LN VENTURE GROUP-PNC-REAPCHAIN forms the STO commercialization consortium.

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2 min readApr 4, 2023


Blockchain development company LN Venture Group, real estate-related business PNC, and service-type blockchain project Reapchain announced on the 4th that they had formed a three-way consortium to commercialize STO (Security Token Offering).

LN Venture Group and Reapchain will supply advanced STO service platforms in this consortium. In contrast, PNC will supply innovation in its real assets and ecosystem environment, including offices and factories, and cooperation to realize joint goals is the main focus.

The STO business is a business that digitizes and distributes the rights of real certificates to securities based on a distributed ledger. In other words, various rights such as stocks and bonds can be issued as token securities like electronic securities to acquire or distribute the rights.

LN Venture Group specializes in blockchain development. It is a small and medium-sized company rooted in IT businesses such as blockchain security technology development ‘Coin Best’ and fintech platform ‘Payment Nara.’

PNC mainly manufactures chemicals centered on the material industry and is expanding its reach to real estate development and rental businesses, blockchain, and cryptocurrency-related IT industries.

Reapchain, an affiliate of LN Venture Group, provides its mainnet to make blockchain services easily implemented in applications in various industries based on blockchain technology that can be applied in real life.

Lee Jung-Han, CEO of LN Venture Group, said, “This consortium took the first step in the STO ecosystem. In the future, we will do our best to become a leading company in the token securities industry with the accumulated technology of LN Venture Group and Lipchain and the infrastructure secured by PNC,” he said.

Lim Ho-Seop, CEO of PNC, said, “It is meaningful to cooperate with LN Venture Group and Reapchain, which have secured high recognition in the blockchain industry. Through this agreement, we will make efforts to innovate and revitalize the token securities business.

Source: https://www.mk.co.kr/news/it/10703180

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