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[Tech] Consensus Model

ReapChain’s consensus algorithm quickly generates blocks by conducting votes in the standing and steering committee that use quantum random numbers (QRN).

-In ReapChain, 48% of the operating standing committee nodes and 52% of the general nodes have selected, and each of the nodes acts as a subject and verifier of the block generation that participates in the consensus process.

-The nodes that participate in the consensus; the percentage of the steering committee nodes is maintained at 52% or higher to monitor whether or not the continually operating standing committee nodes have produced relatively.

-As for the selection of the consensus participant, quantum random numbers are used to relatively select and distributed to the validator nodes, and then quantum random numbers and public keys are used again to assign encrypted random number tickets. A library of hardware-dependent call functions in which an unhackable message delivery system and fast authentication and consensus are implemented and named as Quantum Random Number Management Server (Qmanager).

-Because of the hardware-dependent characteristic of quantum random number generation, Qmanager can either exist separately from the nodes.

-The quantum random function mechanism has adopted for the role of Qmanager and the differentiating features of the ReapChain contained in the QRF mechanism.

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