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Yield Generator x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 9th of August

Hello, Satoshi clubbers Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Yield Generator .The AMA took place on the 9th of August.

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of $500

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&WebSite

Greetings everyone and welcome to our Tuesday AMA marathon!

Greetings, Satoshi Club community ! How was your day ? Today we want to announced our special AMA with Yieldification

Let us welcome our guest — @yieldgenerator

We would like to introduce our special guests from Yieldification @yieldgenerator

Hello there, happy to be here and discuss more about our project Yieldification (YDF)!

Glad to have you here, how are you today ?

Welcome! And glad to see you here at Satoshi Club!

Doing well, been busy continuing to spread the word about our super unique project, all the innovation we’ve already built and will continue to build for a long time to come Hope you all are doing well as well!

We are thrilled to know more about it! Let’s start then!

Let’s begin our AMA with introduction from Yield Generator team

It would be great if the name of our project could be updated to ensure everyone knows we are calling Yieldification, as Yield Generator is just my handle and identity, whereas it’s not the project’s name

Sounds great!!

Can you please introduce yourself? when did you start to know Cryptocurrency and how did you start involved in Yieldification project?

Please wait a min


Sure! Again our project is called Yieldification, NOT Yield Generator. I just want everyone in the audience to ensure they know if they’re searching for us in various websites and other places to use the correct name

I’m the project founder and primary dev, and have been working and building with blockchain for around 5 years now, where I made it my full time job around 3 years ago. I love the possibilities and power blockchain, particular smart contract and business logic based blockchains allow for not just financial based applications but many others that could benefit from decentralization and transparency.

What our community should memorize is the official website —


Thank you

Thank you ! you have great experience and background

By the way can you please introduce what is Yieldification Project about ? can you share to us ?

I started Yieldification a several months ago and wanted to take a stab at merging a number of crypto concepts that were already well known and/or arguably very big today, but had not been used together before. Namely, I wanted to make a more flexible staking platform than had ever been seen, which led to the inception of using NFTs as a Certificate of Deposit for staking your YDF.

I also saw the success of high yield projects like OHM and TIME, but their ultimate demise because of the market turning and them offering too high of yield which led to too many emissions being paid out. I sought to create a high yield project, but one built on sustainable mechanisms and concepts. Through burning tokenomics mechanisms, penalties for early unstaking, and upcoming utility we will have all that we need to ensure sustainability and longevity!

Sounds very promising! You also said that you are a project founder and primary dev but who else is helping you build the product? How numerous is your team?

We have a couple other devs who have helped out with platform/dapp design and build out in addition to smart contract development, but we also have close contacts with some big brains in the space who have helped us with extensive peer review and testing everything to ensure complete functionality and usability from day one.

We are also partnered with a number of very talented and proven advisors in the space who are assisting with direction of marketing, partnerships and ultimately will help us ensure the success of YDF long term.

Great ! we want to know more but we also have question from community that ask about partnership

Thank you for the great introduction

Ready to proceed to the community questions? There are 6 selected for part 1!

Of course! Happy to spread the word about YDF and why those here might be interested in joining us

Q1 from Telegram user @Asela1112

The native token of Yield Generator Platform ($YDF) has already listed on Uniswap with setting up different slippages for Buying & Selling. Listing on Uniswap Dex is a good Improvement Step. But by Listing on Cexs, $YDF can be triggered to a price hype due to User Exposure. Can you tell me When you will list $YDF token on other exchanges like Binance, Pancakeswap, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi global etc…? And also, Explain us Which method will you use to maintain it’s liquidity by not being a dangerous zone like Luna? Any Plan for that?

Yes excited to hear them!

First and foremost, we absolutely understand the value additional listings brings to the growth of a project! We’ve actually been in close contact with a couple top tier exchanges to begin the process of listing. We understand the value CEX listings bring where much of retail goes to buy cryptocurrencies, but we want to emphasize we are searching and only plan to partner with reputable and well respected exchanges. We want there to be significant value in what an exchange can provide us and the project and therefore will only entertain partnerships with upper tier exchanges with real and meaningful volume and throughput at this time.

Speak of the native token $YDF, could you mention all usecase $YDF beside for stake itself?

