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YellowRoad x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 25th of March

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from YellowRoad and our guest were @Mr_mRoad and @Mr_O_YellowRoad. The AMA took place on 25 March.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with YellowRoad! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello, dear community!

We conclude our today’s AMA marathon series with YellowRoad.

Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, @Mr_mRoad and @Mr_O_YellowRoad!

Mr. O: Hey all! Great to be here

Mr. M: Hi everyone, great to be here today.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: We are very glad to conducting AMA with YellowRoad!

Let’s start!

Introduce youreself. How did you get to be involved in crypto & YellowRoad?

Tell us please about yourself and your position in YellowRoad.

What is the essence of your project?

Mr. O: Lets do it!

Yellow Road is a bright, unique, and engaging IDO platform to empower the most innovative crypto projects by leveraging the power of community. Yellow Road’s vision is to empower projects, people, ideas, and ethics. The platform offers a range of funding solutions from smart auctions to community building and engagement programs for new projects.

Our team includes 7 (and growing). All our founding team members including developers, designers and marketers come from the crypto industry and start-up nation. Each member has great experience of building businesses, leading projects and running killer marketing plans. We also have highly experienced advisors including Kha and Kal. We will soon announce two more advisors who will add great value to our platform an

We built Yellow Road from our own experience from a user, investor and business builders perspective which led us to develop an high-end IDO platform that all players in the chain can benefit from.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Sounds very promising!

Mary | Satoshi Club: We need such projects in our space!

Mr. O: Yeah! We are working very hard on it to be a successful project

Mr. M: Excellent question, so as @Mr_O_YellowRoad, mentioned, our talented and experienced dev team works with full focus to launch our platform as soon as possible, since I can say we are in the final stages of Dev our platform, we have already started working on the first IDOs projects to be launched on our platform!

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s great! When do you expect YellowRoad platform launch?

Mr. O: Thanks to our great advisory board and the relationship we have from key players in the industry, we succeeded to accelerate our development stage, business matters and hopefully going to have a great launch very soon

The one million dollar question;)

Mary | Satoshi Club: [

Sticker ]

Thank you, guys for your intro! We collected some questions from our members for the first part

Are you ready for them?

Mr. M: Always

Mr. O: Bring it on

Q1 from Telegram User @Arisabela

One of the most important things for a project to gain the credibility of the community is to have a fair and equal sale of its tokens. In fact, Yellow Road aims to be community-backed, how do you offer fair launch a sales to the community?

Mr. O: Great question. We cannot answer that directly because IDO terms are still not finalized, still, I will try to explain our plan briefly. Yellow Road will manage its IDO on a renowned IDO platform in order to gain maximum traction and awareness for the project. This will assist us to built a great community in the future.

Since the initial market cap is relatively small ($190K), the raise amount is also considerably small, but sufficient (~500K). Therefore, we cherry picked our Seed and Strategic investors. Only the selected investors will contribute to the project. And we have limited their allocation to avoid any dumps and control their ability to impact the price right after listing.

For the Public rounds, we allocate $70,000, which can be obtained by participating in the IDO process that we will announce very soon. I can say that we are going to give a fair participation opportunity to each user who will be registered in the whitelist.

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, no whales?

Mr. M: No

Mary | Satoshi Club:Btw, can you disclose the price for each round?


Everything is disclose in the one pager

Mary | Satoshi Club:Yes, everything is clear! It’s really fair

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you very much for the answer and sharing! do you want to add something or are you ready to proceed to the next question?

Mr. O: We are ready for the next one

Q2 from Telegram user @magnatech_ve

What is YellowRoad’s position in the face of the recent attacks that the BSC network has had in recent days? And what plans do you have to improve and provide unwavering security?

Mr. O: Yellow Road’s smart contracts were tested several times through real life stress tests. In addition, we are also starting our audit process with a well-known audit firm. We will soon announce the name of the firm auditing our contract.

We truly consider security as our top priority, and we will use all the resources to protect our community . Our technology has several layers of security, mostly in the pools access side, which is very limited to specific users. Any material changes would need double signatures.

Besides, all team members with access to sensitive data or code have a dedicated machine for YellowRoad usage to implement an end point detection. We also have a very strict policy for downloading/using external files or links.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: It’s commendable that you think about it! safety first!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Do you plan just one audit or want to make audits regularly?

Mr. O: Basically we already made the first one few weeks ago, but we will manage another one in the following weeks from a top tier audit firm. As we develop more features we will audit them as well.

Development and security never end

Mary | Satoshi Club: That’s great!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?

