NFT Market Platform MetaMAFIA, Minting Progress

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2 min readFeb 7, 2023


METACOOP announced on February 7th that the NFT market platform MetaMAFIA would conduct its first Mining of NFT cards.

MetaMAFIA is NFT market platform designed to enable fandom-oriented communities of celebrities and influencers, NFT card issuance, transactions, and staking based on the technology of the service blockchain project ReapChain.

According to officials, 10,000 NFT cards will be issued for the initial Minting. In detail, about 1,000 OG, 2000 whitelists and 6,000 public sales will be sold in order.

Holders of character cards can receive additional benefits in each category, including music cards that provide opportunities to produce digital music, art cards that provide opportunities for joint exhibitions at MetaMAFIA exhibitions, influences cards that provide supporters benefits and fashion cards that allow holders to purchase MetaMAFIA merchandise with discounted price.

MetaMAFIA character card design was attended by illustrator CORE CHO (Cho Jung-Joon), who collaborated with global fashion brands Vans and Nike, and Creative Director Ho-seop Kan, who served as the president of the Korea Fashion Culture Association and a judge for Project Runway Korea.

METACOOP CEO Kim Woo-Jung said, “MetaMAFIA NFT cards are expected to have a high participation rate in that they can form a special consensus by moving away from existing trends and possessing their preferred celebrities’ unique identities. In addition to securing a wide range of celebrity networks in the future, we plan to provide benefits such as unique events and NFT exhibitions only for NFT holders”.

Meanwhile, in March, PFP NFT of Yoon Ji-sung, a singer from the idol group WannaOne, will be released through MetaMAFIA app.


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