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VODKA TOKEN ($VODKA) — project overview

Few years ago when the blockchain advocacy began to gather momentum, little did we know that this decentralized gospel of financing, will not only create a new lease of financial freedom, but it can accord us an interesting layer to interact with our favorite spices, dishes and drinks. From Bake to Cake; Shushi to Shroom; Pasta to Pizza; Cocktail to Drink; DogeCola to Vodka; these food-themed cryptocurrencies have added an extra dimension of human feeling to the already exciting blockchain world.

During moments of imbalances or low morale, or during moments of excitement and elegance outing, a great balance of spirits, shaken together with the best formulated ingredients can provide a cocktail that can assist in uplifting the mind and refreshing the soul. Vodka as a drink, is known all over the world for fitting into many occasions like these and it is the basis for many alcoholic cocktails. Vodka token was born out of intent to recreate the cocktail feeling where you are the bartender. Despite the numerous proliferations of blockchain projects, only few have been able to create an engaging aura or ambience of user-centric gamification that offer a realistic play-to earn model that can satisfy the cravings of many blockchain profit seekers. Vodka token intention is to create an amusing but engaging platform where various categories of DeFi users can coalesce, converge and enjoy the Vodka moment right on blockchain. In the next sections, I will be expanding further on how Vodka token is going to make these possible. But first, let me introduce Vodka token to you.

1.What is Vodka token?

Vodka token is a collectible play-to-earn NFT game that is based on popular features of DeFi. Without presale or discount, the token was launched on Pancakeswap on November 28 at a starting price of $0.0001. In a matter of hours, it showed a x28 ATH growth and was a trend on coinmarketcap and coingecko. Vodka token uses a quirky and fun approach to incorporate gaming, NFT and Staking. NFT Cocktails are the main characters in the game and participants can curl up a healthy blend of multiple mechanisms to receive the in-game currency (VODKA). After obtaining your VODKA, you can “shake” it to obtain your desired NFT cocktails. Just as you may be aware, good vodka cocktails are not stirred, they are shaken. Hence, “shake” is the term used to describe the act of spending or mixing your vodka to obtain different cocktails. Amazing, Right!

2.Why you should choose Vodka token

For sometimes now, gaming finance has become a more popular trend on blockchain especially since the euphoria that followed the surprised Axie breakout. This has resulted in many developers taking advantage of the current drift to launch several self acclaimed play-to-earn blockchain games that have currently impregnate the DeFi space. Based on my assessment, some of these games are just layers of interwoven blockchain dApps without a sustainable pattern of event or captivating structure of engagement. While some of them promise high earnings, they have a high barrier of entry. Apart from these, most of the game modes involve heavy demands and investments before a user can earn what will eventually turn out to be a peanut in most cases. This is where Vodka token set itself apart. Vodka Token has a modest conglomeration of appealing peculiarities which make it appealing to a vast majority of blockchain maniacs. Some of these features are:

Garnishment: What is the usefulness of a vodka/cocktail without proper garnishment? Your answer is as good as mine. Based on project structural design, Vodka token is well garnished. It features all the most popular DeFi trends in one place. These include a healthy saturation of ingenious or artful DeFi Gaming, a distilled NFTs innovative with versatility approach, an aromatic flair of staking, and refreshing integration of multi-chain. These are inherently galvanized to create a refreshing platform where users can experience the satisfaction of DeFi all in one place.

Neutrality : According to Clark Jackowe, a cocktail consultant working with Merchants Hospital, “Vodka is supposed to strive for a sense of neutrality”. This was perhaps what motivated Vodka token to launch on an epochal premise of neutrality. The token was launched with no public presale or discounts. Every public investors were given a neutral and fair chance to purchase the token when it was launched at a floor price of $0.001on Pancakeswap.

Purity: Vodka is an odourless and transparent liquid. It is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage. The distillation process helps to reduce impurity and these result in a clear transparent liquid. Vodka token boast similar level of transparency devoid or unwanted impurities. It employs a simplistic financial approach that is well transparently coordinated via the framework of smart contracts and blockchain immutability architecture.

Flexibility: Vodka cocktail can be made with multiple ingredients in a simple fashion. Similarly, Vodka token offer a flexible and divergent ways to shake and create NFT cocktails. Vodka token gives you an opportunity to shake Vodka with other tokens of choice in a 50:50 ratio based on your cocktail taste. As a result of the flexible and attractive nature of vodka, bartenders can experiment with various combination and create a cocktail base on their taste. With Vodka token as the basis, users can experiment with various NFT cocktail combinations and earn attractive returns from various gaming mechanism such as lottery, staking and NFT sale.

Premium satisfaction: Vodka is often identified with a premium and attractive feel. External packagings are often characterized by luxury label and premium external appeal that offers a refreshing satisfaction to your discriminating taste palate that is covetous of superior quality and delivery. Based on the mechanics of the projects, Vodka token boasts an attractive and premium staking experience for users. This can enable users to earn luxurious and attractive percentage on staking.

3. Be the Bartender; shake your cocktail

Vodka Token is not just a simple play-to-earn game that requires no registration, it also enable you to be in charge of your cocktails since you are the bartender. Just as highlighted in the previous sections, NFT cocktails are the main characters in Vodka token and every user will need to mix their cocktails using VODKA in order to be able to reap the full benefits of the Vodka token ecosystem. As a bartender, you can shake VODKA with other tokens such as BUSD/BNB/ETH/USDT etc., to get your desired cocktail. Within the vodka token ecosystem, there are three levels of cocktails which I will unveil and describe in my own words in the next few lines;

  • Gold: Tasty and classy with a premium feel of a drink made truly made to taste. It only cost $100 to shake a Gold cocktail.
  • Silver: Elegant and soft with a gentle feel of silver sweetness. It only cost $20 to make a silver cocktail.
  • Bronze: Cosmopolitan and affordable with a inherent taste of satisfaction. It only cost $5 to shake a bronze cocktail.