Mr. O: Sure

Q3 from Telegram user @Raisbelys

One of the most striking features of YellowRoad is that it is an “IDO platform” for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) projects only. My question is, why do you focus only on projects that belong to Binance Smart chain? Do you plan to support other projects from other chains in the future? Or will you only work with BSC?

Mr. M: Well, we covered this question in a dedicated Medium article. I’ll share it here so you can read the benefits of BSC compared to other layers 1 solution.

Currently, we see BSC as a real competitor to the ruling blockchain Ethereum. It has low GAS fees, its ecosystem has grown significantly on a day to day basis and it has the support of the industry giant, Binance. We think BSC is the right place to be.

Secondly, Yellow Road team, investors and strategic advisors will help us to get the attention of the Binance Chain team, which will help Yellow Road to be extremely mainstream in the BSC ecosystem. Altogether, these things will help us execute successful IDOs.

You can read more here:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Great article

Btw in your opinion what event influenced the project the most?

Mr. O: Mainly the opportunity on the market while BSC attention and eco system grown up. The minimum fees for transactions during the high fees of Ethereum made us all think how can bring a new IDO approach to the market.

And of course Bitcoin above $50K!!!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Ahaha! It’s a big stimulus

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thank you so much. everything is clear to me. if Mary has no additional questions, I suggest moving on

Mr. M: Perfect

Q4 from Telegram user @Derazy

As an investor, I should be assured by trusted and benefit. And you mentioned that as decentralized #IDO for #BSC, YellowRoad will empower investors and entrepreneurs. Can you elaborate the advantage by participating in IDO platform for BSC Projects by Yellow Road?

Mr. O: Sure, good question. We believe that with the current market condition, projects need much more than just “funds” to run the business, i.e., building a quality community, partners, advisors, collaborations, marketing and partnership with leading players in the market such as Satoshi Club ;). We aim to provide an A-Z solution for those projects by using our relationship, experience, and knowledge in running a business.

In terms of investors, we check every project seriously and will do our utmost to accept projects that are referred by our trusted partners, pass our due diligence process, and have the potential to benefit their investors/our community. Regarding marketing for our future IDOs, as I said, over the years, the Yellow Road founders have created excellent relationships with the biggest influencers in the field. We have a list of influencers, some of whom also invested in Yellow Road and will accompany and support future IDOs on our platform.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks

Well … could you please share your Yellow Roadmap with our community

Mr. O: Sure, we detailed our road map in the Deck. As we progress more action items will be added to the road map.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: rather original and detailed presentation! I like it

Mr. O: We keep some secrets to ourselves of course

. Exciting things regards our development, ideas and business matters will be announced as we progress.

Mr. M: Just started

Mary | Satoshi Club:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: I hope you can share with us when it becomes possible

Ready to proceed to the next question?

Mr. O: We can make a dedicated AMA for each announcement

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: great idea

Mr. O: Lets proceed

Q5 from Telegram user @yellowchamp

In your twitter , Yellow Road is proud to welcome the lead blockchain consultant of TomoChain and be the Co-Founder & COO of Orion Protocol, as your new strategic advisors. So in this connection, do you plan to collaborate TomoChain and Orion Protocol in the future? As a strategic advisors, what will be their role in your platform? How essential is the role of a strategic advisors in Yellow Road network? Thank you

Mr. M: I like your nickname champ!

In general, advisors have a massive impact on your business (if you picked the right ones). They can guide, lead, and connect you to every place or goal you would like to bring your business to. Right now, we have four advisors. We have already announced two advisors: Kha and Kal. Besides the fact that Kal and Kha are amazing people, we find them market leaders in their sector. Kal is a smart businessman, knows how to move things fast, and he’s well connected in the industry which helped us a lot with focus on running our project in the initial days. He will help us spot interesting new projects, trends, and changes we would need to make in the future.

Kha is very tech oriented, logical and man of details. When you run a Crypto project with many technical repos, you want an experienced person that can guide, direct, and think out of the box with technical solutions. Kha will also assist us with future technical aspects during our due diligence on projects.

We will soon announce the names of two more advisors & investors that will be joining Yellow Road.

Mary | Satoshi Club: In which direction you feel that you need advises?

In simple words, what do you want to improve the most?

Mr. O: Good question

Advisors its an important role in projects. Especially of you have an experienced board. For example: new business models, complicated features to develop, expand the relationships and open doors for new business opportunities

Mr. O: The advisory board are not managing the team but providing great inputs from their experience

Fortunately we have a great board of advisors

Mary | Satoshi Club: And you already have excellent advisor board

Mr. O: Indeed!

