) technology to bring digital ownership to players and provide them with a marketplace to buy, sell and rent NFTs characters or other in-game items. It is the first game developed by Ex. Ubisoft and PSN game developers, and it is also the first metaverse game in complete 4K graphics. I must commend the attention that SURVIVE has given to graphics and game interface/environment because not too many blockchain games prioritize this area in game development.

The game is designed with numerous features which are all meant to deliver a climacteric experience to investors and blockchain game lovers. Some of its key features are:

  • A complete free to play game set up
  • Ownership control over game assets
  • Competitive gameplay that stimulate engagement with an ability to earn reward
  • Epic game economy powered by $SURV token
  • Scintillating metaverse experience
  • Ability to build and customize your super squad
  • Never ending games, broken into seasons and continuously updated
  • Augmented reality and real world environment experience.

2. The ‘Surviving’ Brain Behind SURVIVE

The SURVIVE team comprises top game developers with 10+ years of experience creating games with stunning visuals and addictive gameplay with experience in all aspects of blockchain technology. Their major ambition is to build a leading NFT game eco-system in the blockchain space that delivers sustainable values to both users and investors.

The team is based in Switzerland like other blockchain projects proprietor such as Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, and other reputable names in the crypto space. They have establish partnership with NFT Global, an innovative NFT Platform, in order to bring a new level Metaverse transformation to the game industry.

The private sale of SURVIVE token was held on NFT Global Launchpad, where the Survive team where KYCed while the public IDO was held in PinkSale. During the IDO fair launch that was held on PInksale, SURVIVE broke history and achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first project to raise a whooping 5100+ BNB in the history of Pinksale. This is an amazing feat! In addition to milestones already accomplished, SURVIVE will be sponsoring Dubai Crypto Expo, an event that will allow it to meet with lot of new potential investors and bring new cooperation to this already hyped project.

3. The Game modes

It is obvious that there are numerous gaming and metaverse themed projects that are already abundant in the blockchain space. Survive aim is to topple them using exciting game modes that ensure true digital ownership.

SURVIVE game modes are based on a powerful and thrilling storyline of a pandemic ravaged world, where all infected people were either dead or turned into zombielike creatures. As it stands, only 9999 survivors are left and they are desperate to ”battle for survival as the age of survival begin”. Apart from the enthralling storyline, the game play-to-earn model which is based on an epic game economy fueling, offer users great opportunities to monetize owned amazing in-game items.

As it stands, there are three game modes that users will be able to interact with in SURVIVE and I will highlight them briefly below for you.

Metaverse: The Metaverse of SURVIVE will be divided in two modes: the META City and the No-Go-Area. It exists as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) governed Meta City. Players of the game will be able to explore this virtual world freely and achieve objectives as desired. They can create their perfect combination assemblage and killer squad, interact with friends and complete daily quest, rise through ranks and increase their reward. This particular game mode is for players who desire to become a legend; as they use to say it in SURVIVE, Legends are made in Meta City.

Battle Arena: Battle Arena is a player-versus-player game mode. Players will be able to create a squad containing up to 100 other players and fight together against other team. In order to enter the arena, players will first need to invest a small amount of $SURV token. Thereafter, players can decide their battle format whether it will be one or one or in duo. They can also engage in squad battle and unleash their winning squads against one another.

The Battle Arena is very unique on its own because, there is no room for escape. You will have to battle to finish because in the arena, only one will last and the winner will take the entire invested tokens and other additional reward. Will it be you? Well, time will tell.

Zombie Mode: The pandemic that affected the town has infected some persons who are located in the No-Go Area. The No-Go Area is full of infected persons who are now zombies. However, for those whom like to dare the status-quo, there is an opportunity to earn if they can disobey the No-Go parlance and enter the Zombie Mode. Your ability to survive against these blood thirsty zombies will get you reward in $SURV token. All you have to do is kill them all and survive.

In addition to these modes, there will be Esports events which will be organized and available for players to participate and earn massive rewards by playing either with their friends and other gamers. You may need to stay connected to SURVIVE community in order to be be among the first to know about these events as soon as they start rolling in.

