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Solve Ninjas Assemble!

With over 45,000 Solve Ninjas, Reap Benefit is one of the biggest youth led civic and environmental problem-solving communities in the country today.

This COVID-19 crisis has indicated one thing: citizens with a problem-solving ability are the need of the hour. Thanks to the efforts of Ninjas such as yourself, Reap Benefit has been able to support 11 lakh people since April 2019 via the Covid Dashboard.

During the past few months you may have asked yourself one or all of the following questions.

  1. I want to make a difference, but where do I start?
  2. How can I solve problems without stepping out of the house during the pandemic?
  3. I know what problem I want to solve but where can I find support?

If you have, then we want you to consider rejoining the Solve Ninja Community along with community problem solvers from across Bangalore and Chennai.

The actions are simple! You can choose to support people in the COVID crisis by undertaking challenges (nothing requires you to step out of your house) or solve small civic or environmental problems in your neighborhood (in the way you want).

These challenges may require you to spend 2–4 hours per week for a period of one month. Whatsapp and Google groups will be created for communication with mentors and interaction with other Solve Ninjas.

Not only will you be contributing to your community, but by being a part of this tribe, you will also

  1. Learn new skills

2. Learn from amazing mentors

3. Interact with like-minded peers

If you want to once again be a part of a changemaker community, then fill this form by Monday, 29th June.

You can also register now and choose when you want to take on problem solving activities!

Help spread the word by talking to your friends about being Solve Ninja and sharing the details with them!

We look forward to Solving Small and Denting Big with you soon!



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Reap Benefit

Reap Benefit

Engaging youngsters in solving local environmental problems with data and solutions #energy #waste #water #sanitation