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TrustPad ($TPAD) project in depth review

1.Project Overview: TrustPad ($TPAD)

2. A brief introduction to IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings)

3. How do TrustPad IDOs work?

4.$TPAD’s Tokenomics

  • the total supply is 100,000,000 $TPAD but the token itself is “dynamically deflationary”, thanks to a 2% re-distribution & burn fee on every $TPAD transaction Basically, part of the transacted $TPAD is proportionally redistributed to all $TPAD stakers, while another fraction is sent to the burn address, thus effectively removing $TPAD from circulation and, in turn, increasing the value and scarcity of each token over time.
  • Furthermore, as a plus to its IDO requirement, $TPAD’s IDO staking earns a current, juicy ~50% APR (subject to change as TVL increases). The token can also be farmed by staking $TPAD in a separate “$TPAD only” pool or by becoming a BNB/TPAD liquidity provider on PancakeSwap, actually earning up to a fabulous 180%.
  • Finally, the fact that $TPAD is a BEP-20 token also adds to the token’s value, by considering that, at the time of this writing, BSC transaction fees are way lower compared to Ethereum’s mainnet, as per the actual market juncture.

5.TrustPad’s Philosophy and Competitive Advantage

6.Coming Down The Road — TrustPad’s Roadmap


8.Community and Social Channels (as of July 2nd, 2021)



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