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Yesports Limited x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 3rd of May

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Yesports Limited and our guest was . The AMA took place on the 3rd of May

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Mary | Satoshi Club

Hello Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Yesports Limited! Welcome to Satoshi Club

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Greetings, dear Satoshi Club community!

Today our guest is @MattDavidMarketing

Hello and welcome to Satoshi club

Matt Peters

Hey guys! Thanks for having me

Mary | Satoshi Club

Welcome here, Matt

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Nice to e-meet you

Mary | Satoshi Club

How are you doing?

Matt Peters

I’m doing great, excited to be here and share some exciting insights into our project.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Let’s start with the introduction to warm up.

Mary | Satoshi Club

Awesome! Let’s start

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Tell us please about your position in Yesports Limited

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

How did you get to be involved in crypto & Yesports Limited

Matt Peters

I am the marketing manager at Yesports. Having worked extensivley in the blockchain space for the better part of 3 years, I started out with purpose builit blockchain marketing firms before working directly with individual start ups in the space.

Most recently I have been working closely in the game finance and P2E space with several projects looking into ways to onboard mainstream gamers into a blockchain based gaming ecosystem

Naturally my involvement with Game Fi lead me to the great team and exciting project that is Yesports as we are at the heart of web3, esports and gaming enthusiasts.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Amazing background

Give us a brief introduction to the project. What is the essence of Yesports Limited

Matt Peters

I’m sure we will deep dive into some of the elements in a moment so I’ll keep this brief.

Yesports is the world’s first web 3.0 esport engagement platform. We are set to launch the next 500+ million estimated esport fans into a web 3.0 world.

We are built on the Polygon Network and backed by Polygon Studios having received a builders grant for them in support of our project.

Our web 3.0 esport engagment platform (W3EP) entails exciting features such as

– World’s first esports Metaverse

– Largest esports-centric NFT marketplace with dedicated team store fronts

– Innovative utility first NFT access cards

Essentially we are the gateway that will allow esports teams and fans alike to further engage one and another in a host of real world and digital manners.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Sounds great

it would be great if you could introduce to us your wonderful dream team

Who is on the project team core?

Matt Peters


First off our CEO is Seb Quinn. He is the founder of Algorand’s biggest DeFi suite Yieldly.

Head of Growth and Marketing is Benjamin Le Roux who boasts a strong career as senior marketing officer for Google

Head of Esports is Dimi Farmakis who has been working closely with esports teams globally for many years. Dimi also helped grow the massive expansion of Fortnite, so has a deep knowledge of the space.

Head of Product Nina Stammbach that has an impressive history in the legal space concerning Defi and tech innovation.

We are working with a strong tech lead and dev team in relation to Polygon that has been working within the Polygon ecosystem for a very long time. Leaning into the polygon partnership and as sponsors of our project this is a great benefit to Yesports.

We are finalising some very exciting tech leads at the moment for some features that will be announced soon but we are very excited about reveling.

I won’t go into everyone on the team but if you would like to know more please head over to our linkedin page and jump into our telegram group where you can find out more

Mary | Satoshi Club

Really dream team

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Thanks Matt for great introduction, we will have several questions selected for the Part 1. Ready to start?

Matt Peters

Lesss go

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q1 from Telegram User @Gaddijoe

Yesports has teamed up with Team Empire, Renegades,Talon Esports,Boom Esports, and Facts Revolution, ahead of launching the world first Web 3.0 Esports Engagement platform.And I know that Decentralization may make it more difficult to oversee and regulate Web 3.0 and this can lead to cybercrime amongst other things.Judging from this ,What security strategies will YESP and it’s team put in place to protect users right? what are YESP objectives for partnering with numerous Esports group?

Matt Peters

What security strategies will YESP and its team put in place to protect users right?

From day one the Yesport team has been working with world renowned security auditing firm Halborn.

We have a close working relationship with Halborn and they have been and continue to routinely edit our smart contracts and code.

Customer safety is always one of highest priorities and is part key to the longevity success of our platform. We will continue to work with Halborn keeping our users and platform safe and to our own high product standard.

What are YESP objectives for partnering with numerous Esports group?

The heart of our project is that we are an esport team to fan engagement platform. As we found in our early research once we received the Polygon builders grant, is that esport teams and fans want new and innovative ways to engage and interact.

