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The Government of India has declared a 21 day lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has infected over 5,00,000 people globally . Social Distancing, work from home and personal hygiene have definitely become the need of the hour. However, all these measures can be taken only when we come from a place of privilege.

The poorest in our society CANNOT afford to stay at home and abandon work. They have no work, no homes, reside in cramped spaces and have zero access to hygiene products.

The Finance Ministry declared a 1.7 lakh crores budget to help the underserved but, such measures need to be supplemented with private support.

Over the past week, Reap Benefit developed a dashboard to provide a common source of information to help the citizens of Bangalore.

Anyone and everyone can use the dashboard to:

  1. Monitor Social Distancing practices in neighbourhoods

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum distance of 1metre ( 3 feet) between individuals to prevent the spread of the disease through air borne infected droplets. But, in general supply stores, vegetable shops and medical stores, it is difficult to voluntarily maintain such distances. Are these stores putting into place certain social distancing practices? What are they doing?

Fill in our Social Distancing tracker and monitor such practices.

Social Distancing Tracker available on the Dashboard.

2. Identify daily wage workers in your neighbourhoods

Due to the lockdown, many daily wage earners or contract earners are at high risk of losing financial independence once Government support is removed. Estimates show that the retail sector alone employs about almost 50 million people formally, informally and contractually. Can you help us identify those people in need in your community?

List your milk man, watchman, chaat wallah, vegetable vendor or anyone you interact with who works in the informal or contractual sector. We will share their information with those working to solve the problem, either locally or systemically.

Daily Wage Worker Tracker available on the Dashboard

3. Learn about Covid-19 Testing Centres

Bangalore has 7 identified Covid -19 testing centres. These are the ONLY places suspected positive patients must visit to get themselves tested. All these centres have been mapped on our neighbourhood dashboard, with specific addresses mentioned. The Apollo Diagnostics Services have also been plugged into the dashboard to perform the ‘ Coronavirus Risk Scan’ independently.

Apollo Diagnostic Services on the Dashboard
Covid-19 Centres mapped on the Dashboard.

Access the Dashboard by clicking here.

4. Join us as a Solve Ninja Volunteer today

Become a part of Reap Benefit’s Logistics and Management Control Team that is helping us put up more dat everyday up on the dashboard. As a volunteer you could choose to help us collate donation requests, provide technical support, help us coordinate food supply on the ground and share our work as much as you can.

Fill up our Volunteer Form, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

At times like these, it is imperative that we stay vigilant and identify and extend help to those in need to the best of our abilities. Let’s do all we can to help #flattenthecurve.



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