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2 min readJul 28, 2021


Hello^^ This is CMreap team.

We are back with the content “Introduction to Reapchain’s Major Partners”!

Following the partner “Seoul National University” introduced last day, the partner I will introduce today is “Pinplus”.

Reapchain selected as a payment method for simple payment by Pin Plus, a comprehensive platform

Reapchain, a service-type blockchain project, announced on the 28th that Reap, a self-issued cryptocurrency (virtual asset), was selected as a simple payment method for the domestic real estate information and tax information comprehensive platform Pinplus.

As the FinTech industry has recently been drawing attention, such as using cryptocurrency (virtual assets) as a simple payment method, Reapchain will form a strong ecosystem for domestic business through this collaboration and develop advanced blockchain technology to It plans to implement a stable service with enhanced security and processing speed by applying it to Plus’ comprehensive platform.

Finplus, which has collaborated with Reapchain, is a comprehensive platform company that operates the real estate information platform Finple and the tax information platform Fintax.

Reapchain CEO Lee Jeong-han said, “I am delighted that Reapchain’s cryptocurrency Reap has been selected as a simple payment method for Pin Plus. Following the rapidly changing paradigm due to COVID-19, the two companies would like to make various attempts together. We will not only improve the high barriers to entry, but also expand collaborative businesses targeting the domestic market and blockchain services that can be used in practice.”

Pinplus x Reapchain,

I’m looking forward to the future! 😊

That was the CMreap team!

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