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[Tech]ReapChain is a hybrid blockchain with a Shell-Core Structure

ReapChain is a hybrid blockchain with a Shell-Core Structure. It solves the trilemma of existing blockchains and tries to implement the integration of blockchain and IoT industry by resolving the security and mass data processing problems of the existing IoT market through PID of things and distributed storage service of ReapMiddleChain.

Recently, various hybrid blockchains that integrate private blockchain with public blockchain are being developed. However, no hybrid blockchains have resolved the trilemma of the existing blockchains, and are used soundly in real life yet.

ReapChain offers a hybrid blockchain with Shell-Core Structure as a solution to problems of the existing blockchain. Shell-Core Structure is implemented based on PoDC consensus algorithm, a unique consensus algorithm of ReapChain. It is a new type of dual blockchain structure that integrates a public blockchain with a private blockchain.

Shell-Core Structure places the private blockchain with fast transaction processing speed on the outer layer to process transactions first in time-wise, and the public blockchain that is more secure and more suitable for decentralization is placed on the inner layer to blockchainify the transactions later. This is ReapChain’s unique structure of processing transactions.

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