RealWear Forges Joint Venture in China

Aaron Cohen
Mar 7, 2018 · 5 min read

RealWear’s Partnership with China’s RealMax is a “Blueprint” for U.S. Tech Companies to Follow; China and U.S. to ‘Give Back’ to Global Markets

March 8–12:00 pm — SANYA CHINA — China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CADA)/2018 RealExpo — RealWear, Inc., a leader and pioneer in the industrial wearable market, is announcing the formation of an historic joint venture with RealMax before more than 300 attendees, including over 70 high-ranking Chinese officials, U.S. delegates and other high-ranking government and business leaders (see full list of attendees below).

RealMax is funded by the State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC). SDIC is the largest state-owned investment holding company in China and responsible for all industrial investments for China. The RealWear and RealMax partnership began in 2017.

“This joint venture will provide an example and pave the way for other U.S. businesses who want to grow their presence in China,” said Andy Lowery, co-founder and CEO of RealWear. “Our relationship with RealMax, built on a shared framework of trust, is a blueprint for winning markets in a truly global economy.”

The joint venture will allow RealWear(TM) to sell and market its flagship ultra-rugged HMT-1(R) device throughout both the U.S. and China. China officials and business leaders are proudly using and wearing the RealWear-branded technology within Chinese borders.

“In order to realize the promise of our recent and future technological progress, industry needs a product that is real, that delivers on its promise, and that compliments and enhances our human potential,” continued Lowery. “RealWear designed the HMT-1 device specifically for industrial applications and has built, packaged and shipped thousands of devices worldwide to our industrial customers and partners who have successfully tested and are enthusiastically deploying them. The HMT-1 device continues to build on its solid reputation by working in extreme industrial environments, from oil rigs to nuclear power plants to surgical operating rooms. The HMT-1 has been drop-tested, water-tested, dust-tested and worker-tested.”

Lowery continued: “People from all places must work together to create jobs and expand diversity of expertise. By collaborating across borders we have an opportunity to create tomorrow’s trillion-dollar pie, rather than squabbling over slices of yesterday’s. The more we share globally, the stronger all of our economies become.”

“RealMax and RealWear share the belief that AR and wearable tech will be the next generation of the major computing platform after the mobile phone,” said Sonny Xin, cofounder and President of RealMax. “Where others may be running into problems, RealWear is finding success. Through our joint venture, China will be invested in protecting and growing RealWear throughout Chinese industry and beyond.”

The AR/wearable market is expected to generate 200 billion US dollars by 2022.

Andy Lowery, CEO and cofounder of RealWear with Sonny Xin, President of RealMax
RealWear and RealMax team at SDIC
Left to right: Sonny Xin (RealMax), Mr. Yin (SDIC), Mr. Liu (SDIC), Andy Lowery (RealWear)
Wang Huisheng, Chairman of the Board, SDIC, Wearing RealWear’s HMT-1 Wearable Device

About Cada

Cada is the premiere professional event of the Chinese automotive industry. In the past 50 years, the automotive industry has been a pillar in China’s economy.

About RealExpo

The RealExpo event is hosted by the RealMax group. In 2017, RealMax received 30 million dollars investment from China’s State Development and Investment Group (SDIC), China’s largest state-owned investment company with 117.5 billion dollars in assets under management. RealMax Group is the first in China’s history to receive such an investment from SDIC in the emerging technology sector.

About RealWear’s HMT-1 Device

HMT-1 is the first and only AR-enabled wearable device on the market that offers remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualization. The HMT-1 has a hands-free, voice-controlled user interface, provided in 10 languages, allowing workers to operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, even if climbing a scaffold or tower, in extremely noisy, dusty or even dangerous environments. Allowing the worker to maintain full situational awareness and maximum productivity, HMT-1 is faster, safer and smarter than either a tablet or smart glasses. Adopted by dozens of leading global corporations, the HMT-1 is sold direct through RealWear and its channel partners.


VIP Guest List(Highlights)


Schuyler Forman Hoss, Director of International Relations and Protocol — Governor of Washington

Derek Shaun Jaques, Director of Career and Technical Education & STEM Initiatives of State of Washington

Frank Savage, Founder Board Member of Qualcomm and Board of Bloomberg

John Michael Danielson, Former Chief of Staff for US Department of Education / Advisor to Schwarzenegger Institute (USC)

Jerome Williams, Former NBA Player and NBA Ambassador to China

Roger Phillip Mason, Former NBA player and the Partner of Ice Cube

Andy Lowery, CEO of RealWear

Brian Hamilton, CRO of RealWear

Ken Lustig, Advisor to Blackstone Group and Former Microsoft Ventures


Mika Niikko, Member of Parliament, Chair of Parliamentary Finland-China Friendship Group

Ville Vähämäki, Member of Parliament, Chair of Committee for the Future Radical Technologies

Hang Si, CEO of RealMax OY

Juha Pietikianen, Technology Director of RealMax OY


Shi Hongxiang, CEO of State Development and Investment Group (SDIC)

Sun Ye, Chairman of SDIC Intelligent Technology Ltd.

Liu Yuanan, CEO of SDIC Intelligent Technology

Zhu Bin, Chairman of China Cultural Media Group

An Lijia, Deputy Governor of Jilin Province of China

Shi Wei, Director of Changchun City Administrative Committee

Zhou Guoxin, Director of Commerce of Changchun City

Zheng Xinli, Former director of the Central Policy Research Office / President of China’s Urbanization Association

Xie Bin, Chairman of Sigma Investment

Shen Jinjun, Chairman of China Automobile Dealers Association

Ni Kai, CEO of Mercedes China

Michael Liu, CEO of BMW China

Frank Wittemann, President of Jaguar Land Rover China

Jing Qingchun, GM of Audi China

Yu Hai, CEO of RealMax Group

Sonny Xin, Founder and President of RealMax Group


Nigel Burton, CTO of RealMax Group


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