Today it’s used as the entry point to the yieldification project, and it’s true that the primary use case today that it serves is to enable users to enter and exit the protocol. Frankly, once someone purchases YDF on the market, just as they would’ve for OHM > gOHM or TIME > wMEMO, they should stake their YDF to earn yield in the form of a staking NFT. The NFTs are what currently provides and will in the future virtually all of the value from within YDF. WIth one or multiple staking NFTs users are:

1. Earning yield in the form of both YDF yield and ETH rewards

2. Will have governance power when we transition to a DAO structure in the future

3. Will be able to lend against the principal value of their stake NFTs in the future

There are good utility that we can get by own $YDF

Can users stake any other coins or stables, for ex?

No, not today. Our protocol and ecosystem will revolve around the YDF token and the staking NFT collections that are used as certificates of deposit. This will ensure we’re providing the most value back to the protocol and ultimately the YDF community and investors.

Got it! Thanks for detailed answer.

Ready to proceed to the second question?

Thank you for the answer, let’s go to second question ?

Sounds great!

Q2 from Telegram user @UniqueVicky

There are characteristics every user look for in a project and 3 of these characteristics are security, profitability and longevity. In the aspect of profitability, I see Yieldification is doing well in this regard,it offers an amazing staking returns. So how would you describe yieldification in the aspect of security and longevity? How secure is your platform and what elements guarantee its future in the crypto world?. Have you audited yet? How will you ensure that users/investors funds are protected?

With respect to longevity, it is one of our core tenants and goals to support the project and provide value and yield back to investors for a long time to come. That being said there are some levers we can pull over time to ensure we are accomplishing those goals, including adjusting utility service fees, yield APRs, and burn rates. Also, with our future roadmapped products and revenue generating services, this should provide a huge amount of upside we can provide back into the ecosystem to ensure the yield we offer investors is sustainable for the foreseeable future.

In terms of security, our ecosystem is made up of 6+ different smart contracts that all work together in various capacities to ensure everything is functioning as expected. We had a lot of peer review happen throughout R&D and have paid for an exepedited audit from Solidity Finance to be delivered this Friday (Aug 12) to ease the public’s and investor’s minds of the security of our code. We will almost certainly have a nunber of professional audits ongoing as well to have multiple opinions and professional angles touch and review our code for maximum security coverage.

Great to read that! Are you planning to publish the security audit as soon as it is available?

Absolutely, the moment we get it in our hands is the moment we publish to the public

We are glad it’s already audited and please share it also with Satoshi Club next friday

Definitely, will do!

Thank you for the detail information, are you ready for the third question from community?

I think this attitude definitely shows your openness to the community!


Q3 from Telegram user @Meta_MateX

Yieldification invites users to earn passive income by staking either their YDF or liquidity and receiving high returns in addition to a “certificate” or “receipt” of their current stake in the form of a NFT. Please elaborate more on your NFTs — do they differ by the amount of staked funds or they all have equal value and being distributed randomly? What is the further usecase of your NFTs? Can they also be staked or sold? Thanks!

You have already touched the NFTs but maybe you still have to add smth here

Great question, one of the most exciting features in the YDF ecosystem is the ability to stake a principal amount of YDF and earn yield on it. So by definition each NFT represents a different stake amount or principal value, APR (based on lockup period selected), lockup period amount of time, etc. Most staking platforms today hold all staking info & metadata on chain mapped to the user’s wallet, and you must be connected to the same wallet you staked to be able to check earnings, claim rewards, or unstake the original principal. We built around the idea that the principal amount, APR, earned rewards, and any lockup period selected for a particular stake to be tied to an NFT instead of a wallet address, and therefore the principal value, APR, and rewards can be tradable and transferrable on any NFT marketplace like OpenSea. This is EXTREMELY powerful and something not seen yet, and opens the door to many possibilities in the future.

In terms of future use cases for our NFTs, we plan to have exclusive access, additional rewards, and governance through a DAO structure among other things that will be exclusive to stakers. We’re excited about the future utility we’re bringing to the marketplace and building upon the innovation we’ve already materialized.

By the way, on your introduction it’s mention about “Penalty” for early unstaker, can you share to us what kind of penalty that user will get ?

Wow! That’s an additional advantage to stake and get NFT!

