Building Operational Scale for the Next Level

Editor’s Note: Mark Hoogs joined RealtyShares in December, tasked with leveraging his operational leadership expertise to build a scalable operational infrastructure to support the company’s growth.

When I met Nav back in November of last year, I was immediately struck by his energy and vision for building a truly transformative company in a space ripe for innovation. As someone with an investments background and a passion for real estate, I couldn’t pass up the prospect of joining a company which is helping to democratize access to institutional-quality real estate investments. In fact, RealtyShares is the perfect career trifecta for me — bringing together my 20+ years’ experience building scale and high-performance cultures across numerous organizations, my experience in investments and marketplace lending at BlackRock and Lending Club, respectively, and my experience as a real estate investor and founder of a residential property rehabilitation company.

As the Vice President of Operations at RealtyShares, my focus is to build upon the company’s high performance culture and scale the business for potential growth that lies ahead. I’ve been fortunate to be involved with some very special companies over the course of my career, and I’ve taken on many challenging turnaround and high-growth leadership roles. Being a part of the talented RealtyShares leadership team, building upon our market leadership position and helping to revolutionize an industry is an amazing experience and something I couldn’t be more energized for.

Six months in now, I’m proud of the strides my team has made in building the foundation we’ll need as we continue to ramp the business. With a new centralized operations organization structure and an all-star leadership team in place, we’ve been hard at work innovating from the ground up. The early success of the business is attributable to some amazing people working extremely hard every day. Now as we grow, our focus is on institutionalizing all of that valuable learning and process design into repeatable, and ultimately systematized, processes. To do that, we created a crisp operational technology vision and have partnered closely with our very talented Product and Engineering teams to start bringing that vision to life. There’s plenty to do in this space, but we’re off to a great start.

While technology is clearly a key component in building a highly scalable organization, it’s also imperative that we retain our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, which is all about having the right people on the team and inspiring and empowering them to do their best work. People design and build technology; people innovate; people are the heart and soul of a company, which is the key driver behind creating an amazing customer experience and products that matter. As such, people will always be my top priority.

RealtyShares is a great place to work, and my goal is to make it the absolute best place on earth for top talent to learn, grow and make a meaningful impact. This has been my core personal motivator throughout my career, and I believe strongly that it’s the recipe for creating a high-performance culture and a business that wins in the market.