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[Tech]ReapChain PoDC (Proof of Double Committee) Consensus Algorithm

ReapChain with a genuine ledger, is implemented based on Proof of Double Committee (PoDC), which is a unique consensus algorithm.

Implementing Decentralization with PoDC

ReapChain consists of 14 standing committee nodes that operate all the time and 15 steering committee nodes (15 nodes selected from the steering committee candidate nodes using quantum random numbers with enhanced security). Total of 29 nodes participate in the consensus process for block creation.

In ReapChain, only 29 nodes (the standing committee: 14 nodes, the steering committee: 15 nodes), participate in the consensus process even if the number of nodes on ReapChain increases. The participation ratio of the steering committee nodes in the consensus process is maintained over 51% all the time to insure decentralization. Since standing committee nodes which operate all the time are also replaceable through a vote, management of total nodes operation is transparent.

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