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REALY & Mars Space Station’s Debut at “Virtual Niche” — the World’s first Crypto art exhibition to be held in China with BlockCreateArt (BCA)

From CryptoPunks and Crypto Kitties to the recent auction at Christie’s that ended up in a close to 70 million USD deal for a masterpiece NFT produced by Beeple, blockchain technology has finally broken out from the crypto space. Countless artists, musicians, luxury brands, sports competitions, games, and other big players in the traditional world have entered the arena, further helping NFT to expand.

Are NFTs only useful for crypto art? Obviously not. We believe that if FTs (homogeneous token) are the digital world's currencies, then NFTs are the items. More importantly, the future virtual world is neither purely virtual nor purely physical. It will be an integration and seamless connection of virtual and physical items. This is the future of REALY.

- REALY & Mars Space Station Debut at Virtual Niche -

After the unique auction that covered all the headlines in the last weeks, the next big event is BCA’s “Virtual Niche” — the world’s first Cryptoart exhibition held in China. The exhibition will open at UCCA Lab in Beijing on March 26 and last 10 days until April 4. It will then move to Shanghai Jinghua Art Space from April 9th to April 11th.

REALY & Mars Space Station will debut at the Virtual Niche Crypto art exhibition hosted by BlockCreateArt (BCA). REALY is a global community focused on Street Culture & NFTs and acts as a bridge between both worlds, introducing blockchain technology. REALY has official partnerships with many well-known brands, including but not limited to Mars Space Station and Revenge, and is committed to introducing trendy brands, games, artworks, and communities into the crypto-world.

- About Mars Space Station-

Born To Love, a subsidiary of the Mars Space Station was founded in 2020. The belief inspires the brand name in life. MSS believes that all the beautiful things in the world are “born for love” and share all the beautiful things in life that make people feel happy through BTL. Founded in May of the same year, with the first co-artist Hua Chenyu as the inspiration source, it launched its first cool IP image with a naughty style, Marsper. In their second cooperation, they launched the 1st master series with the national artist Han Meilin. In the future, Born To Love will strive to launch other IPs and cooperate with more Chinese and international artists and designers to create different love presentations.

- About Virtual Niche-

The exhibition, “Virtual Niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?” will historicize and cement crypto art development as a legitimate fine art category. By displaying crypto art produced in different socio-economic and cultural settings, the exhibition will also discuss the practical significance of crypto art as a category in today’s digital economy. By placing crypto artwork in a physical, immersive setting with interactive aesthetics, “Virtual Niche” also is curated with the intent of building a deeper understanding and connection to crypto art.

The predecessor of crypto art is often said to be memes, which are valued for their accessibility and ability to be replicated and transmitted through public digital infrastructure at an unprecedented rate. As a new currency in the virtual economy, memes represent internet culture's main characteristics in the 21st century. Empowered by blockchain technology, memes transitioned into their next phase — non-homogeneous and unique tokens such as Cryptokitties and CryptoPunks. As the integration of blockchain technology and artistic creation deepens, crypto art induces in-depth reflection on the definition of digital ownership, the relation between present and future, and the boundaries between virtuality and reality. If the virtual world is seen as a mirror of the real world, and a new realm is created in the mirror world, how do we value and treat the new mirror realm?

Designed by lighting artist Niko Edwards, the exhibition is partitioned into two parts, visually divided by red and blue. While the artworks in red light show the most visually bold, primal aspects of crypto art, those in blue light are more subtle, presenting encryption as a new artistic language of crypto art — an emerging art style and movement. Many artworks that will leave a deep imprint in crypto art history are featured in the exhibition.

The 14-day dual city exhibition also includes a variety of activities, including a VIP preview, curator’s guided tour, the opening ceremony of Kusama Network’s Chiba Gallery, crypto art workshop jointly organized by BCA and Kusama Network, after-party and themed museum’s nights supported by Dandy Room and Pernod Richard.

In addition to the exhibition in Beijing and Shanghai, REALY will also participate in the NFT Forum in Shanghai, so stay tuned!

- Time, Date, and Location -

“Virtual Niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?” will take place at UCCA Lab in Beijing, China, from March 26th to April 4th, 2021. UCCA Lab is the interdisciplinary platform of one of China’s most prominent museums. “Virtual Niche” will then continue its tour in Shanghai from April 9th to April 11th.



REALY is a decentralized NFT marketplace for Street Culture and New Luxury. By leveraging its extensive experience in New Luxury and Street Fashion, REALY aims to hit the Crypto Non-Fungible Token (NFT) community and bring real-world assets on-chain.

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