Initially, the first set of release of the game will be of high resolution for PC devices. By 2024, SURVIVOR will be fully mobile and will be available in both iOS and Android compatible devices.

4. Survivors NFTs

Survivors NFT collections will open access to exclusive opportunity and benefits within the game ecosystem. Each NFT character is a unique 3D digital representation of the 9999 survivors which are the main game characters. They are limited in number and you will need these NFTs in order to play the game.

All NFTs and assets earned, bought or won by players belong to them, thereby ensuring true ownership. Games items and any inherited status are verifiable on the blockchain, and can be traded with another person or play.

In order to facilitate the trading of SURVIVE characters, the game has already partnered with NFT Global and these NFTs will be available for trading there. In addition to this, users will be able to trade their digital item on other reputable mainstream marketplace such as open sea.

SURVIVORS have various traits such special styles, expressions, skins, weapons, and there are close to 250 of such traits. This creates sufficient diversity in the metaverse. Players will need $SURV tokens to mint or purchase game NFTs such as lands, guns, cars, helicopters, boats, dogs. These NFTs have monetary values that can yield great returns to $SURV holders.

$SURV holders are given additional privileges such as the ability to get SURVIVORS for a discounted amount and the possibility to receive special rare NFT character or weapon for free. In addition, as a holder of SURVIVOR NFT, you can be granted private access to undisclosed information, networking events, and online masterminds. With this numerous opportunities and benefits, SURVIVOR is going to be an hot cake and you will need to be quick to become one of the early holders.

5. Free to Play; Earn for Real

Survive is entirely free-to-play. Yes! You heard me right…Free to PLAY. The game has prioritized fairness where everyone gets an equal chance to demonstrate their survival ability. You can buy or rent a character for free. Importantly, the game is designed with a focus on fair, competitive play. Unlike other free-to-play games, SURVIVE plans to give users complete ownership over their in-game items.

As per the play to earn game (which I know most blockchain players seriously and understandably covet), reward mechanism will be driven by $SURV token. The team has already reserved 50% (a sumptuous half) of the total token supply for the play-to-earn reward pool.

Generally, SURVIVE is adamantly committed to give incentives to players and all participants in the eco-system that are ready to promote game’s growth either through direct participation in games or in other promotional engagements. It is believed that the player-driven ownership style of the token, is sufficient to hyper-charge the community and even the growth of SURVIVE as users become incentivized to work together to make the game successful.

6. Earn Extra $SURV; Stake and Survive

In addition to earning and incentive reward that users get through the play to earn game modes, survive has introduced a fixed staking pool that can ensure users will earn passive income up to 1000% for doing nothing. The staking pool which will be hosted on NFTG platform is meant to stabilize the project and incentivize long term holding.

There are four pools for users to select from depending on their appetite for long term survival. These are:

  • 5–20% not fixed APY for daily stakers
  • 50% fixed APY for 1 year
  • 300% fixed APY for 2 yuears
  • 1000% fixed APY for 3 years

These pools are limited for short periods and you will need to hop in as fast as you can so that you can enjoy the fullest survival benefits available.

7. Tokenomics and Taxes.

$SURV has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 and like I said initially, half of this supply is allocated to the play-to-earn reward pool. 15% of $SURV is meant for liquidity pool so as to enable sustained liquidity guarantee a safe and healthy project. 10% will be burned to maintain the long-term value of the $SURV token supply.

With regards to taxes and fees, players will pay a tax of 14% on every buy or sell transaction. 5% from this fees will be used to fund marketing wallet, 4% will go to liquidity pool, 1% for strategic buy back while 2% is meant as reward to all $SURV holders.

8. Conclusion

Life is about survival and the moment an individual lost his or her survival instinct, he or she cease to exist. With SURVIVE, you will not only be able to test your survivability in the day to day hustle and bustle of the physical world, but you will be able to replicate this in the day to day rumbling and tumbling of a battle-driven metaverse seeking for survivors.

With half of the token meant to reward players and with an experienced team, who has a formidable partnership with an already proven NFT project, SURVIVE is poised to make every cent of player’s investment worth it. Gamers now have concrete reasons to give SURVIVE a try, experience a thrilling game atmosphere, acquire real ownership of games asset and monetize their survival strategies as they deem fit.

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