Metacoop signed an MOU with the Korea Entertainment Producers Association.

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2 min readMar 6, 2023


Metacoop announced on the 6th that it had signed an NFT-related business agreement with the Korea Entertainment Producers Association.

Metacoop is the operator of the NFT market platform Metamafia. This agreement was prepared to build a reasonable distribution structure within the Meta Mafia platform, such as content NFTs and content copyright protection, based on Metacoop’s blockchain technology.

The Entertainment Producers Association, as the official organizer of the Dream Concert, the center of the K-Pop festival, leads the global content industry, including music and performances, and strives to develop the popular music industry and improve producers’ rights and interests.

Kim Woo-Jung, CEO of Metacoop, said, “Through this agreement, it is possible to strengthen the barriers to protecting creators’ rights and at the same time link them with various services such as forming a platform-centered market. In addition, we will prepare a differentiated NFT ecosystem through NFT technology using ReapChain’s mainnet and collaboration with the entertainment industry.”

Lim Baek-woon, chairman of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, said, “With Metacoop, we expect to make a lot of progress in promoting the rights of creators and cultural artists as well as diversifying content through NFT. Furthermore, we will build an organic cooperation system to vitalize projects between the two companies.”


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