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[About us]Future plan of ReapChain

Building ecosystem for a data sharing platform across industries

A new era of “Data Economy” will emerge in the future where data plays a role as a catalyst for the growth of all industries and the creation of new value. New data-driven services will change the value chain of the existing economy a more complex and make a huge ecosystem.

A large amount of data generated from various IoT sensors is expected to boost industrial and economic growth in the future.

Expansion of Business Area to Data industry

Participants in various sectors such as companies, individuals and public institutions will generate a large amount of data in real time while utilizing data at the same time.

ReapChain becomes a major data distributor in IoT industry by collecting and processing data through ReapChain BaaS. Based on know-how from the IoT industry, ReapChain will expand its business areas to medical, finance, and other industries to become the leading data distributor who provides high quality data across industries.

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