Yes! All technical information on this can be found in our docs in the Unstaking Early section:

In short though, a user can stake their YDF with lockup periods ranging from no lockup period at all, meaning they can unstake anytime without penalty up to a lockup period of 360 days (~1 year). The longer the lockup period, the higher the APR you will earn against your principal.

We didn’t though want to completely restrict the user from unstaking completely as situations arise that might require the user to need capital immediately, but if they unstake before the lockup ends they will be penalized based on the amount of principal they staked and how long they’ve staked against the lockup period. It’s important when you stake to understand the risk/reward and weigh the options appropriately.

And what happens with NFTs in case of early unstaking?

They remain at users disposal anyway?

One other detail that might be small but is very important, you can stake both YDF with single sided staking OR YDF/ETH liquidity in our platform, whereas liquidity staking has higher APRs you can earn. We also have zap functions that make staking liquidity extremely easy, so we recommend users using them when adding and staking LP inside the YDF protocol:

Regardless of whether you are staking inside or outside of a lockup period and experience a penalty, unstaking will always burn the NFT. The NFTs are virtually useless once unstaked, so they will always be burned at the time the NFT owner unstakes to get back their YDF principal and earnings.

Could you share some examples of your NFTs?

Great mechanism, it’s not for “weak hand”


Our single sided YDF staking NFTs can be found in this collection:

And our YDF/ETH liquidity staking NFTs can be found here:

As you can see, the metadata associated with each NFT is different because the principal amounts, APRs, lockup periods, etc. is different for all NFTs

The NFT images correspond to the different “tiers” which are a function of the yield this NFT is generating. We have shrimp, squid, octopus, and whale tiers

Very nice addition to already high yields offered!

Thanks and let’s proceed to the next question now


Q4 From Telegram User @UncleStrange1

Yieldification aims to be the next blue chip in the making and that from your roadmap from the Q1 of 2022, you implemented a DAO governance system and $YDF will be the governance token. Can you tell us more about the DAO governance system? How can one be a DAO member in your ecosystem? How are decisions taken and implemented in the Yieldification project? What kind of voting mechanism is used in the DAO governance? Are decision making limited in the DAO or they can decide on anything?

Yes! As mentioned a number of times now in our staking NFTs we hold metadata that keeps track of all information about a stake inside of the NFT you are minted when you stake your YDF or YDF/ETH liquidity. This metadata will hold information used to calculate voting shares inside the DAO structure, and we plan to effectively build a DAO so investors and stakers can help make decisions about the current and future happenings/products/services/etc. of the project.

for Voting, how many token $YDF that user should own ? what other requirement?

There is no requirement other than the user have staked YDF or liquidity. If they have a stake NFT (or multiple) in their wallet, they will have voting rights in the DAO.

So the DAO is already launched, as far as I get. Do you already see the impact community makes through DAO decisions?

No the DAO is not launched yet, we will be building out the infrastructure and details over the coming weeks and months! It’s one of the things we’re really excited about!

Great things to follow! Please make notes, Satoshiclubbers!

Appreciate your answers!

Let’s jump into the next one!

Q5 From Telegram User @Cheriemike

Forming Partnership in every project is said to be the key to increase the value and quality of a platform.Accessing your website and roadmap I noticed that there are no information as regards to when you will introduce other projects to support Yield Generator platform.So I will like to know have you form any partnership yet with any project or will they anonymous for now?What features/expertise will you be looking at as you form this partnership that will enable you build a strong project?Any plans on having seed rounds to further develop more features of Yield Generator?Thanks

Just to reiterate again to ensure everyone keeping up knows, the project is `Yieldification` with a ticker of `YDF`, we have no ties or affiliation (other than my personal TG handle) to Yield Generator

To answer your question though, we are partnered with a number of strong advisors in the space that are assisting us with a number of things related to connecting us with their networks, adivsement on treasury investments for marketing among other things, and ultimately assisting to ensure the direction the project goes will lead to success. That being said, we are firm believers that partnerships need to be mututally beneficial and if we were to partner with any other projects we want there to be benefits happening on both sides. Today we believe we have a very strong foundation of tech and advisement from within, but will look to see what comes in the future in terms of partnership with other projects who have strong tech and value that we can leverage to make the YDF ecosystem stronger than ever.

Yes, partnership is important thing to grow into bigger

Do you have plan to have collaboration with other NFT project and stake their NFT?

