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Introduction of PoDC (Proof of Double Committee) Consensus Algorithm

ReapChain operates standing committee nodes and steering committee nodes to balance between the internal and external nodes and forms a double committee to conduct the consensus process. The standing committee nodes consists of an internal group separately constructed to maintain the ReapChain blockchain network operating at all times. The standing committee nodes should possess 2% of the total number of REAP coins issued. In contrast, the steering committee nodes which consist of an external group authorized through the registration process of governance while satisfying a condition of holding 100,000 REAP coins among other general nodes. Anyone who satisfies these criteria can register as a steering committee node. Such registered groups are called steering committee candidates in the actual consensus process.

PoDC aims for decentralization in constructing the standing and steering committees. The standing committee nodes initially operates in the governance community. It can be further selected by those candidates that meet the particular criteria of standing committee amongst the steering committee nodes. And if any of the existing standing committee nodes are suspended or fail to meet the criteria, then those nodes must go through a separate voting process of the governance to be promoted from steering to standing committee node status.

ReapChain consists of 14 standing committee nodes that operated at all times as well as 15 steering committee nodes that had selected from general nodes through unpredictable quantum random numbers comprises of robust security. These 29 committees participate in the consensus process for generating blocks. In order to ensure whether the standing committee that operated at all times is still working legally, the steering committee must account for at least 52% of all nodes that participate in the consensus process.

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