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Hello^^ This is CMreap team.

We are back with the second content “Introduction to Reapchain’s Major Partners”!

Following the partner “LN VENTURE GROUP” introduced last week, the partner I will introduce today is “SYNOSIA Corporate Finance Lab”.

What is SYNOSIA?

KAIST Sinosia Lab, led by Professor Seung-Heon Han, is an institution that conducts research on corporate finance! Based on the blockchain mainnet, they are developing BM(business models) and researching ways to put them into practice. It also executed private projects related to blockchain.

In addition, this laboratory is conducting research on various topics such as data analysis on corporate finance M&A, corporate spin-off, bond credit rating, and corporate governance.

So, what was the partnership with Reapchain?

Reapchain and Sinosia entered into a partnership on May 18, 2020.

Sinosia said that it helps to develop new technologies by analyzing business models and markets using ReapChain’s technologies (the PoDC consensus structure and performance verification of double chains).

With Sinosia, Reapchain can get a lot of help in developing BM(Business Model) and preparing plans for practical use!

In addition, it is said that the value estimation review will be conducted in the laboratory to see if the BM(Business Model) is progressing well. Technology exchange, investment advice, and R&D will be conducted together as well.

We hope that Sinocia presents a milestone Reapchain for entering the new market that we dream of.

Sinosia x Reapchain, I’m looking forward to the future! 😊

That was the CMreap team!

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★Partner’s website and information

Site: http://synosia.kaist.ac.kr/lab

Address: KAIST #302, N22, 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

Email: synosia@kaist.ac.kr

Tel: 042–350–6301~3

Fax: 042–350–6339

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