[News]Reappay, “Small business sales analysis platform cooperation with YL Solution and Shinshin MNC”

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2 min readAug 12, 2021


Reappay (CEO Kim Woo-jung), a fintech company, YL Solution (CEO Jung Min-gyu), a company specializing in sales management scraping, and Shinshin MNC (CEO Hwang Sang-pil), a company specializing in domestic force installation and management It announced on the 11th that it had signed a business agreement to expand the business operation of the analysis platform ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’.

This business agreement contains the contents of promoting the activation and development of ‘Reappay’ and ‘Tomorrow Dream Service’ by actively sharing the specialized business infrastructure and stable technology of the three companies.

Shinshin MNC is a van (VAN) company with 100,000 domestic affiliates, which provides consulting and follow-up management of various credit card payment systems.

‘Tomorrow Dream Service’, which released a beta version of its mobile application (APP) last month, applied the advanced blockchain technology of the affiliated private chain. The services provided include ▲sales management ▲sales analysis ▲missing prevention ▲sales selection calculation ▲sales report.

Kim Woo-jeong, CEO of Reappay, said, “The agreement between the three companies will be a good opportunity to spread a safe and convenient sales analysis service to small business owners who are experiencing difficulties. We will do our best to provide services.”

YL Solution CEO Jung Min-gyu said, “I am delighted with this agreement for business expansion following the launch of the Dream Service application tomorrow. “he said.

Shinshin MNC CEO Hwang Sang-pil said, “Now is the time for small and medium-sized business owners to seek alternative measures to maximize their competitiveness.”

He said, “I hope that Reappay and Tomorrow’s Dream service will be applied to 100,000 domestic merchants, helping to recover the stagnant local commercial area and financial difficulties.”

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