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[Partners #6] KBIPA x Reapchain

Hello^^ This is CMreap team.

We are back with the content “Introduction to Reapchain’s Major Partners”!

Following the partner “Soonchunhyang University” introduced last week, the partner I will introduce today is “KBIPA”

What is “KBIPA”?

KBIPA created an ecosystem of domestic blockchain industry development and launched in August 2017 as Korea Blockchain №1 Association and Ministry of Science and Technology’s №1 Corporation Association for the purpose of mutual cooperation of related industry members.

Major member companies include Samsung Electronics, KT, and Kakao.

So, what was the partnership with Reapchain in detail?

ReapChain has signed an MOU with KBPIA on the 3rd, August, 2020 to commercialize the Blockchain-based voting system, Reap Voting, in order to solve the reliability problem of the existing online voting system through blockchain technology and to create a transparent and reliable voting culture.

Based on mutual respect and trust, the two sides decided to pursue mutual benefits through close exchanges and cooperation during the commercialization period.

Specifically, KBIPA discovers the business target and business model of Reap Voting and provides advice related to business operation and spread.

ReapChain ​​will be in charge of building and operating service infrastructure of Reap Voting and plan marketing to promote commercialization.

At this point of time, where a transparent and reliable voting system is required, it will be a great opportunity to present a new and more reliable voting system by integrating with existing services through blockchain-based Reap Voting. Through this MOU with KBIPA, we are going to accelerate the vitalization and spread of ICT industries.

KBIPA x Reapchain, I’m looking forward to the future! 😊

That was the CMreap team!

Lastly, We’ll attach related articles and links beneath!

Reapchain, Signed a Business Agreement with The Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association

★Partner’s website and information


Address: #402 Daeaudioville, 11 Seoun-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

TEL: 02–511–3730

FAX: 070–4063–3730

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