Mary | Satoshi Club: But there are no limits for perfection

Mr. O: Exactly

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you for your answers! Ready for the 6th and last question from this part?

Mr. O:

Q6 from Telegram user @AmirJosh

With Yellow Road, each project reviewed by the team and must passed due diligence procedures. Do you have a list of qualifications needed to pass by the client? What important factors Yellow Road are looking for on a project to be able to used their IDO Platform?

Mr. O: Yes, every project that applies for an IDO on our platform will have to pass our due diligence procedure. I will state our top 3 points (out of 15) that we think are a must have:

First of all, the team behind the project… a strong, experienced and ambitious team can run any business even during hard times of the market.

Second, is the project itself, does it interesting? product-market-fit make sense? Does it have a real use case?

And third is the token economy/financials, which has a significant role in our decision.

We believe that projects should raise the right amount with the right token economy, just like we aim for. Therefore, we will avoid projects with high caps, unreasonable amounts of required funds or past funding rounds that put our community at risk.

At a later stage, we also plan to establish our governance model, which will include our major investors, influencers, advisors, and VCs that participated in our private sale round. This group will be an active partner in the decision process of choosing companies to be accepted for IDO on Yellow Road.

Mary | Satoshi Club:So, for now you won’t have governance?

Mr. O: We do intend to have a governance to our community. But it won’t be at the initial stage of the project. Firstly we would need to stabilize the business with flow of projects, build the community and after that we can transfer business related decisions to the government.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Understand

We wish you fast stabilization

And we came close to live part

Ready for it?

Mr. O:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: have a coffee break for 2 minutes and a storm of questions

Mary | Satoshi Club: Let’s go

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @ KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

Why naming it to ‘Yellow Roadmap’? What literally does it mean and how the story began?@Mr_mRoad and @Mr_O_YellowRoad

Mr. O: Yellow = Binance color

Road = projects road to success

We wanted to provide a comfortable feel to both projects and users in our community.

Q2 from Telegram user @Robotliker1

why orion protocol is choosen for partnership and strategic advisor by Yellow road?

Mr. M: We didn’t announce a partnership with Orion

Still, we joins Kal Ali, its co-founder. Kal knows how to move things fast, and he is highly connected in the industry, which helped us a lot in choosing the best IDOs, onboarding relevant partnerships, future listing plans, and more.

Q3 from Telegram user @rogerass

how many AMA schedules or how many AMAs has Yellow Road done so far and what is your impression of doing AMAs in a particular crypto group or community?

Mr. O: This is our first AMA and we will have several in the following days. I can say that we really enjoy the AMA in Satoshi Club and hopefully do another session soon

Q4 from Telegram user @surendra040

What vision does Yellow road approaches towards UI/UX, do you have any article for brief reading?

Mr. O: Hey good question, our vision is to make the easy to use experience for our community. We are open for criticism, and we would listen to the community recommendations for future changes. We do have a Medium article and encourage you to read it.

Q5 from Telegram user @BlancaSdF

Are your IDOs configurable towards any asset class within #BSC such as $BNB, $USDT, $BUSD, etc? @Mr_O_YellowRoad

Mr. M: Indeed, we are building the platform to conduct our future IDOs in $BNB and $BUSD pairs.

Q6 from Telegram user @Kushal85127930

Could you please give us an overview of your roadmap? Also please give light on events which you think will be crucial for the community?

Mr. O: Sure, road map you can see in the Deck. Our next main events are: IDO announcement, listing, partnerships and additional features we are working on that so far, does not exist for any IDO platform.

Q7 from Telegram user @KhaleesiTheCryptoLady

When do you plan to launch Yellow Roadmap token?

Mr. M: Yellow road token $ROAD will be launched very soon, but before our launch, have some additional big announcements and progress in doing

Q8 from Telegram user @K2ice

In this current market condition, funds alone cannot be used to run a business/platform. Apart from funds, what other elements does YellowRoad use to run their platform effectively?

Mr. O: We will have an army of community

, strong relationships with market leaders, working closely with top influencers globally and social business

Q9 from Telegram user @gansoll

Is Yellow Road ready for trading or is it still in the presale stage and where can users or investors buy or know the schedule and how to access your presale?

Mr. O: Yellow Road hasn’t launched yet. We are at the presale stage and hopefully launch in the following days. You can follow us in the announcements channel to be the first to know:

Q10 from Telegram user @JoshBlaze

How would you leverage on community power to build income

Mr. M: Happily, we see a huge demand for being a part of yellow road, which gives us the privilege to select very strategic investors to help us establish a massive community in the very near future.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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