Reapchain joins hands with Seoul National University’s distributed system laboratory.

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2 min readOct 18, 2022


Development of Distributed File Storage System (IPFS)

Reapchain, a mainnet blockchain project, announced on the 18th that it had signed a contract for the joint development of a distributed file storage system (IPFS) with Seoul National University’s Distributed Systems Lab.

The main goal of this contract is to advance Reapchain’s technology through IPFS, such as technology research, data ownership verification, security improvement, and NFT utilization.

Reapchain has recently been registered under the patent name ‘IPFS-based document management system and its method’ and has proven its advanced technology. In addition, we plan to apply IPFS technology, which can safely distribute and store data and freely share it, to new blockchain businesses. As a first example, the IPFS storage method will be used on the NFT market platform of the affiliate ‘Meta Mafia’ that has joined the Reapchain ecosystem.

Lee Jeong-han, CEO of Reapchain, said, “We have built trust by conducting joint research and development with the Institute of Distributed Systems at Seoul National University since two years ago. We hope that the second collaboration following the algorithm work of the two-way agreement will serve as a foundation for developing related industries and promoting academic expertise.” he said.

Meanwhile, on the 6th of last month, Reapchain announced the promotion of music intellectual property (IP) NFT business with the Korea Music Industry Association. It is expected to present dynamic and differentiated NFT services in various fields, such as art, music, and sports.


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