NFT Market Platform ‘Metamafia’ Mining Successful.

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2 min readMar 2, 2023


MetaCoup’s NFT market platform MetaMafia announced on March 2nd that its character card mining, held for two days on February 27 and 28, was completed.

An official from MetaMafia said, “This Minting sold 984 OG out of a total of 10,000 characters NFT cards and achieved a result that the volume of the previous round was sold out.

There are five mafia NFT cards, consisting of four general-grade cards, including Music, Art, Fashion, influencer, and Association, which is an A-grade card. Each card’s holder benefits are “Music” cards that provide opportunities to produce digital albums through voting, “Art” cards that provide NFT works by artists working in MetaMafia, “Fashion” cards that provide MetaMafia goods by lottery, “influencer” cards that offer airdrops according to activities. Finally, the Assignment card is an A-class card.

MetaCoup CEO Kim Woo-Jung said, “The MetaMafia platform consists of a new type of NFT platform that can prove and share the value of NFT through the culture fandom community. As we have confirmed the market potential through successful OG sales, we will combine it with various contents in the future to meet users’ needs.”

Meanwhile, MetaMafia will hold a private DJing party at the club Tunnel in Itaewon on the 5th as the first event for holders to commemorate OG sales. The event will be held in collaboration with the creator group “Space Cowboy,” Space Cowboy is a group formed to showcase fashion and fun through various methods and media such as music, video, furniture design, and management. In particular, this event is for music card holders, and 100 people will be drawn to provide opportunities to participate.


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