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The Story of Change — Carmel High School

As we work towards our vision, this year we have witnessed various ideas, solutions and civic actions turn into a movement of change in communities. Every one of them has a story that is worth sharing.

One such story is from Carmel High School, BasaveshNagar. As part of Eco Club, the school has taken up various initiatives and their vision is to empower the students to be cognizant of their actions towards the environment.

This year school had the main focus on saving water and electricity. They committed 50,000 L of water to be saved at home, school, and community reaching 2000 students, 56 teachers, 70 support staff and 1000 parents.

With the implementation of soap nut and push tank optimization, they were able to save 2 million Liters per year which is 40 times their target number.

In addition to it, behavior change oriented workshops were conducted to make people more cognizant of their water use.

Such has been its effect that a wave has been initiated in the community with teachers starting to reuse RO reject water in their homes for cleaning vegetables to support staff reusing the water used to clean dal/rice for the watering of plants.

Solve Ninjas are also beaming up with ideas to make their school water conscious in the city with young minds from Kindergarten building their own soap solution to the mid-schoolers campaigning classroom-to-classroom on the ways they can reuse water.

The whole school has come together to save water and has set an example for each one of us, that how a simple action if taken by the collective can create a larger impact.

This campaign has been successful by the efforts of our 33 Solve Ninjas and 3 Mentor Ninjas doing a rigorous follow-up along with the support of the management and teachers of Carmel High School.

In the coming days, the school has committed to make all their institutions plastic-free.

A true Solve Small Dent Big story!

Stay tuned for more updates on this story of change…



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