ReapChain Announces New Roadmap for Building Blockchain-Based IoT Ecosystem

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2 min readJul 14, 2021


ReapChain, a blockchain-as-a-service project, released an updated roadmap and business plan on its upgrading and capacity building strategy on the 14th. The core content is the establishment of a blockchain service infrastructure that has undergone R&D and verification tests.

The improved roadmap consists of ▲PID-based IOT logistics system open beta ▲ReapChain-based simple payment ‘Reappay’ open beta ▲ReapChain-based sales omission prevention system “Tomorrow Dream” open beta ▲ReapChain-based DID international standardization registration.

ReapChain, an affiliate of LN Venture Group, first developed an alpha version based on the bicameral consensus algorithm (PoDC) in December 2020 using Geth (Go ethereum), and from March of this year, Tendermint Based on the platform change, the second version is being developed. In addition, various efforts have been made to expand business such as Internet of Things (IoT), online voting, digital asset (DABS), and global ICT business.

Recently, it signed a partnership with ICTK Holdings to establish a cold chain logistics system, and is continuing its steady growth by working hand in hand with Seoul National University’s Distributed Systems Lab to advance the bicameral consensus algorithm.

ReapChain CEO Jeonghan Lee said, “Despite the global economic downturn caused by COVID-19, the blockchain market is expected to grow by more than 38% annually and reach about 23.3 trillion won in 2025.” ReapChain also announced the roadmap Based on this, we will increase R&D and investment to equip ourselves with global-level technology and further contribute to the revitalization of the blockchain industry.”

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ReapChain Announces New Roadmap for Building Blockchain-Based IoT Ecosystem

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