As a result of the simple dynamics of the Vodka token platform, shaking of any cocktail is not hard. Anyone can easily create an NFT cocktail by following these procedures:

  • Buy Vodka tokens on any platform or exchanges. You can also buy VODKA from a bank card with 0% commission through one of their committed partners, Zelwin (
  • Deposit an equal proportion of VODKA tokens + BNB/BUSD/ETH/USDT or any other tokens of your choice in an equal (50/50) proportion on Vodka token platform.
  • Receive your unique NFT cocktail.

In addition to the three usual cocktail tiers, a user can get an extra cocktail as a bonus. These extra cocktails are unique by nature and have a price that if often 5 times higher than normal price. For example, you may buy a cocktail for $100, and end up receiving a random cocktail that is priced at $500. The drop rate of extra cocktails is determined according to the halving principle.

4. Your Cocktail has variation of use.

One of the interesting dimensions to Vodka Cocktail NFTs is that they are multipurpose by ability and can be engaged in multiple platform usage. Immediately after a user receives a NFT cocktail, he is offered three options to choose from.

First Option — Staking

You can send your NFT cocktail to Smart Contract Staking and enjoy a passive income yield. Income payouts are made in VODKA tokens and a user can earn up to 144% APY depending on lockup duration.

Specifically, if you lock up your cocktail for 12 months, Vodka token platform gives you an interest payout of 144% return which is equivalent to 12% per month or 0.4% per day. If you lock up your cocktail for 6 months, you will enjoy an APY of 108% which is equivalent to 9% monthly or 0.3% per day. A 3 months lockup period will give an interest of 72% per annum which is equivalent to 6% monthly or 0.2% daily interest. Locking NFT cocktail in Smart Contract for one month offers an APY return of 60% which is equivalent to 5% return per month.

Second Option — Fair lottery

Vodka token offers an opportunity for users to engage their NFT cocktails in a Wheel of Fortune Fair lottery. Participation in lottery provide a decent opportunity for users to win up to 300% of the cost of their cocktails. Vodka token wheel of lottery only accepts bet in cocktails. Once a cocktail is sent into the fortune wheel, the selected NFT cocktail will be burned and winners will get their winning payout in VODKA.

By the time the wheel of fortune is rolled, 10% of participating cocktails win 300% profit and another 10% of cocktails win 200% profit. Also, 10% of cocktails will win 1 to 1 of their cocktail value while the last set of 10% cocktail winners are rewarded with 0.5x of their cocktails value. The remaining 60% from cocktails that lost the wheel selection are used to provide payment for staking. These provide an additional juicy opportunity for users and lottery participants who are not winners to earn further incentives.

Their lottery wheel is based on a completely honest and transparent system that is devoid of human intervention or manipulations. Lottery outcome are randomly determined and the results can be verified by anyone via the smart contract.

Third Option — NFT Sale.

Users who may not wish to participate in staking and lottery wheel are able to resale their NFT Cocktail in marketplaces. The resale option gives cocktail holders the flexible latitude to be in charge of the price they wish to list their Cocktails. Recently, Vodka token announced integration with OpenBiSea, an NFT marketplace powered by BSC network. With this, users can send cocktails directly from the menu bar from the app. This will further simplify the listing and bidding process for cocktails. With the recurring crazy hype surrounding NFTs, we have seen NFT being sold at mouthwatering prices. You never can tell, your cocktail may be the next “beeple”.

5. The token economy behind your cocktails

VODKA is token used in the Vodka token platform. The token has a fixed supply of 300,000.000,000. The team has introduced a burning event that will be done over a 6 weeks duration with 5% of token burned every week. By the end of the 6 weeks, 30% of VODKA would have been sent into a black hole. Without doubt, this will help in sustaining a positive value vibe for VODKA.

Only 10% of VODKA supply was given to private investors which include reputable names such as MIB Investments, Private Business Club, Live Soft Solutions, Zelwin Finance and DAO VC. All investors and funds have a vesting schedule of 12 months which further points their long term commitment to the project. Purchases and Sales of VODKA on DEX exchange attract a commission of 10%. As transparent as always, Vodka token team ensures that users are notified right away and nothing is hidden. The 10% commission will further be used to better the lot of Vodka token ecosystem. 3% from this commission will be used for liquidity. This will ensure a constant replenishment of liquidity on exchanges in order to maximize the loyalty of crypto users. 2% is meant for ecosystem development, 3% will be used for marketing while the remaining 2% is meant for burn.


If you will ask for my closing thoughts on Vodka token, I will respond by anchoring my reply around these three words: core, balance and seasoning. These are words that encapsulate the enriching characteristics of a real cocktail.

Vodka token was developed from a core desire and design perspective to revolutionize NFT gaming concept using a quirky and fun NFT collectible play-to-earn approach. The project combines an absolutely decentralized and refreshing balance of multiple DeFi features in one place, powered by VODKA token. With a transparent gaming model, well-crafted token metric, simplistic onboarding process as well as low entry barrier, VODKA token is bound to offer a unique DeFi experience that is tastefully and well shaken with enough seasoning, aimed at creating an eupeptic or soothing physical and financial reinvigoration.

7.Social Channels

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