[News] REAPPAY selected as a simple payment method for outdoor brand ‘Merrell’

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2 min readNov 26, 2021


Reappay, a platform development subsidiary of LN Venture Group, announced on the 26th that Reappay had been selected as a simple payment method for Merrell, an outdoor brand.

The main goal of the agreement signed this time is to use a simple payment method based on the advanced blockchain technology of the affiliate REAPCHAIN and marketing collaboration using the online platform of the two companies.

Through this agreement, REAPPAY is expected to be used as a simple payment method in Merrell’s online mall to maximize shopping convenience.

Lee Jung-han, CEO of LN Venture Group, said, “I am delighted that REAPPAY has been selected as Merrell’s simple payment method. In the future, we will diversify our business and introduce a scalable blockchain service that REAPPAY can apply to any industry.”

Kwon Seong-yoon, CEO of MK Korea, said, “We expect that Merrell’s online shopping convenience will be greatly improved through this agreement. From now on, we will strive to develop various benefits and trendy products for our customers.”

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