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2 min readJul 30, 2021


Hello! This is the Reapchain project team(CM REAP)
REAP Wallet beta version has been released in earnest.

Reap Wallet is an Ethereum-based token wallet that can hold REAP tokens as a beta version. When the ReapChain mainnet is released, it will be officially released as a mainnet wallet.

Note here!

Reap Wallet is a mobile APP type cold wallet.
Unlike other wallets, directly through the blockchain network
Because the transaction is made, the wallet server is attacked by an external attack.
There is no risk of private key being exposed or hacked.

​Download the Google Play app

Reap Wallet User Guide (1) — Shortcut to App Version

Reap Wallet User Guide (2) — Go to Web version

Reapchain provides various DApps that require blockchain technology,
We want to implement a signboard and secure blockchain ecosystem.
To this end, we solve the trilemma problem of blockchain and
We are working to build a usable blockchain mainnet.

more detail(KR)


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