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VICEWRLD x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 2nd of September

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from VICEWRLD and our guests were @The_Crypto_Ant @jordannafoxx, @TheBlockchainB and @Mr_VICE17. The AMA took place on 2nd September

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with VICEWRLD! Welcome to Satoshi Club

,Greetings, dear Satoshi Clubbers

Today we have this interesting project as our guest.


This one for us will be presented by these brave guys VICEWRLD Guests






Thank you for having us great to be here

Hi everyone

Hello! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Hey everyone, so excited to be here with you guys today.

let’s start

So, let’s start our AMA


Let’s do this rebels

So, could you please introduce yourself and tell us more about VICEWRLD

I would love to introduce the entire core team,

Mr.Vice and myself are the marketing officers at Vicewrld and have worked together on a few past larger projects taking speciality in splitting our talent so that we cover marketing on both the crypto and non crypto side of getting the word out.

Jordanna Vicewrld CEO has 20 years experience within the adult industry not just in film but production , dance , management , and as a BDSM instructor. Additionally she also has a degree in business and event management.

David has a BA Honors and is working on his masters in Buisness as well and is an international security and risk consultant he is a former paratrooper in the British army and had led teams and advised businesses throughout the Middle East and west Africa. David will be focusing on our cyber security as well as general risk management.

Addtionally we have a team of talented devs working hard on our token and ambitious platform and an amazing artist who just recently redesigned our logo and mascot Cherry


Nicely put

Wow, a lot of experienced talents in your team

What is your diverse team

Why you think that cryptospace needs VICEWRLD? How different is your project from another adult projects?

Jordanna will take this one she’s the vision behind it all


VICEWRLD is needed for so many reasons By starting from scratch on web3.0 we have the chance to offer a way for people to view porn without turning a blind eye or contributing to harm.

Frozen payments are a issue with the banking systems as seen with only fans and also traffic and unfair distribution of earnings and commission. We believe in a fair system that empowers and not exploits.

We are incomparable to other adult tokens in the space because we focus not only on the sex elements but also the associated vice activities like gaming , gambling etc we are extremely scalable an immersive world with an amazing cyberpunk theme


There is a lot of sense in your words!

When did you get idea to create your project?

Well, this is a very modern view of this issue!

I could go on all day haha , the idea has been in the making for many years the platform itself is needed with the various elements but it’s only by applying it to web 3 that we can really make a positive impact in regards to reducing harm .

Thank you very much for the great intro!


I’ll take this one

Sometime the best way to counter a problem is by being involved within it and implementing change. So we know the world will always have porn and we love it as much as anyone but we want to make sure those that are on the ViceWRLD platform are enjoying themselves and not their by force or because they have no other options. We will be offering a STEM education fund for those that wish to leave the adult industry and study in the ever growing STEM industry.

By starting from scratch on web3 we have the chance to offer a way for people to view porn without turning a blind eye or contributing to harm done to exploited people. One of our core partners will be @thorn project. This technology has already saved thousands of lives by identifying child abuse material, we stand fully behind this technology and is why it’s integrated into our project!

@jordannafoxx Anything you want to add, I know your passionate about this!

this is a truly noble mission! What measures do you plan in this direction in the near future?

Just to add the selection progress for the STEM education fund will come in the form of referral both in-house after having been on the platform for some time and also via our charity partners that are supporting sex workers in other ways.

I’m happy to take this one as I’ve been in close contact with lithium

So lithium sold out vice in record time !! A few minutes however they identified a issue prior to launch which meant some of the tokens wouldn’t of been released and they needed to fix it . The over sold BNB have now been refunded to all investors an vice tokens will be airdropped instead of manually claimed at 18:00 UTC tonight when we go on pancake swap

so there was a small delay in getting launched but this didn’t effect VICE or the SAFU pad.


I’ll take this one

Marketing expert

Jordanna feel free to as well I know you got some extra juicy news on the merch side

Yes I’m so passionate about this actually and onboarding consists of the bulk of the marketing I will be doing as our traditional marketing officer. To start we realize the adult industry and its consumers are a exponentially larger audience than the crypto world at least so far and such we plan to merge these two worlds via an indepth onboarding strategy I will share some high ltevel pieces from here.

Post launch our focus will be on onboarding influencers from the traditional adult space over in waves done much easier thankfully than other projects due to our CEO Jordanna having more than 20 years in the adult industry. We can’t share details just yet but rest assured it will be very enticing for adult creators to use and bring their fans to our platform to buy and interact using $Vice as they will keep so much more of their profits.