That’s a good question and one we haven’t considered to date. That being said though, again we will emphasize that this sort of partnership would require value being provided on both sides. We obviously wouldn’t offer a NFT collection an opportunity to stake in our platform to earn YDF yield, which would provide value for their NFT holders without an appropriate and comparable amount of value being provided back to the YDF protocol.

All that being said we certainly won’t be closed minded about potential partnerships, but we will be executing cost/benefit analyses on any potential partnerships and ensure we’re doing what makes the most sense for YDF’s future.

Yes, we wait good news from Yieldification

Thank you for the clarification do you want to add something or we can go to last question?

Just keep an eye on Yieldification !

We can move on, I think everything is caught up at this point

Q6 From Telegram User @NguyenTh4nk96

Yieldification claim to become the 1st sustainable and high yield generating DeFi protocol. Actually there are a lot of similar yield farm that offer big reward or huge % APY, so would you please mention about what mechanism that makes Yieldification (YDF) keep sustainable? And could you please share what best feature or tools that Yieldification have inside your platform which different than your competitor? Lastly, do we only possible to stake token, how about NFT staking?

I saw a lot of user ask about NFT

but i believe you have something to add here

Yes, but every one of these smaller yield farming projects you mention either already have collapsed due to too many emissions or are on the path of collapsing. As stated already but worth listing again we have a number of things that support the sustainability of the project long term, some of which include:

– Yield vesting, which means any yield you earn from staking will vest over 90 days after claiming and/or unstaking your YDF (

– Burn tokenomics and mechanics from time decaying sell tax & early unstake penalties that burn YDF to be used as future yield for stakers ( &

– Upcoming revenue generating utility through an NFT marketplace and stake principal lending that we will use to support the yield we offer investors (

– APR levering, which we will monitor closely and adjust as needed to ensure the APRs we’re offering align with the burns and yield generation we have

Thank you for the clear and detail answer , oh by the way i have one last question


For Yieldification NFT, you mention about “We have shrimp, squid, octopus, and whale tiers” , do they have different value when we staking them ?

and how do we get them? its random to get?

Yes! Today it’s based on the yield being earned in the NFT against the YDF supply. Right this moment the tiers are as follows, but we will likely end up tying the tiers to a USD value in the future since the percentage of supply could be vastly different USD values as YDF price fluctuates

shrimp: yield is 0% to 0.05% YDF supply per year

squid: yield is 0.05% to 0.25% YDF supply per year

octopus: yield is 0.25% to 0.9% YDF supply per year

whale: yield is 0.9% or more of YDF supply per year

Thank you @yieldgenerator for this emersion into Yieldification!

Oooh ! i hope i can become the whale

Thank you!

You are already a whale. Important is to feel it into yourself

Yes it’s a state of mind ser

Haha agree with you

Thank you for all the great answer from part 1! It’s really informative and good time for the first part.

Now let us proceed to 2nd part of AMA with Live section from audience. are you ready for the question? @yieldgenerator

Yes enjoyed telling you and your community about YDF and all we have to offer

Yes sounds great!

Get ready for some storm now!

We will open chat for 120 sec only

Once we close it back please choose 10 questions to answer

Please do not answer any questions during the storm

Are you ready?


Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user

There is 15% sell tax at the start,
Dont You think, big Investors will stay away from buying the token?

This is potentially a fair concern, although this tax directly incentivizes long term holders. Our goal for YDF is not to just freely and excessively trade, although if you wish to do that through our primary on/off ramps you’re welcome to, but you will realize this sell tax that is decaying over time. This tax is one of the several mechanisms already mentioned to add yield and value to the long term holders and stakers.

Q2 from Telegram user

Is Yieldification fully KYC Assured or Not? Are total team members verified ? Where Can I view their KYC #NFT?

Yes, we are fully KYCed through AssureDefi to ease the concerns of any current and future investors and you can see our KYC certificate here:

Q3 from Telegram user

You have Mentioned that Users Can Easily EARN UPTO 300% APR , Is this Really True , If yes than I also Want to Invest here ,May I know what step I should follow for that. ?

