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[Tech]Existing IoT Market Pain Points Part 1

Processing Problems of a Large amount of Data in a Centralized Architecture

Since it is difficult to store and manage various information of thing in its own memory, it is managed through a separate storage system on a server and all things are controlled by a central server.

As IoT services start, the number of thing connected to the network is rapidly increasing. The increased number of thing incurs an increase in data traffic. In particular, with the advent of the concept of Wearable and Connected Car, data traffic is expected to surge in infotainment area (Information + Entertainment).

Most companies manage IoT devices by renting computing resources from cloud service providers. The existing cloud system is inefficient to process a large amount of data in the IoT environment as the centralized server processes all the data causing the lowering of the speed and quality of the entire IoT services.

In order to reduce data traffic burden and delays in providing services, “edge computing” technology is used to process real-time data on distributed small servers. Nevertheless, there are still difficulties in maintaining facilities or configuring systems because edge computing needs a separate process to handle computation.

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