LN Venture Group signed a business agreement with DRK to build a ‘digital treatment platform.’

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2 min readDec 2, 2022


LN Venture Group announced on the 2nd that it had signed a business agreement with DRK Co., Ltd. for the Digital Therapeutics (DTx) platform business.

Through this agreement, the two companies agreed to promote digital healthcare businesses, such as building a digital treatment platform, implementing a fintech payment business, and operating and securing personal health records (PHR).

LN Venture Group strives to expand the ecosystem through a cold chain system using the mainnet of its affiliate ‘ReapChain,’ which is scheduled to be launched this year, and an NFT/Fintech/digital treatment platform. We plan to use it actively as a bridgehead to advance into overseas markets.

DRK specializes in developing digital therapeutics based on blockchain and artificial intelligence. Recently, it has been recognized for its independent technology, such as being selected for a national project of the privately-led technology start-up support (TIPS).

Lee Jung-han, CEO of LN Venture Group, said, “The global digital therapeutics market is increasing at an average annual rate of 20.5%. We hope ReapChain’s advanced blockchain service will contribute to the domestic industry, which has had difficulties collecting, securing, and managing medical data.”

Kim Jeong-Tae, CEO of DRK, said, “In the digital treatment market, which is evaluated as a blue ocean, we will introduce a differentiated service that combines blockchain with our technology and big medical data and build it up as a project that attracts attention not only in Korea but also abroad.”

Source: https://www.newspim.com/news/view/20221202000127

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