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5 pictures that show why everyday needs to be Earth Day

It was in 1969 in San Francisco, when for the first time peace activist Mac Connell proposed a day to honour the Earth. In the year 1970 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) declared April 22nd as Earth Day.

Today, more than a billion people from 200 countries mark the day with celebrations and events to demonstrate their support for the environment.

Today is the 47th Earth Day that we are celebrating as a species and yet the picture couldn’t be murkier. Here are 5 pictures which show us how we are losing our planet fast:

Now what?

Here are a few tips to get you started to celebrate this beautiful plant everyday:

Start Small: The problem of environmental degradation is huge and overwhelming. Start with something simple, reduce usage of small plastics like polythene bags, straws, disposables etc.

Think Big: When using a product, don’t think of it’s price, consider it’s environmental cost. When disposing a product, think of hundreds of the same in a landfill. Try and zoom out and look at the big picture before you act.

Involve Community: We are all earthlings. Spread the word in your community. Organise events to use resources like water and energy more efficiently.

Learn more: Today there are hundreds of resources to learn more about the planet and how we can contribute to it’s wellbeing. Start with this: The Story of Stuff — Keep yourself informed.

Let’s make #EverydayEarthDay!



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Reap Benefit

Reap Benefit


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