Leveraging some of our industry leading web3 tech such as utility first NFT access cards fans will be able to access a wide range of benefits that drive engagement and access to their favourite teams. Not only does this benefit the teams directly by increasing fan bases but generates excitement and engagement for the whole esport industry.

It’s a win a win for both web3 platforms as Yesports and the esports industry alike.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Great answers

Mary | Satoshi Club

Why did you choose Polygon network? Do you plan to work with more blockchains?

Matt Peters

First off, Polygon is a low fee easy to use blockchain

The Polygon-Yesports partnership allows us the potential to collaborate on a huge pipeline of top tier esports, NFT/P2E games, and other leading businesses that are contacting Polygon studios team to assess how they can deliver Web3 for esports, gaming and their ecosystems.

There are significant benefits of being the only Ethereum-aligned and EVM compatible side chain that offers lower fees and faster transaction times, and these are starting to show as many popular games and other low-value applications that can only survive in a low fee environment have rapidly migrated to Polygon.

Mary | Satoshi Club

It makes sense!

Thank you for your answers! Ready to proceed?

Matt Peters

Lets do it

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q2 from Telegram User @Blessingchum

The Yesports’ metaverse reportedly represents the first crosschain Metaverse Engagement Platform (MEP) designed to enable more than 500M eSport fans to engage with their favourite teams in a custom built Metaverse experience. This vision is wide, I must say.. Can you give some few reasons as to why you are confident that Yesports can achieve this development (speak about the platform’s products)? Talking about the “Crosschain” functionality: How many chains have been successfully integrated? Could you list them out? Which other chains do you plan to integrate? What is the basic essence of the Crosschain functionality? Furthermore, how can users leverage the services offered by Yesports?

Matt Peters

Can you give some few reasons as to why you are confident that Yesports can achieve this development (speak about the platform’s products)?

So as a web3 engagement platform (W3EP) we are the cornerstone of a natural conjunction of esport fans and their teams. Esport fans are digitally versed and therefore aren’t necessarily held back by web3 infrastructure such as digital wallets or transacting on blockchains.

As mentioned before we have also conducted a lot of deep market research into this conjunction and have found that fans and teams alike want to further engage and enrichen their experience.

So we are very confident that we have sectioned a burgeoning market and burgeoning industry. As to the products we are using to harness this engagement; we have several exciting features including

Utility first NFT access cards

Packs will consist of a wide range of utility options that holders will be able to access such as

– VIP paid for esport event access and trips

– signed merch

– Gaming equipment

– One to one masterclasses

– Private Discord access

– In metaverse AMAs

Worlds first private team esport centric metaverse

Esport teams that have signed with us will get their own dedicated areas within the metaverse where they can do all sorts of things from private AMAs with players to closed door VIP events — the limit is endless. For now we envision the metaverse to include not just districts but also eventually become a hub for all things esports. Think about brands showcasing merch in a virtula city, where there are esports-related activities around every corner, with users being able to explore Yesports metaverse with a fully decked out avatar they can customise.

Curated secondary NFT marketplace

Here users will be able to exchange their NFTs on the secondary market. Being curated we will maintain our NFT marketplace to be constantly esport centric.

Unique team store fronts

Each team will boast their own storefront where they can set up their NFTs for sale. We are really excited about this as it gives the esport teams a place to flex and direct fans without getting mixed up in the mess of and all in one NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, how can users leverage the services offered by Yesports?

By getting involved in our WL registrations when the NFTs first drop, being active in the Metaverse and participating with the products listed above ^

Which other chains do you plan to integrate? What is the basic essence of the Crosschain functionality?

This is one of the benefits of being a part of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and an Ethereum compatible side chain. Right now we are fine tuning and ensuring perfection for the product on the Polygon chain in order to deliver our world class product to the esports industry. From there we are looking at a wide range of compatible blockchains that fans will be able to interact with that will add depths to the overall experience.

As for a list, make sure to follow us on twitter, telegram and discord because as these become public knowledge you’ll be first to get wind of it in those groups.

Mary | Satoshi Club

As far as I understand, you are talking about plans now. So my question is when is your platform will go live? When and where we will be able to get first NFT access cards?