For the consumer we have a targeted focus on making the process of going from fiat over to $Vice down to just a few click and how to videos and infographics coming post launch to make it as easy as possible to become a Vicewrld Rebel

In addition when it comes to events our CEO and very well connected model has the in to get us spots at top clubs in Euro and beyond

@jordannafoxx Can fill in and explain a little more

We are waiting

correct marketing is half the battle

We already have some huge names in regards to creators with over 150m combined views on PH alone . My personal connections within the event and adult industry are very good within Europe and mean I have fast and inexpensive access to some great locations and circles . We will be planning exclusive parties in secret locations for top holders and long term holders . In regards to the merchandise we have some designs being mocked up and also a mainstream partnership which will be announced nearer to completion. We want to keep a lot under our hats and proof is in the product at vice .

Thanks for your answers.

@jordannafoxx Can speak to this best as a model and creator herself she knows this struggle at its heart

Yes I love this one

So we have multiple utility across the site with incentive to pay in crypto , in addition to this we will offer incentive for top creators and a complex referral programme. Having been a user of platforms many times over I know how it feels to be on that side and everything is designed for ease of use , fairness and safety.

Again I will offer mentoring and tips to those just getting started and guide them if they wish to leave to the STEM programme . It’s a fun platform and we want it to feel like a great place to be for everyone

Do you have any guidance for creators?

Yes mentoring the creators in their niches and also helping them to make the best of time and how to interact with users . You should never do something if you feel uncomfortable and I’m an old hat at this

I’ll take the rest!

Yes so many great questions here I’ll give the short and to the point on them!

1. As spoken in an earlier answer we will be using the Thorn project advanced hash system to identity illicit and harmful material for immediate removal and report. This system alone has helped identity thousands of missing and exploited children across the world!

2. As far as copying content we have and will continue to employ a army of dedicated forum and platform moderators to ensure this is managed.

3. As any adult site we will have disclaimers upon entry thst this is an adult platform as well as all models interacting with our cam site will be required to go thru a vigorous check of ID to ensure they are of age prior to streaming.

I do have an announcement before we continue if that is alright!

How user can become a moderator?


We launch 18.00 UTC 2nd SEPT

That is in less than 10 mins!!

This is our official contract address please do not buy any other token

It is not tradable yet !!! We are releasing this early due to fake contracts going around !!




Join our TG to learn more if you liked what you have heard about us thus far

I wanted to make sure anyone who likes what they are hearing gets a chance!

Thanks for sharing

Wow!!! 10 minutes

it’s really exciting moment!

We will be scouting for active members in the telegram!

Satoshiclubbers! Don’t miss your chance!

Got it!

This is actually a huge advantage for Vicewrld as our first focus after integrating our forums will be a huge push in onboarding influencer models from onlyfans as well as the traditional porn industry. We already have an impressive lineup of Vicedolls our name for ambassadors who are ready to bring all thir fans over once we continue developing, this is going to be big

Sure, bright times ahead

As far as terms to be an Ambassador they must believe in the project and have a plan in place to bring over their users, can’t wait for the flood


Only true believers

Thank you, guys for your detailed answers! We will have live part now

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Actually no concern! we have an extensive network of connections already and only more as we build our forums as our first milestone feature!

In addition to the models we already have signed some of which have millions of followers, expect many from the only fans and other communities as well

We actually just went live less than 10 mins ago on pancakeswap





Yes we only allow 18+ users and especially all our models on the cam side must verify with two forms of ID before being allowed on the platform to interact with $Vice token tipping from their fans

We want to make Vicewrld for everyone so as long as you can verify via two forms of ID as was explained you can be a Vice creator and bring your fans

To be a ViceDoll however you must have a substantial following and plan in place that you can detail how you will be migrating users over to our platform post development

They will find and join us quickly as put simply the incentive is too strong not too. Being able to keep 90% of your profit vs. so much less anywhere else will be a strong reason to the why join Vice question.

In addtion Our CEO and Ex. Pornstar Jordanna Foxx has 20 years in the industry and will be creating a mentorship program to provide guidance for new creators in building a loyal Vice following of their own!

Given that we will be heavily bought via the crypto side but especially during the real world outreach we have planned when onboarding models and their fans we went with BSC for its relatively low gas fees and prominence.

No minimum, checking charts right now we have seen all sizes of txns some small and some larger.

Everyone can be part of vicewrld, congrats on finding us early

We are currently looking at an artist that has worked on some larger app based games who is very eager to explore more to do at Vice. I’m very excited for him to build out our cyberpunk viceworld experience

Put plain and simple yes and I’m so happy we have first mover advantage in this as it will be paradigm shifting. So many models including Jordanna herself have had payments stopped or all together frozen as an adult model and that’s not even talking about the fees some of these platforms take.

We solve both this and wrap it in a package that users will want to engage with day on day

Yes the advantage to having an ex-pornstar with 20 yrs of experience is that she has a wealth of connections in Europe as well as easily made in the United States as well.

Expect to see many many vicedolls and their fans on vicewrld forums and cams

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

English Telegram group:

Russian Telegram group:

Spanish Telegram group:

Chinese Telegram group:

Indonesian Telegram group:

Telegram Channel:







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