This is true! And you can earn this APR by staking your YDF/ETH liquidity with a 360 day lockup period! You can earn good returns by staking both YDF and liquidity, but liquidity earns higher yields than single sided staking because this tremendously benefits the protocol by adding liquidity for trading and incentivizing larger holders while also ensuring you’re protected against any potential impermanent loss experienced by staking your liquidity over time.

All APRs can be seen in the docs below or by simply going to our platform

Q4 from Telegram user

Can you explain us the differences between sYDL and slYDF NFT? How can we earn them and what benefits we will receive by owning them?

Because we have two different methods of staking depending on if you’re staking YDF single sided or YDF/ETH liquidity, we opted to distinguish between two different collections indicating what you’re staking. sYDF tokens are single sided staking NFTs, whereas slYDF is liquidity staking NFTs

As already provided but will provide here again, the collections are as follows:

Single Sided YDF Staking (sYDF):
ETH/YDF Liquidity Staking (slYDF):

Q5 from Telegram user

You stated that having zap functions makes staking liquidity extremely easy. May I know if Zap Function is simple to use and fast enough to accomplish the difficult task of staking and supplying YDF liquidity in single transaction?

We didn’t talk much about our zap functions, but they are very important and useful if you are wanting to earn the higher APRs liquidity staking has to offer! Our zap functions provide a painless way to convert ETH, YDF, or both to liquidity and staking it all in one transaction. You can find more details in our docs below, or by going to our platform, clicking on the slYDF button, and seeing the zap options:

Q6 from Telegram user

As YDF is being traded on Uniswap,
Various Small Investors don’t want to trade Ethereum tokens on Uniswap because of its high tx Fee,

What all Reasons You had to go with Ethereum based token?

We understand gas fees on Ethereum have been high in the past, but there are a number of reasons and things we have done and can look forward to in this regard:

  1. Gas fees as of late have been very reasonable because of the decrease in traffic on the network compared to ATHs
  2. The ETH merge should make gas fees a non issue moving forward even for smaller investors
  3. When we list on exchanges, users can trade their YDF there without much concern for gas fees, although they will need to send their YDF to a noncustodial wallet in order to stake.

Q7 from Telegram user

How much locked time before we can retrieve pur funds in the liquidity staking ?

So both the single sided YDF staking (sYDF NFTs) and liquidity staking (slYDF NFTs) offer a range of lockup periods and APRs. Both have a 0 day lockup option, and lockup periods with as little as 14 days to as much as 360 days. Feel free to check out the lockup period options per staking options here:

Q8 from Telegram user

Can we withdraw our assets by paying plenty when the assets are locked?

If you are still within a lockup period but would like to unstake still because you need the capital, you can absolutely do so, but understand the penalties you will experience should you decide to do that. In the platform, when attempting to unstake a stake NFT still inside a lockup period there is a very clear warning you will see before doing so, so you understand the penalty. You can also calculate the penalty as described in our docs here:

Q9 from Telegram user

From your Twitter page I noted that you have one cool feature you built into the protocol is in addition to a set APR earned on staked $YDF or liquidity, there is also native ETH rewards above and beyond said yield. Tell us more about this feature, how does it work? What are these rewards based on?

es, through a small perpetual trade tax in addition to manual additions we will potentially add from the treasury over time, you are also earning native ETH rewards ON TOP of the normal yield by staking. The amount of rewards you earn today are functions of 1. the principal and amount of yield you are earning on your NFTs and 2. the amount of trade volume YDF has.

Again we will be adding to these pools over time as we begin generating revenue through future utility as well.

Q10 from Telegram user

Can you explain what you mean by lending against principal value of sYDF and sLYDF NFTs, and when are you launching this exciting feature?

Yes, so there is a principal value tied to any staking NFT (both single sided or liquidity staking). We will be building a product that allows us to securely borrow assets against this principal value and do what you wish. We are working out the finer details, but our expectation will be you can borrow native or stable assets such as ETH, USDC, USDT, MIM, etc., where we will incentivize liquidity providers in exchange for rewarding back lending fees. This will be similar to other lending protocols you likely are aware of on the marketplace today, but we will almost certainly have a few tricks to make it better, more intuitive, sustainable, and ultimately drive more traffic our way for those looking for borrowing and lending their assets for earnings and yield

Part 3 — Quiz Results

As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat.

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Russian Telegram group:
Spanish Telegram group:
Telegram Channel:

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