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NFT market platform MetaMafia is listed in the MEXC innovation area, global virtual asset exchange.

Metacoop announced on the 2nd that the NFT market platform Metamafia would be listed on the global virtual asset exchange MEXC innovation area.

Meta Mafia is an image-type non-fungible token (PFP NFT) platform designed to enable community participation and mining when participants have an NFT card. The service is being expanded in earnest by utilizing the self-developed mainnet recently launched by the affiliate ReapChain.

MEXC Exchange is a digital asset platform with over 10 million users in 200 countries worldwide.

Kim Woo-Jung, CEO of Metacoop, said, “The listing on MEXC, a large global exchange, means that Meta Mafia’s future-oriented value and symbolism are externally recognized. We plan to do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Meta Mafia will be listed on the 2nd at 4:00 pm Korean time, and you can refer to the homepage for details.


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