Matt Peters

Currently we are in the final stages of product refining, ensuring that we rid all bugs from the code, all contracts are complete etc. We are working closely with Halborn and our outstanding Polygon savy tech team to ensure this.

All these features mentioned are for 2022 but as for specifics; right now we are proud to be focused on absolute product satisfaction and ensuring safety and usability for our platform users. Once all the details are finalised we will be explosive on annoucning key dates so stay tuned in our social channels.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Thanks for your great answers

Mary | Satoshi Club


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Are you ready for the next question?

Matt Peters


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q3 from Telegram User @Cheriemike

Let’s talk about Security which of utmost importance to all investors of $YESP token.Looking at your roadmap,you intend to have some security audits for Q2 -Q4 2022.So does that mean you have plans to be audited with many firms?If yes,can you tell us why you are taking such major steps to be audited in various firms?And I noticed that you have already been audited by Halborn Security,so can you tell us why you pick this one to first audit your smart contract?Are the results of the audit out?If yes,can you kindly share it?Most platform allow users to report bugs or any vulnerabilities when found,will Yesport also initiate a BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM too?Please explain Thanks

Matt Peters

So does that mean you have plans to be audited with many firms?

If yes,can you tell us why you are taking such major steps to be audited in various firms?

Choosing Halborn as our security auditing partner is an obvious one — they’re hugely advanced and recognizable with a massive client list. We’ve also worked with them for sometime now — it’s a partner we know and trust — along with the entire industry that uses them.

As the product develops and more contracts are created we will be doing everything we can to balance speed of go to market with the highest excellence of security audits and this is a repeated procedure to continue driving world class security and safety.

As a platform we plan to continuously grow and of course expand with the esports industry. The future holds many exciting possibilities for Yesports and this means expansions within our own platform.

As mentioned previously audits are an important key to customer satisfaction and product longevity and as we continusouly release contracts and developments we will push to maintain our strict code of safety in having things audited.

Halborn has been and continuous to be a great partner and an industry leader in audits.

We are aware of the bad actors in the space and will continuosly fortify our security to better the platform and create trust with our users.

Most platform allow users to report bugs or any vulnerabilities when found,will Yesport also initiate a BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM too

The idea of course is that we won’t have any need for such a program as we work so closely with Halborn and routinely fine tune product through auditing.

Mary | Satoshi Club

Do you plan any kind of issuance?

Matt Peters

In relation to our native token?

Mary | Satoshi Club


Matt Peters

The Yesports platform is powered by it’s native utility token $YESP

YESP is set to host an array of utility functions for holders including

– LP and reward based staking

– Voting and governance rights

– Access to platform benefits

We have worked with leading advisors to make sure that we are maximising the utility of the token for users as the product continues to develop. It is s a major key to the long term growth of the platform.

Mary | Satoshi Club

Thank you for your answers! Ready to jump to the next question?

Matt Peters

Ready Ready

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q4 from Telegram User @MudaraSilva

You have recently announced a partnership with DAOvergence. I read in your Medium article that you are going to deepen Web3 Network with the help of this partnership. Please elaborate more on achieving this goal and explain how does this partnership help to reach the target. By the way, how does Web3 Network help to develop your project?

Matt Peters

We are really excited to partner with DAOvergence and it is through our strategic partnerships that we can continue to expand within the web3 space.

DAOvergence harnesses the technical expertise of its team and expansive partner network that is full of web3, blockchain and crypto professionals that offer our platform a wealth of knowledge and direction.

All our partnerships are selected carefully and by leaning into these networks such as DAOvergence we build a strong foundational partner ecosystem that shares our vision of launching esports into web3.

By the way, how does Web3 Network help to develop your project?

At the bedrock of web3 is removing centralised parties and creating a decentralised network. Via our platform esport teams can seemingly interact directly with their fan base and vice versa. Leveraging the benefits of immutability on the blockchain and digital wallets we can set up a one stop shop for all esport engagement needs.

What’s really exciting is our platform looks to take place within the neon city esport metaverse which are all elements of web3.

Matt Peters

I’ve got a hard stop at the end of the hour so if we can power through the next questions that would be great

Mary | Satoshi Club

Np, sure!

Thank you for your answers!

Let’s proceed

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q5 from Telegram User @ghostofcharmeleon

Hello, Yesports team.

