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[About us] What is Reapchain?

Good morning Friends,

this is CMreap Team.

Today, we have prefared some “QnA” about Reapchain😊

Q1. What is Reapchain?

A. Reapchain is a hybrid blockchain that solves the trillema problem of the existing blockchain before. So it will be helpful to integrate the blockchain with the IoT industries.

Q2. What are the advantages of Reapchain compared to other blockchain projects?

A. Reapchain solves the trillema problem through “Shell-core structure”. The structure is a Hybrid-blockchain that places private blockchain technology on the outside and public blockchain technology on the inside. Because of this, we can get security, transparency, openness, and strong decentralization together.

Q3. How has Reapchain solved the problems of the existing IoT market?

A. The problem with the existing IoT market was that the speed of large amounts of data is very slow due to the centralized processing method. There were also lots of problems with the security of IoT devices.

Reapchain enhances the security of individual devices through DID of IoT devices,using Reap SDK. This technology will be also helpful to large-capacity processing and speed improvement with Shell-Core Structure.

Q4. When does Reapchain’s mainnet start?

A. After moving from “the Testnet” to “the Mainnet” in the first quarter of 2021, the mainnet is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2021.

Q5. What are Reapchain’s future plans?

A. We’re expected to arrive ‘A new era of data economy’ in which Data serves for the development of all industries and new value creation

Accordingly, we intend to process a large number of data collected and stored through IoT, using the Reapchain infrastructure.

In addition, it helps to share data with each other through linkage and expansion with other industrial platforms such as medicine and finance. It can also promote the distribution of quality data across all industries based on an open data sharing platform.

Create a platform ecosystem where anyone can quickly and easily register, search and trade data in one place.

Reapchain has the goal of realizing “a true sharing economy” based on blockchain by acting as a hub of major platforms.

It is a Reapchain that is more anticipated in the future. Please love us a lot. Thanks!

CMreap Team.

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