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[Partners 18] Reapchain x Artiproject

Hello^^ This is reapchain

We are back with the “Introduction to Reapchain’s Major Partners” content!

Following the partner “Recording industry association of Korea,” Introduced last day, the partner I will introduce today is “Artiproject.”

LN Venture Group’s blockchain platform Lipchain has signed a business agreement with Lydia’s non-fungible token (NFT) project ‘Arti Project.’

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to expand their NFT business in the future, such as NFTizing IP asset contents owned by Arti Project and developing various blockchain services based on LipChain’s mainnet technology.

Arti Project, led by the Hooranky Foundation, a world-renowned digital media artist, has collaborated with companies in various fields at home and abroad, including the “Lidya Collection,” which was the first to disseminate the world’s ancient coins to Korea. It is a cultural art NFT digital innovation project promoted jointly by blockchain technology companies.

Lee Jung-han, CEO of LN Venture Group, said he was delighted to have Lydia’s Arti project participate in Reapchain’s blockchain mainnet ecosystem. He said he would contribute to revitalizing the NFT culture and art industry through active service development.

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