As I understand from your documentation and project description, you are one of the exclusive platforms that will allow top esports teams to release their collectible or branded NFT. The primary sale will be carried out on your marketplace. But your main network is Polygon, which is supported by the most popular NFT marketplace. How are you going to avoid a secondary sale outside your marketplace? How will you encourage trading on your site and earn a commission on this? What are your competitive advantages?

Matt Peters

How will you encourage trading on your site?

We are excited to offer a fully curated esport NFT marketplace. What’s special about this is that we are centric to esports fans and what they are looking for.

Our NFTs leverage innovative tech that was developed exclusive for yesports as an answer to this challenge. Users can track when utility of an NFT has been used and what hasn’t, this is tech you can’t do on other platforms. Furthermore, you can only claim the utility benefits of our NFTs on our platform.

What are your competitive advantages?

Some great advantages are that our NFT access cards are packed with utility. A lot of other NFT projects focus in other directions but at the heart of our platform users will be able to unlock a range of utiltiy that can be used on Yesports. We offer more than just a beautiflu coillectible art piece but a true web3 engagement experience.

It’s also important to note that we are cornering an industry of esport enthusiasts that are excitied about utilty first and engaging with their favourite esports teams. As all the utilty is unlocked and only useable on our platform we envisage that we will be the mecca for esports engagement within web3.

Mary | Satoshi Club

Thank you

Matt Peters

Thank you guys, I will take this last question and then I need to go.

If you have any more questions do jump onto our telegram and twitter pages to find out more!

Mary | Satoshi Club

And now 6th and last question from this of our AMA

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Q6 from Telegram User @Danylko_UA

Hello Yesports team!

In general, the platform is aimed at launching eSports into web 3.0. “eSports” and “web 3.0” are two sophisticated entities in the crypto space. It is no news that web 3.0 is still under development, however, web 3.0 will soon fully take over the stage considering the fact that image qualities, videos and speed of information transfer is on a top notch. How do you aim to improve users experience with the stated aim of combining eSports and web 3.0? Does the platform have what it takes to manage the web 3.0 tech? Wouldn’t this create any forms of barrier to users since only high speed internet connections can access web 3.0 effectively? Currently, what progress have you made in achieving this great fit?

Matt Peters

We have a truly cool concept we have developed here whereby the nfts have utility built in from day one — that can only be accessed and assessed via the Yesports website. It’s truly a unique innovation that answers that challenge.

How do you aim to improve users experience with the stated aim of combining eSports and web 3.0?

Esport engagement is currently embedded within the restrictions of web2. By offering the industry leading features mentioned above we offer a whole new angle on esport engagement. We benefit not only fans but also teams and the industry as whole.

Wouldn’t this create any forms of barrier to users since only high speed internet connections can access web 3.0 effectively?

Some of the great utility benefits from our NFTs are real world experiences as well. So once users have bought their NFTs the utility isn’t only restricted to the metaverse and other digital elements. Instead users have the potential to gain paid access to VIP esport events, gaming equipment and signed merch among other exciting real world experiences soon to be announced.

Think in the form of a private membership with deeper benefits and rewards than previously offered before.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

Matt! maybe you can spend a quick live part? @MattDavidMarketing

Matt Peters

I can take 2 questions but as we have gone over time I need to get to an important partner meeting

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club

@madamlobster can we spend 1 minute live?

Mary | Satoshi Club


Mary | Satoshi Club

Let’s go

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @Tavasya23

In the Q2 2022 , You have Planned to Launch the ESPORTS NFT MARKETPLACE, Will You Please Talk More about the ESPORTS MARKETPLACE, May I know What New Feature Will be There in this MARKETPLACE ?

Matt Peters

We have a curated NFT marketplace that hosts teams unique storefronts allowing teams to flex within their own digital space. THe esport marketplace will be fully esport centric and host all things esports. Not just access card NFTs but also rare one of a kind NFTs. Team memorable moment NFTs and exclusive drops made by teams in collab with world class digital artists

Q2 from Telegram user @Tahsinahmett

What are YeSports’ near future plans? How can we stay up to date with YeSports? How should we follow?

Matt Peters

Please jump over to our Telegram group and twitter pages for all announcements and updated roadmaps.
We have an active community in both channels as well as discord.
We put out our announcements and partnerships often and keep the hype stronf within these groups

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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