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[Partners #7] KAIST BI SQUARE Lab x Reapchain

Hello^^ This is CMreap team.

We are back with the content “Introduction to Reapchain’s Major Partners”!

Following the partner “KBIPA” introduced last day, the partner I will introduce today is “KAIST BI SQUARE Lab”.


With Professor Chul Ho Lee, BI SQUARE Lab is researching fintech-related blockchain business models and practical methods, and developing domestic and foreign blockchain projects.

BI SQUARE Lab analyzes, researches and provides technology and business fields of companies.

So, what was the partnership with Reapchain?

Reapchain, MOU with KAIST BI Square Lab on 31th August 2020.

Through the blockchain and token economy, every asset can be digitized, thereby increasing profits and trust, allowing more people to participate and benefit from limited financial investment products that only specific people participated in.

ReapChain ​​will establish a digital asset beneficiary securities distribution platform and provide the infrastructure, and BI SQUARE Lab will provide advice and solutions related to business operation and expansion. ReapChain ​​and BI SQUARE Lab will conduct this as a joint project and cooperate with each other for practical use.

As the digitalization of assets is rapidly progressing with the technology of the blockchain, digital assets are developing into an innovative business field that has never been before, and as securities-type tokens can solve the problem of the liquidity of existing assets, more individual investors are attracted to private finance. By providing an opportunity to participate in transactions, the financial services of the blockchain will be launched.

KAIST BI SQUARE Lab x Reapchain, I’m looking forward to the future! 😊

That was the CMreap team!

Lastly, We’ll attach related articles and links beneath!

Reapchain, MOU with KAIST BI Square Lab

★Partner’s website and information


Address: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34141

Tel: 042–350–2114

Fax: 042–350–2210(2220)

★ ReapChain Official Community






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